Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

So, this has been a week full of super happy!  There are some highlights of what has been going on!

Setting up appointments:  All these appointments are medical, but it is good to have doctors tell you that you are health.  Also, I love going to the dentist because my dental hygienist is super gentle and is like a second mother to me!

Pronoia:  I am only in the middle of chapter 4, but it is such an interesting book.  Right now, there are a bunch of snippets like in a news paper.  KAWAII!!!

Finals Week:  Finals start next Tuesday. You know what that means?  SUMMER BREAK!!!  An entire summer of lounging, working, and eventually shopping!  I am only responsible for being at work on time.  I am not taking any summer classes.

No summer classes:  I was originally signed up for 2 classes this summer, however, I didn't have the student loans to cover them.  I would have had to pay about $1800 instead of my estimated $600 (which I had to pay last summer).  This frees up a bunch of money which leads me to my next item.

Moving In Early:  I am supposed to move into my new apartment in July, however, I am going to be able to make enough money to move in during JUNE!  AN ENTIRE EXTRA MONTH AT MY NEW APARTMENT!  I am so absolutely pumped!

Shoes:  I have been shoe shopping on Amazon and found THESE adorable pumps (I want them in Matte Black and Glitter Hot Pink), and THESE sexy studded booties.  What I like about them is the price tag.  These are shoes that I actually like that I can afford!  This is super exciting news and I can't wait to get the money to buy them!.

Bugles:  Anybody who says that they don't love these chips are lying!  They are sooo tasty!!!  I don't often have them, but when I do, they never last.  They are just that good.  When I was a wee Mag-Elicious, I used to put them on my fingers and pretended to be a witch!  So silly!

Kindle:  I have the Kindle app for my iPhone and it is pretty freaking awesome!  I got it when I first got my phone last year, but I thought that you had to pay $10 for each book.  I don't have that kind of money and I am able to get most of those books used for about half of that.  Now, I realized there are free books you can get on kindle (they are all very old and out of the copyright period).  I stocked up on Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, The Count of Monte Cristo, and many other delicious morsels.

Curry Rice:  Yesterday, I found curry mix in my cabinets!  Yummy!  I made that with beef (for stewing), potatoes, and carmelized onions (I have never had onions that tasted SWEET!  They were SO FREAKING GOOD)!  It ended up being a disaster because the beef was chewy, the potatoes didn't cook properly, and the curry "broth" was REALLY thin.  However, the rice was perfect and I was able to eat medium hot curry (I have no spicy tolerance).

Nana:  I LOVE Nana!  It is such a fantastic story and the style of all the characters is really unique and to die for!  I am not much into the punk style, but all of the punk characters make me swoon!  Also, in the movie, the actor of Nobuo is really cute (in a dorky way which I REALLY love) and super talented!

Zoo Season Pass:  Last week I went to the local zoo (it is really small and a good place to go to for a few hours).  There are so many cute things about the zoo and going more than 4 times will have the pass pay for itself!  Also, it is part petting zoo, so you can feed most of the animals there!

Sewing Anticipation:  Since I will have a lot more free time this summer, and since I have a nice sewing machine, I am going to get started on some projects!  They're mostly going to be purses but I will try to fit in cool skirts too!  This will let me get to know the properties of certain fabrics and how they move/work.  One step closer to my dream?  Yes, please!

Explanation of picture:  Last night, I was watching an episode of The  Simpson's called Much Apu About Nothing (Season 7 Episode 23).  The episode starts out with this ADORABLE bear wandering Evergreen Terrace.  He has no intent to hurt anybody.  He just wants to sit and look silly.  This was the image I found during my search.  Not the same bear, but oh so silly!

As you can see, lots of happy to go around!  There is so much love in the air here that you can feel it!  Is there a list of things that have got you swooning this week?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Edit: This was half written last Thursday and Half written today.  I fell asleep while studying for a test before this got posted last week.  Please forgive the lateness!

