Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (just a bit late)

Ok, so getting on a computer is sometimes difficult for me. Yesterday was one of those days where I was busy at work and running errands that I was unable to get to. SO! Here is my TILT!

Hanging out with the people I work with. I work with a fun bunch of people! They get along with so many people (and I know the people they don't get along with). Talking about fashion, shows, and general insanity is always humorous!

Clearence Sales!!! I got this AMAZING purse at Target for only $6!!! can you believe that? It is bright blue and awesome! It was originally supposed to be $30! LUCKY!!!!

Cleaning hamster cage. This sounds a bit odd, and I know it. The act of cleaning the cage isn't all that entertaining, HOWEVER, Maestro ( hamsters name) is so cute when his cage gets cleaned. He usually does laps climbing up his cage (then falling down). I love my hamster! Cutest and weirdest hamster ALIVE!

Looking through unused cosmetics. I have a basket of avon stuff I got at a wedding shower last summer. There is some stuff in there that I have used (mostly nail polish). Turns out I had shave gel and a hair removal cream. Sweet Deal!

Being asked to host a Twilight Party. Now, I am not particularly a fan of Twilight (I don't agree with any of the sparkling at all because vampires DO die in direct sunlight), but I get to hang out with more people I work with, plus consume baked goods (which I am not supposed to have because of my diet, but screw that! cake!!!). Good times shall be had by all!

Thats it for this weeks tilt! Tune in next week for things that have made me smile!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lifting Essentials 1

So I go into the gym, and every time I see a slew of people doing exercises wrong, or doing a useless workout. Everything I see is absolutely ridiculous! Here are some tips for in the gym

Clothing: Loose, comfortable shirt, stretchy pants or capris (I recommend not wearing shorts for a variety of reasons, but the main one is because it is physically painful for certain exercises), and the proper shoes. I wear converse low tops because I have a lot of ankle mobility, and I am not fighting against a lot of cushion for some of my exercises. Don't go and get really stylish clothing for the gym. It makes you stand out and it looks ridiculous and is not necessary at all (there is a girl at my gym that dresses like an '80s music video dancer).

Knowledge: Know what you are doing, how to do it, any why you are doing it. Before trying a new exercise, look up videos of how to do it. ExRx is a great place to see how an exercise is done properly. It also gives a nice description of what it does and breakdown of how to do it (the videos are small and in black and white, making them hard to see). It shows you perfect form so you can see EXACTLY how to do it. Youtube is a bit spotty with these kinds of ends up mostly being videos of people showing off how much they can lift (usually with not very good form). However, good lifting videos DO EXSIST on Youtube. I found one for bench press and the guy talked everything through. It was amazing!

A spotter: Not only is it safer to have a spotter, they can tell you how to improve your form (assuming they know what the proper form is). Don't risk it and rely on your own strength. Don't cheat yourself and not do as much as you know you can if your spotter isn't there. If you can't have your normal spotter, ask around in your gym. Most people there are more than happy to help another in need!

Water: Being properly hydrated eneables you to lift more and it prevents you from being really dizzy. I cannot stress enough the importance of proper hydration. Years ago, I ran cross country. Our coach always told us that if you are only 10% dehydrated (which would not sure in your urine), you would be about 15 seconds slower. If that is what 10% does, then I don't want to know how what happens when its more than 10%...

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more lifting essentials (I didn't want to overwhelm everybody)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Make it your own!

Wow, so it has been a long time since I made a real post. Not a lot has happened...working mostly and not being around a computer has contributed to a lack of new posts. Also, finishing up Final Fantasy 6 is eating up most of my free time. Having a few friends over tonight just to hang out (all people I work with, plus their significant other and kids). I WILL get back on track with posting though! Now, for your feature presentation:

I bought myself a new purse! It is bright blue and awesome. I think that I can make it more me...more personalized. I like to modify things by adding something to it. So, I went to a few craft stores (Joanns, Michaels, and a local bead shop) and picked up a few charms (mostly heart shaped ones since my focal piece is a large purple heart). Now, I know how to weave some chain mail (a basic European 4-in-1). I am going to make a diamond shaped 4-in-1 and at the base of it, attach the main heart. I will learn how to make one of the many styles of cord and attach the rest of the charms. All of this is going on the large ring that attaches to the purse strap. Project finished!

