Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Matter How Bad Thing Are...:A Cautionary Tale

The following events are 100% true.  None of this is exaggerated.

Last week, I have been spending a lot of time in doing research for doing a study abroad (I want to go to Kansai Gaidai in Japan).  After picking out courses I would like to take, I went to meet with somebody in the International Office to ask a few questions.  One of the ones that I had asked was about how frequently people get denied to study abroad.  The answer was that mostly, the only people to not get in were the people with grades that were too low and that this particular university was very strict on only allowing people with a 3.0 minimum in.

That is where I got depressed.  A few years ago, I was put on Academic Probation because I chose a major that I was no good at (I thought I could be a math teacher, but I failed Calculus pretty horribly).  I have since changed majors, and my grades have improved significantly. Because of Kansai's strict policy on the 3.0 minimum, the prospects of me doing a study abroad were looking grim.

After a bit of sulking and hanging out with a friend, I had to get going to take the kittens to the vet (for a wellness check and to see if they lost their baby teeth).  Trying to get the kittens into their crates was miserable.  Tama wanted to hang out in the smaller one (and he is the bigger cat), and Haru wouldn't go into one without a huge fight.  A while later, I have the kittens in their crates and I take them out to the car.  I load them in from the passenger side, close the door and walk to the drivers side only to realize that the keys were in the car and the doors were all locked.

I started to panic and I went crying to my landlord to see what I should do.  He told me to call the towing place in town to come over and unlock the car.  So I called that place, they told me to call AAA, and they said that somebody will be there shortly.  After about 40 minutes, my cats are already late for their appointment, I couldn't feel my toes, my phone is dead, and the guy from the towing place comes and unlocks my car (FINALLY).  Getting the car opened freaked my cats out because the alarm had went off, and they were shaking and crying up until I got them home again.

Remember: No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse.  I thought that not being able to study abroad was the worst thing that could have happened at the moment.  Instead, my cats get locked in the car and spend what felt like forever being cold and crying.

This may seem like a rather silly example (and in writing it, it really does feel like that), but at the time it was happening, it felt terrible.  I was freaking out and crying the entire time!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Because it is just too cute!

Looks like I am off to a good start with 2011.  This is my first post in...what?  Two weeks?  I should have more to write about soon though.  My next semester starts on Tuesday and with that, I give you Things I Love Thursday!

Start of a new semester
So, this is my second to last semester in school.  My final spring semester.  Something seems a bit surreal about it.  Anyway, the start of the semester means routine and getting to see friends more frequently (since they will also be back in the area for school).  I want to make more of an effort to do things with my friends.  One thing I have planned is to make a feature length movie.  My friend Charlie and I are going to write and direct this together, he will work on editing, and I will do make-up and wardrobe.  We have all sorts of plans that revolve around this movie and it will be amazing!  When it is done, we will post it on Youtube in segments in segments.  This is going to be so much fun!

Receiving large orders from Amazon
Last weekend, I was scouring Amazon for all sorts of amazing bargains and finds.  I finally placed an order that consisted of over 10 books and a set of brush guards (from BrushGuard).  I got five of my books in today and started reading the one (Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing).  I haven't even finished the first chapter and already I feel so much smarter!  Let's see if there will be a noticeable change in my writing!

DIY at home beauty
I have been watching a TON of Michelle Phan videos, taking extra time on the ones that are about skin care over the make-up tutorials (which are also amazing, but my skin has been kind of angry at me recently).  I never knew that you could make your own black-head nose strips or that a single egg could be used as a two part mask!  My skin already feels better and I cant wait for it to look as good as it feels!

A new addition?
No, I am not having a baby.  My friends mother has too many cats and she can't afford to keep them all.  All of the local no-kill shelters refuse to take them in because they lack the room.  Assuming that this one guy gets along well with my two kittens, I will have a new kitty.  He is a boy (of unknown age since my friend failed to mention one) that has white fur and is heterochromatic (fancy word for having two different colored eyes)!  Once he has been cleaned up, he will be introduced to Haru-chan and Tama-kun!