Hello my loves!  Welcome to another edition of Things I Love Thursday.  As my semester winds down, I have little time to write, edit, and publish posts due to so many end of semester tests and projects.  I promise you that I have a TON of articles written, plus ideas for so many more that it is crazy.  Now, on with the show!

Seeing lots of animals:  On my drive to work, I pass so many farms.  I recently got to see TONS of baby goats.  It is absolutely adorable!  Also, I recently learned that one of the houses has 2 huskies.  HUSKIES!!!  I squee every time I drive past!

Test Postponed:  As I am writing this, I am studying for a test tomorrow.  This test was originally scheduled to be Wednesday, however work had me coming in so much that I really couldn't devote any time to studying.  I have spent most of the day studying today, so I know have a ton more confidence when I walk into my test at 3pm tomorrow.

HeadShot Energy Drinks:  My boyfriend bought a discount case of these a while ago and we are mostly done with them (discount due to misprinted expiration date).  Reading text books puts me to sleep (after 3 pages earlier today, I zonked out for about 2 hours).  The energy drinks, while not being my first choice (my first choice is Bawls because it is tasty and has a silly name) have been keeping me awake, and thus doing their job.  Thank you for helping me pass my test.

Developing a study system:  My system is very basic as well as time consuming.  It does, however, allow me to demonstrate an understanding of the material studied.  I read the chapter (long and boring), then answer the end of chapter questions.  It is super basic, but it does work.  The questions ask you to explain why things are a certain way and to give examples.  I did this with a test I took Monday.  Before, I knew NOTHING of the material (the class seems rather pointless).  I answered the end of chapter questions and when I walked out of the test (about 15 minutes and 42 questions later) I felt very confident that I got a good grade.

Windows open:   My apartment doesn't have AC, so at night,having the windows open feels AMAZING.  I also enjoy driving with the windows open.  Partly because the breeze feels really nice and partly so I can subject the world my my music (I am sick of hearing stuff on the radio blasted, so I blast Japanese music)!

Popcicles:  This is in addition to my apartment not having AC.  Popcicles are a nice way to cool down and are low in calories.  Yay!

Having a car:  There is nothing to do in the town where my school is.  If I want to go anywhere or do anything, it requires me driving.  Even walking across campus takes a ton of time.

Having friends over:  One of my friends is having a birthday soon.  Also, I just had a difficult test.   Tonight is part birthday party, part test celebration.

Going to the Zoo:  There is a small petting zoo near where I live and it is really cute!  I bought a season pass which is good for a year!  Also, despite the fact that it is a petting zoo, there are lions, tigers, and bears (OH MY)!  The bears eat kibble (along with other real bear food) and it is so cute!   There are pipes that lead from where you and I would stand on the path to where the bears are.  Also, there are monkeys that pull a chain attached to a bucket so they can get cheerios!   HOW CUTE!?!

Being done with tests:  So, I just had 2 weeks filled with tests!  I did rather well on the ones that I got the grades for (missing the grades for 1 test), and I am happy with the results.  I am also happy that I don't have to stress myself out as much for next week!  Yay!

New underthings:  There are few things better than getting yourself some new nickers.  I have finally decided to give Aerie a try and let me say that it is not as expensive as I thought it would be (I also was rummaging through the cheapo bins).  When I get some extra money, I am definitely going back!

Finding my ankle bracelet:  Last year for my birthday, my aunt gave me this really pretty ankle bracelet from Lia Sophia.  It is silver with pale colored transparent beads and it is extremely pretty in a very subtle way.  It was in my jewelry box that I think I need to rummage through more often!

Mac 'n Cheese:  It has been so long since I had some macaroni and cheese that it I think I may have enjoyed it a bit too much.  It was just a box of Kraft that you can get in any grocery store.  I added lots of garlic and peppers to give it more of a grown-up taste, but I didn't take out the pepper seads (I thought I could handle it...^_^').