Find something you like and make it your own. Modifying stuff isn't that hard. All you need are a few tools and a sourse of inspiration. Google can be your friend. Many other people modify lots of stuff and you can just look at what they did, and try to re-create it. Give it a try! If you are hesitant, try a practice run (or don't do modification that involves cutting).


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's that time of week again! The day where I relive all the awesomeness of the past week!

Seeing Les Miserable. Ok, so navigating through Pittsburgh is nothing short of hell. I usually end up crying from stress. The traffic around the theater was deadlocked, so my boyfriend let me out so I at least can see the beginning of the show (he has seen it twice now). He drove around for another 40 minutes before he found a parking garage with an open spot. He was so frustrated and tired when we got there (and sad that he missed his favorite song)

Being told that you are the only one working who didnt drive the manager crazy...more of the people working that night were being loud and unruly. I was the only quiet "normal" one.

Painting Warhammer minis. Warhammer appeals to both my boyfriend and myself. Garrett loves board games of all kinds. He also loves how different we can make the game. I love it because I love anything that involves crafts. I am not good at painting, but I love it anyways. Painting in such detail on those small figures is impressive and I applaud those who can do it well.

Watching The Office. I love the Pam/Jim thing is so cute! Also, the Dwight/Jim thing is HILARIOUS! I like when Jim convinces Dwight that it's Friday (it is supposed to be Thursday)

Hanging out with tattoo artists. They are really cool guys, although a bit intimidating. They are fun to talk to. They are also very friendly and enjoyable people.

Being done with classes. When I was in the middle in classes, I got no hours at work and I was just very stressed in general because of tests and projects. I just really like having time to myself and for relaxing. I will finally get around to my bubble bath!

Savannah cats! These things are totally awesome! They are larger than most cats (about as big a medium to large size dog), they LIKE water, and are really curious about anything that you do. They are so cute and silly. They jump REALLY high (they can easily chill on top of a fridge without having to jump on anything...just floor to fridge top). The only down side is that they are one of the most expensive breed of cat...($6,000-$21,000 for an "f1" which is mostly wild cat so they are bigger).

I think it's good to think about all the good things that happen. When I think about all the good things that happen, then I take focus off of all the negative things that have been happening. I find that I have been happier since I have started doing this. It really does help.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend (and it's not even over!)

Ok, Friday started as any other day really. Got up, went to class, got picked up and went to work. Read a few hours (since I ALWAYS show up early on days I work), then clock in. Deal with the various stresses of work, come home and relax. Well, after I got home to relax, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. The end result was that I wanted to kill myself and we slept separately that night.

Cue Saturday morning. Wake up and surf the internet for a bit. I have recently been reading up on eft (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how it can be used to heal your body of many things (what research I have done shows that it can do amazing things, like cure what medicine cannot). I have many negative things in my life, just like anybody else. I was watching a few videos (with headphones on) when My boyfriend finally came down to talk to me. I decided I wouldn't let him know what I was up to because if ever there was a skeptic, it would be him. He realized that that his reactions were comepletely uncalled for, and wanted to go through with what we had planned for the day (he got me tickets a few weeks ago to see Les Miserable at the Benedum (in Pittsburgh)). He was so much nicer and sweeter than the night before (and was making sure to be extra kind and was holding me a lot which helps me calm down)

The show wasn't until much later in the evening, and we had some errands to run. I picked up a medication from the drug store and we went to his house to drop stuff off and pick up a few things. When we got to his house, he got a call from his mom asking to stop by where she works (currently, she is helping renovate the bar she works at). We get there, and she gives us really yummy food and offers me a beer. Now, at this point, I have tried a few beers and haven't found one that I actually like. Yesterday, however, she finds one that I actually would tolerate for an evening (I have been forced to tolerate beer before because that was what we had bought, but this beer was much better). It was an apricot wheat beer, and it was a lot milder than other beers because of the wheat. I was just really shocked that I found a beer that is closer to me liking something.

Nothing really special happened the rest of the night. City traffic sucked and my boyfriend let me out of the car and gave me a ticket to the show so that I wouldn't miss the beginning. He went on to try and find a parking garage and was about a half hour late for entering the show (he had seen it twice before though, so he knows what happened).

I just think that it was weird how we started out in the middle of a fight and went to really happy (and me having the slightest of buzzes...).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This I Love Thursday!

