Friday, December 3, 2010

Where have you been?

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It seems like AGES since my last post (because it has been) and I'm really sorry.  Life sort of got the better of me for a bit, but I am back and ready to go!

-What happened?-
  • Spending all free time for about a month with my friend who is now in Afghanistan (keeping in touch with him via Facebook so I know he is okay)
  • Grandmothers funeral (I'm okay though)
  • Back in contact with a friend from forever ago
  • Making Christmas for everybody (Garrett's is the most time consuming, yet I don't want to start another project until I have finished his)
  • Group projects for class (an all time pain in the back side)
  • Studying for finals (see above)
  • Got a new job ( I make pretzels!)
I have some posts that have been drafted up and just need some pictures before they are ready to post.  I  am having a hard time trying to be a full time student and a blogger, so please bear with me until I find a balance.

-Have you been inspired to write something while you were gone?-

Yes I have.  I have been putting together all sorts of new outfits!  Plus, I have a slew of ways to keep warm this winter!  Just wait, this is going to be awesome!