Also, if you want to laugh at something that is terrible, click here!

So, it has been kind of a stressful 2 weeks, but I survived.  Now, I am going to allow myself a bit of a nap.  In the mean time, what has stolen your heart this week?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

EDIT:  This was totally written on Thursday.  However, in the process of finding pictures before it got published, my internet completely died!  I really was trying to get this posted on time!

Sorry about the recent quietness.  As the semester winds down, I get more swamped.  I do, however, still have a list of things I LOVE for this week!

Looking at coats:  So, this may seem silly, but I have been looking around for winter coats.  The season just ended so I figured I can find something amazing on sale.  I have been looking at trench coats a bit, but for colder weather, wool lolita coats.  I really hope to be able to make one because they are so cute!

Designing:  I have been sketching out a ton of things I want to make.  with summer coming up, I am using that as inspiration as well as the additional time to get around to making things.  I have a few purses I really want to make and see how they turn out.  There are also a few skirts that I need to figure out how to get the shape I want before I do anything.  This summer is going to  be jam packed!

Walk-a-pup:  So, with the weather, this event may have been canceled.  However, today my campus scheduled an event called Walk-A-Pup.  A local animal shelter donates dogs for the day and people pay to take them for a walk.  I think this is great because the pups can socialize with more people, they get a ton of time outside of their cages, and the pups can make all kinds of new friends!

Free Lunch Day:  The Business Department got pizza and soda today and they were giving it out to everybody who walked by.  If that wasn't enough, there was a food show!  The show brought in a bunch of new vendors and the students who show up get to vote on new vendors to have food supplied to the dining halls.  It was DELICIOUS!  Plus, I made some new friends!  Free food and new friends?  Who could say no?

Spring: There has been so much GLORIOUS weather happening recently (today is a fluke with the rain).  Every night I walk into work, the managers complain about having to go back inside.  Nobody wants to be cooped up inside when the weather is totally amazing!  Plus, my wardrobe is rather springy.  I have been drawin a TON of attention recently!

New clothes:  With my birthday last week, I got a ton of new clothes.  My mom wanted me to play a prank on my brother about getting an iPad instead of new clothes.  I made 1 tweet about it, but he didn't respond.  I don't really see the point of the iPad since I have an iPhone, plus a netbook.  Back to the point!  I got 2 pencil skirts (1 high waisted), a purple button up 1/2 sleeve shirt, a pair of black capris, a pink plain tee, a black pacman tee (SO CUTE!), a black shrug, a bottle of lush conditioner (I got a sample from my Lush haul and loved it so much).  I also bought 3 camis (pink, purple, and blue respectively) and a blue rose tee from Rue 21.

My hair:  It is amazingly soft!  Also, I just discovered (as of about an hour before writing this) that it is long enough to put into pig tails!  YAY!  Also, I am REALLY considering dying my hair some fun color.  I think I will hold off until the fall to do that in case I get an internship.

Lease Expiring:  My current place is awesome, but my new place has such a cool land lord and there is so much cool about it!  It seems like parking is going to be much less of a pain which is another bonus!

Possible Double Major:  As I was making my fall and summer semester schedules, I noticed I am taking a lot of marketing classes.  In fact, I am taking SO many marketing classes, I think I am almost at a point where, once I am in the business department, I could very well declare a duel major in Marketing and Management.  I definately have enough for the minor if I cannot swing the major!

My pup:  She is so cute and silly.  She is basically a a 62 lbs. lap dog!  She is constantly flopping over and taking you out!  Also, she keeps destroying her plush toys!  It is like surgery gone horribly wrong!

Crepes and Cheese Cake:  These are things I was promised for my birthday and, despite how late they were, they were delicious!  The crepes had Nutella, cream cheese, and my favorite part, RASPBERRIES!  The Cheese cake is a small sampler cake with 4 flavors (2 of them are different types of chocolate)!  Can you say heaven?