Computer games
Now, I normally go for console games.  I don't really know why, but I have always found console games to be more fun and slightly more social.  A lot of the new games coming out for PS3 are either too expensive or don't seem fun.  Also, the Wii seems to be used only for Mario games and many gimmicky games that use the Miis.  Steam is a great place to find fun games on the cheap!  Also, courtesy of another game site (which I don't know because Garrett bought the games and surprised me with them) I have The Incredible Machines (an amazing puzzle game from when I was young that lets you complete Rube Goldberg machines (for those that don't know what Rube Goldberg machines are, here is an example as done by Mythbusters))!

Little Extras
Sleepy kittens ♥ Amazing new camera ( Canon powershot SD1300IS) ♥ Matching case for my camera (it's pink) ♥ Back massages ♥ New hair cut ♥ Being called "Encyclopedia" by people I work with (all because I know random facts and can speak a small amount of Japanese) ♥ Things having a home in my apartment ♥ Places calling you back in a timely fashion (Garrett needs a self-storage unit because his parents are moving and I was calling around.  I left a message at one place and they called back about an hour later) ♥ Watching documentaries by Penn & Teller ♥ George Carlin (Tis a shame he is no longer with us) ♥ This Something Awful thread (despite the vulgar language, it is really nice) ♥ People not recognizing me (I like to fool people) ♥ playing DDR for the first time in years ♥ Kittens sleeping in inconvenient/weird places ♥ Sock Dreams (they have thigh high leg warmers which are super cute!) ♥ 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011

So, here we are.  A new year year, a new beginning.  So, what changes do you plan on making?

I know I always say that I I plan on updating more often (and I really do want to), but I am always busy with some project. I have tons of articles that I want to write, but I need to get off my lazy butt and write them for you guys!

Taking care of myself
This is a full body deal!  I mean head-to-toe and from the inside out!  I am going to start eating better (no more fast food!), staying properly hydrated (with lots of freshly made lemon water) and working out.  I want to start doing yoga or pilates every morning, meditate, floss/use mouth wash (I have only been brushing and that isn't good enough!), wearing contacts and make-up, taking my vitamins, waking up earlier, making my hands look like I just got a professional manicure, and dry-brushing my skin.  I have all these things planned out!  I even started some of these before the new year just to get used to it!

My apartment is a mess and my car isn't much better.  I plan on keeping EVERYTHING super clean!  I will also do a once a month clean of all my bags to make sure that I have everything under control!  I also want to start using my organizer.  I am sick of having tests sneak up on me!  NO MORE!  I also would like this to include being more financially organized.  I have already started by doing a preliminary clean of my car and clearing out my closet.  I also have a few storage containers for under my bed (for all my current craft projects).  I feel that it might also be easier to be organized if I wasn't living in such a small apartment.  My bedroom is also a living room and office.  Too much stuff going on for my liking.

Stay in better contact with friends
Put together awesome outfits
Take more pictures (of the outfits?)
Go out more
Finish my craft projects

I also want to send my full support for anybody who has the resolution to quit smoking.  Many of my friends share this resolution and I think it is great that they want to take care of their bodies by doing this!  You have everything to gain by doing this!  GOOD LUCK!

What do you want to do in 2011?  Let me know!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Where have you been?

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It seems like AGES since my last post (because it has been) and I'm really sorry.  Life sort of got the better of me for a bit, but I am back and ready to go!

-What happened?-
  • Spending all free time for about a month with my friend who is now in Afghanistan (keeping in touch with him via Facebook so I know he is okay)
  • Grandmothers funeral (I'm okay though)
  • Back in contact with a friend from forever ago
  • Making Christmas for everybody (Garrett's is the most time consuming, yet I don't want to start another project until I have finished his)
  • Group projects for class (an all time pain in the back side)
  • Studying for finals (see above)
  • Got a new job ( I make pretzels!)
I have some posts that have been drafted up and just need some pictures before they are ready to post.  I  am having a hard time trying to be a full time student and a blogger, so please bear with me until I find a balance.

-Have you been inspired to write something while you were gone?-

Yes I have.  I have been putting together all sorts of new outfits!  Plus, I have a slew of ways to keep warm this winter!  Just wait, this is going to be awesome!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The iTrend: Will it Ever End?