Good Night Sleep:  Recently, I have been extremely well rested.  I wish I knew the secret so, not only would I be able to keep it up, I could share my findings with the rest of the world!  I wake up and I am not the least bit groggy.  I find I am excited to face the challenges of the day!  I don't recall every feeling like that in the mornings until only recently.

Online Window Shopping:  This makes me feel even more poor because all the things I find that I absolutely love are way outside my price range.  However, it DOES give me ideas of what I want to make.  I really wish I knew how to make shoes because most of what I find that I want falls into that catagory.  I am looking up how to make them so I can add one more thing to my list of things I can do!

Getting through my Wall of Anime:  3 years ago, Garrett and I purchased a TON of anime.  Some of the series I had seen, other he had seen.  Much of the purchase was of shows we had never heard of before.  We have watched a fair bit of it, but most of the time Garrett doesn't feel like watching anime.  This really isn't that big of a deal.  With all the free alone time I have had recently, I have been watching some of the shows.  I have gotten through Ai Yori Aoishi and I am currently in the middle of UltraManiac.  These are such cute shows and are a lot of fun to watch.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To: Picking a Major and Getting your Dream Schedule!

Photo found on Google image search
At this time of year, us college students need to know what classes we will be taking in the Fall semester (and summer for those of us who take classes then).  Here is a guide I put together for how to love what you will be doing (even if you don't know the classes).

What are your strengths and weaknesses?  If you are amazing at something, try and work that into your major.  Conversely, if you are terrible at something, try to avoid it.

What do you love?  If you have a passion, turn that into something workable.  Do you love to draw?  How about making clothes?  There is always a way to do the things you love!

What programs does your school offer?  If a school has a large program, chances are they attract good teachers.  Smaller departments come off as having difficulty finding competent teachers.  If your school has only a few professors teaching a broad array of classes, consider transferring to a new school.  You want professors who know what they are talking about (I had teachers who taught many unrelated subjects and as a result, I know little in either topic).

What is your personal goal?  I am a Business Management major, but my goal is to open up a craft shop.  I will need to know how to make a name for myself, so I am taking a lot of Marketing classes.

♥ How many extra classes are you taking?  If you are taking a lot of extra classes within the same department, you may want to think about getting a minor.  That way, you get to take all the courses you want, plus you get something to add to your resume!  Bonus?  Yes please!

When do you want to take your classes?  I like having a short break between classes, but I don't mind block classes.  Do you want your classes in the morning, afternoon, or at night?  Night classes are longer and only once a week.  Can you sit through 3 hours of the same person talking about the same thing?

Who do you want to take classes with?  Some professors are clearly better than others.  They understand students needs and are willing to put forth the extra effort to make sure you learn the material.  For this reason, check out RateMyProfessors. Some people will post that a teacher is good because he/she is attractive.  If you weed out those ratings, you are left with mostly accurate information (I just checked out my difficult professor and everybody seems to share the same opinion).  You get opinions of  professors in a variety of courses they teach.  Having good teachers is KEY and I cannot stress that enough!

How does your registration work?  This semester, many students are having difficulty getting into a class because the system is saying that the prerequisites haven't been met.  It is aparently a problem for many students getting into one specific class.  The professor is really cool and understanding (my favorite in the department) and was willing to sign me into the class (even if I DIDN'T take the prerequite course).  If there is a class you want to take, and the registration system will not let you into the course, the people you need to talk to so you can get into the course are more than willing to help out.

► If you are not doing something you love, then don't bother.  Doing something you don't love will just make you miserable!
► Know your work load.  If you can't handle 18 credits, then drop something.  It is no use burning yourself out!
►Take interesting classes.  There are many liberal arts classes you can take that fill various requirements.  If something sounds interesting, take it!  I highly recommend taking language classes!
►If you cannot get into your department because of low grades, then try becoming undeclared!  There is no shame in it and your new advisor will have a general understanding of all departments.