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It is impossible to look around and not see iProduct or iAdvertisement.  While walking through campus today, I saw a t-shirt that said iRep (representing the university I guess).  You walk in a store and there are so many accessories for iPod and iPhone.  Plus, there is that annoying iDog!  Hell, even driving on the interstate, there is a billboard for iRock (for Slippery Rock University) that hasn't changed in about 2 years.  Will this trend ever end? 

A few weeks ago, I got a cute eye shadow compact that looks like an iPhone.  It is called Eyemobile.  When I told Garrett what it was called, he thought it was iMobile, following the trend.  This is something that is now being ingrained in our heads!

A possible way to control this trend (and maybe see other companies be more creative in their naming instead of riding out the popularity of an existing name) is for Apple to trademark or copyright i(blank) or just the lowercase i prefix.  Then we will hopefully see a decline in these products, thus stimulating companies and marketing executives to use their own creativity!

Things I Love Thursday

Photo by Apple
Sorry for the lack of TILT and for this particular list being late.  I have had no time to write between being in class and having to go to work (and feeling lazy because I'm sick).  I am getting my apartment (and therefore, life) organized and hopefully I should be able to get more actual writing done.

Getting My Laptop Fixed/ Visiting Friends I Haven't Seen In AGES
My laptop broke soon after I got kittens, however it was still usable.  Late last week, the screen stopped displaying anything all together!  OH NO!  I recently found out that my friend has started his own computer repair business (and if you are in need of computer repair in the Pittsburgh area, here is his website)!  I was able to get my computer fixed AND hang out with a friend I haven't seen in a few years!

Being called nuts
While walking to class the other day, I ran into a girl who used to live in the same complex as me.  She saw what shoes I was wearing (red platform peep-toe ankle booties) and said I was nuts for wearing them!  I got a few more comments on the shoes throughout the day and it made me smile.  I have never really gotten complimented on my style before (although I did turn a few heads).  I guess people like my sense of style!

Work Being Tolerable
This isn't often when I walk out of a shift and think that the day wasn't bad.  Usually, the managers are morons and my co-workers are insufferable!  The other day, I thought that work was actually fun.  I was making jokes with my co-workers and managers and was able to get my cleaning job done quickly (which means I get to leave sooner)!  One would be amazed at how an enjoyable work-place can increase productivity!  Positive attitudes are good for a variety of reasons!

Super Cheap Tickets to Phantom of the Opera
I LOVE going to the theatre and I jump on any opportunity I can get.  My school is taking a trip down to the Benedum (in Pittsburgh) to see Phantom.  I haven't seen a professional production of this show on stage and I am really looking forward to it!  I was able to get a ticket for myself AND for Garrett (and they are next to each other!) for $10 a piece!  WHAT!?!  I don't even think the student pricing is that good!  I am REALLY looking forward to the show!

Seeing the show and getting lost in Pittsburgh
The show was on Sunday and it was AMAZING!  The costumes were beautiful, the music was out of this world (I literally had shivers from the music.  That has NEVER happened before!), and everything about it was absolutely perfect!  We actually didn't get lost trying to find the theater either.  We got lost trying to get home.  In an attempt to try and find some signs of a highway or a way home, we found ourselves in Squirrel Hill and stopped at a few shops.  One of which (and my favorite of the day) was a Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop!  I had never seen one in real life and was completely pumped about being in there.  I was so overwhelmed by the amount of flavor options!  There were so many that were shop exclusive!  Everything was tasty and full of win (I hate that phrase, but it is the only thing I can think of that seem to fit)!

Being told my "plan" is good
By plan, I mean this: I want to open up my own clothing store.  I want to make the clothing and accessories myself (or at least design them) and maybe even open a "brick-and-mortar" store (yay physical presence)!  I gave some rough details about how I want to do things and more than one professor said that it sounded good!  YAY FUTURE!

Being Told by Professors that My Job Sucks
In my business classes, we discuss what qualities good management has and well as what bad qualities.  I almost ALWAYS have an example from my current place of work of how the management is bad (and I mean BAD).  Anything ranging from motivation techniques to Total Quality Management (TQM) principles all register as negative in each aspect!  Sure, some days are good (see above), but it doesn't mean I want to stay there at all!

Fall Season
I love the fall for more than just the fashion shows.  I love seeing how people keep themselves warm and what kinds of sweaters and jackets people have.  It is really funny when I start noticing everybody wearing almost the same thing.  I also enjoy seeing that occasional pop of something different.  It is really fun to just sit back and watch the styles walk right past you.  I LOVE seeing how people style themselves!

Hot Drinks
Cold weather means hot cocoa and lattes!  Warm drinks are a delicious way to warm yourself starting from the inside!  I like breaking things up by adding different flavor shots (favorite classics: mint and raspberry. favorite new obsession: hazelnut) to my drink!  YUM!

Getting Adequate Sleep
Getting enough sleep in extremely important no matter who you are!  It also feels so good to let yourself get the sleep you need instead of trudging around with just a few hours of sleep a night.  I get so bored hearing "I only got 3 hours of sleep last night" because these people are just not good at managing their time.  Instead of watching TV all night, go to sleep.  You can watch that show the next day (if you record it or if it is something you can get on your netflix subscription).  If your kid wakes you up every night, stop complaining.  You chose to have that kid!

Getting apartment clean
My apartment is usually a mess of clothing empty bags, and random sheets of paper.  Yesterday, I got off my lazy fanny and took charge!  I have a floor for the first time in a few weeks, and I can see the top of my dresser (which hasn't happened since I moved in).  Getting used to the new bathroom set-up is a bit awkward (and because of that, I need to get my kittens a new water dish), but I really like it!  I got a modular shelf from Target and it is wonderful!  I was able to assemble it with no help (!!!), it was fairly cheap, and I can take it apart and use it for when I go to conventions!  I already have ideas for how I want to set up my artist table and these shelves are going to SERIOUSLY maximize space!

Dread Falls
These are really popular at anime conventions, particularly with the punk crowd.  I really like the look of them because they are colorful and off the wall!  Also, they are not very common (at least in my area), which makes me like them more!  Mine are blue, white, and a reddish purple (it does look a bit patriotic, which wasn't what I was going for) and I made them by twisting and braiding yarn!  They are super easy to make, and even easier to "install" (again, this is a punk look).  I will do a post on these soon!
The Fun Theory
This is best shown off in the form of video.  When I first saw these, I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Small Lovelies: Kitten antics, laughing so hard you can't stand up, having interesting discussions with friends, puzzle games, singing loudly to music while driving down the highway, having half my collection of shoes in my car (uumm...yea....I kept changing shoes and forgetting to bring them back in to my apartment until yesterday), naps, sunglasses, American Pickers and Pawn Stars (two new TV obsessions), High heels (more than just the comments I get while wearing them), staying warm, playing with pets, and caring professors (that can really make or break a class)!

One last video for you!  Hope you like it as much as I do!
I hope you have had a lovely week and have awesome things to look forward to!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautifully Unique to just Mag-Elicious. Why the change?

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I know I have been absent these past few weeks (AND I promised more content.  Seems a bit backwards, no?) and for that I apologize.  I keep coming up with AMAZING blog article ideas, but ultimately, have to shoot them down.  Why?  Because these articles are not within the "Beautifully Unique" realm.  I started Beautifully Unique to be a fashion/life style blog (similar to  I am not her, not do I want to be.  I have spent much of my time trying to be somebody I wasn't and I am not going to go back to that.

Now, I realize that there are other topics I want to cover.  This blog is my voice on the internet.  Why should I limit myself to just a handful of topics?  There are other things in this world that I care about.  People have opinions on every topic (even if their feeling is of indifference).  While Beautifully Unique was a blog, Mag-Elicious is an opinion.

Now I can post on subjects like management or even politics and ethics.  The possibilities are now LIMITLESS just with a simple change.  I feel like I am much more free to post about all kinds of opinions.  I can now use some of my older drafts that I started to write and as I was adding final details/touches, I realized didn't fit my blog.  You have no idea how good this feels (unless you have done it too, in which care, you do know)!

I keep saying this (and I keep saying "I mean it!"), but expect some top notch posts!  There is so much I want to share with you!