This is what I was able to put together after scheduling this morning.  If there is more to add, please comment about it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I love Thursday

Wow, what a week!  Sorry for not posting one of these last week.  I have been so busy with class and work that I didn't have time to post.  I did give you a few other tidbits to nibble on in the meantime, so that makes up for it...right?  Anyways, here is what I love now!

♥ Me Time: I have been spending a fair bit of time away from my boyfriend (boo work) so I have had to entertain myself.  I have pre-written a post on how to keep boredom away and it will be posted soon!  It has so many suggestions that you won't know where to start!  Once you get over the initial feeling of loneliness, it is quite fun!

♥ New Outfits: Buying new clothes, pairing items in ways never thought of before...WHATEVER!  I just got a new dress, a new pair of shoes, and I fixed up an old pair of shoes (a pair of high heels that was missing the nubby pin thing on the heel...and those were my favorite shoes too)!  Totally pumped for the new outfit possibilities!

♥ My New Apartment: So it is official, I will have a new place as of July.  The paperwork is signed, the deposit is in, and now I get the challenge of planning
the layout of my new place.  It is much smaller (sad) than my current place, and it doesn't have a bath tub (more sad) or oven (REALLY sad), but the rent is much cheaper (happy), much less for utilities (happier), the landlord is really cool and won't charge us to let us back in if we forget our keys (REALLY happy) and I can have a kitty (EXPLOSION OF HAPPY)!  I think the pros deffinately outweigh the cons and the fact that it is smaller forces me to think about what I NEED in my apartment and to find alternate homes for the rest of my stuff.

♥ Clean Apartment: last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a cleaning spree.  It resulted in throughing out accumulated junk, mopping a mystery stain from my tile (blue and sticky...Gatorade?) and being able to see my table and floors (if it is a flat surface, I WILL put stuff on it...^_^").  I am planning on taking all my winter clothes and some unnecessary things (unused blanket and all my stuffed animals) back home.  This lets me see a puppy too!

♥ My puppy: QT is HUGE!  She is about 60lbs and I think she has a bit of growing left!  Every time I come home, she jumps around and is totally excited and in play mode!  She is so funny to be around (she gives high 5's and hugs)!  I can't wait for summer to come so I can play with her a bit more!

♥ Spring: With spring here, I have more range of what I can wear, so more possibilities of outfits.  Also, I get to see lots of baby animals and pretty flowers this time of year.  I see so many people walking puppies and people taking their dogs to the drive thru (I still think we should have dog treats for them).  Driving to work, I go past a goat farm (I do live in the middle of nowhere) and there are baby goats!

♥ PSP: I love video games and there are some availible exclusively for PSP (PlayStation Portable).  I have wanted one for about 2 years now and never was able to find one.  I found a red PSP (modded) for really cheap and it came in last week!  I have been playing it so much in my free time and it has been amazing (the button assignment is a bit awkward because the system has Japanese button assignment and games don't.  You may think this doesn't make a difference, but when the exicute/confirm command keeps changing, it gets frustrating)

♥ Work: So, I finally have hours at work (one could argue that I have too many hours because I have extremely limited free time).  Having hours means big paychecks.  Big paychecks means shopping, which in turn means new outfit possibilities!  Not only that, but I have been getting time on line (making the food) instead of as cashier.  Going to work and doing the same thing every day gets pretty boring after a while (from a managerial POV, this is bad and you want to prevent this).

♥ Seeing Things as a Manager: I thought that there was nothing to being a manger and that I just had to spend lots of money to say that I am one, but I see things differently now.  I can point out all the managerial flaws at work and think up of suggestions for what can be done instead.  Example: One manager thought of making a star chart that coorinated with if we met out drivethru time.  The idea behind this is "people will work harder if there is a potential reward involved".  This is extrinic motivation (motivation from outside factors) and it only works in a very short term sence (as everybody saw).  I suggested cross training people (mostly as a way to get me cross trained) because if people do different things everyday, there is a level of excitement and people will be more motivated to work.  When the job itself is motivating, it is Intrinsically motivating.  This type of motivation is proven to be much more successful.

♥ Being productive: So, this tag frequently shows up on my lists and here is the reason: I mostly am not productive even though I know how good it feels to be productive.  I don't see finishing assignments or studying for a test as productive.  I see working on my own projects or cleaning as being productive.  I have written so much this week, plus I am undergoing a huge cleaning project so I have the space to indulge in my crafting projects.  THAT is being productive.

♥ Lush: Everything I get from Lush is abso-freaking-lutely amazing.  My skin and hair have never looked this good ever!  I wish I had learned of this company sooner so I could have felt like this sooner.  I feel much better about how I look, even on exceptionally lazy days where I stay in my pajamas.

♥ My nails: My nails have always looked like a wreck.  I mostly washed dishes at work, so the actual nail was splitting/chipping off.  I also had terrible looking cuticles and the skin around the tail was always coming up in little "tags" (I can't really describe it).  Right now, my nails look healthy and pretty (even without nail polish).  I have never seen my nails look this good unless I pay a ton of money for a manicure.  Here is the post I wrote on what I did to get pretty nails

♥  My Birthday:  I turn 22 TOMORROW!  I am pretty pumped by this because birthdays mean parties!  By boyfriend got me a bag full of gifts (all wrapped in pink).  He knows I hate being taunted by having all of that in plain site so, he gave me something from the bag.  He let me have the single cutest headband I have ever seen!  It is hot pink and satin with a big bow on the side!  Just looking at it makes me smile!

♥ Dave and Busters:  My friends birthday is Saturday and he is turning 21, so he is having this huge bash at D&B.  D&B is like Chuck E Cheese for adults (restaurant and arcade) with great food, awesome games and an awesome selection of drinks (I am assuming this because it has been quite a while since my last visit here and I wasn't old enough to get drinks).  Every time I go there, I never want to leave!

♥  Shopping:  On my way to D&B Saturday, I am stopping by home and my mom is taking me birthday  shopping!  New clothes without me paying?  The college student within says "yes"!  I have to abide by my moms rules for clothing (she analysis everything and seriously asks "Would Stacy and Clinton approve?") but I won't be beaten!

♥ High Heels:  I have been wearing heels for the last few days and I seriously forgot how much I love them!  They make me tall (I am 5'3") and I can look everybody else in the eye!  I am not used to that (and neither are my friends) so it usually ends up with everybody around us laughing a ton!

♥ Cooking:  I have never been one to cook, so it is surprising to see "Cook" on this list.  I am not bad at making up breakfasty foods though.  Since I have had a ton of time recently, I have had to fend for myself in the kitchen.  I have a TON of eggs (I buy the 3-dozen pack from Sam's club), so this is what I ended up with.  It is simple, but everybody I tell this too starts to drool (seriously, people actually were drooling as I told them what went in it).

♥ Crepes:  This is going back to my birthday tomorrow, but my boyfriend said he was going to make me crepes.  Nutella + berries (especially raspberries) + other crepe stuffs = pure yumminess!  Garrett is amazing in the kitchen and takes any dish I already like and seriously makes it so much better.  I WISH I had that kind of talent!

♥ Reciepts:  My boyfriend kept all the receipts with the bags, so I was able to find out  what I got for my birthday before I opened my gifts!  He was so upset (fake upset) that I knew what everything was, then got sad because we were watching something together and I wasn't playing the game he got me.  He is SO FREAKING CUTE!  Also, I now know what I got without having to open the gifts (I hate seeing that I have presents, so I try and find out what I got as a gift before I am supposed to have recieved it!

Is there anything special that you love right now?  Why not share it?