I have been taking part in this for the past several weeks on Gala's site, but I always felt a bit weird expanding it. Now, I can post as much as I want. This week, she assigned homework. Not just a regular "TILT" post, but an alphabetical one. So, here it is!

♥ A is for...Aoife Fae! This is the new name I want. Seriously, I want to change my name. This morning, I found out what I want to change it to. I looked for a site that had baby names and meanings. Aoife(pronounced EE-fe) means Beautiful/Radient. Fae means fairy. This is the closest name I have ever encountered that I feel is me! I'm excited and I am going to try it on!

♥ B is for...BELTS! I always see such nice outfits and really cute belts on people I see on campus or just walking around. This is the first I have actually seen that I fell in love with. I typically don't find much stuff at Forever 21 that I like. The website almost seems as messy as their store (I may have just had a bad experiance at the particular store I went to, but there were huge piles of clothing that didnt seem to be folded and at the racks, many of the hangers were just thrown onto the racks and trying to take down one item to look at it seems impossible).

♥ C is for...Chocolate. Really, who doesn't love chocolate? Everything about it is amazing. There are also so many different kinds of chocolate that there is something for everybody (personally, I enjoy dark chocolate, but I won't turn any of that away...I guess that is why I needed to start lifting...^_^)

♥ D is for...Dwight K. Schrute. The Office is such a funny show, and Dwight probably my favorite character. I know he is supposed to be the jerk, but he does it in such a funny way...usually while shoving food in his mouth.

♥ E is for...Eating. Food tastes so yummy, and it gives us the energy to live. Because we have this energy, we can do things and not be dome boring, cranky person.

♥ F is for...Forgetting lyrics. This may sound terrible of me, and I realize that. However, it is one of the most obvious indicator of whether or not a singer lip syncs or actually sings. Ayumi Hamasaki, one of my favorite J-pop singers, is ever. She is so cute when she forgets her lyrics (and her audience still loves her). She even shouts an apology at the end of the video. There is another video of her at a New Years count down a few years ago, and she forgets the lyrics for quite a long time, and just goes with it. The audience kept on singing and dancing and just had fun with everything!

♥ G is for...Google. I love being able to put in a ridiculous "how to..." question, and then getting so many hits. Not only hits in general, but accurate hits! I also like how it doesn't have all the annoying junk on the front page (see yahoo).

♥ H is for...Hats! I have had this hat since high school. It is missing a charm (it was a star), but I still love it! It's teal! It's soft (It is made of suede)! It's SUPER CUTE! If ever there was a "signature item" in my ward robe, it would be this little number!

♥ I is for...iPhone! They are so convenient. It's like a micro computer! Apple is so innovative and awesome! I would never want another phone in the world...except maybe a newer iPhone a few years down the road!

♥ J is for...Japan! I love more Japanese singers than American singers, I would rather watch a movie with Hiroki Narimiya (Nana (see N)) than Owen Wilson. The language is mysterious, beautiful, sexy, and awesome! I know so many nice people from Japan, and everything about the people, the language, the culture, and the pop-culture is so amazing and awesome!

♥ K is for...Kariza Wraps. I first found this little treasure when I went to Miami (yay cruise!). They are over priced for what they are if you go to one of the stands. I found them in many other shops in Key West, however the quality was terrible. Trying to find a color combination that I actually liked made this quest much more difficult. I ended up buying a few because even if the quality sucks, I would be able to still be able to use it as a pattern. They are simple in design and one wrap can be worn is so many different ways.

♥ L is for...Love! My boyfriend of 2.5 years. He is so sweet and puts up with so much of my crap. How can I not love him??? He got some of my technical stuff for this site to work properly. He is amazing, he's adorable (look at his picture!), and he's mine! He also smells REALLY nice!

♥ M is for...Molly. She is the best pup I know. She had to be put down a few weeks ago, and I am still coping with everything. She was 16.5 and very sick when she passed away. She stopped eating and even drink water. It was a very sad sight, but I love her. I will forever miss her. She was my little sister.

♥ N is for...Nana. I love this manga series so much! I cried so much at the end of it. It was also made into an anime (which I love!) and a movie (which I also love!!). The movie stars Mika Nakashima, an amazing j-pop singer with an air of "don't make me kick your ass"! She has an amazing voice and I love her style.

♥ O is for...Old English Sheepdogs! They are so cute, giant, fluffy, and playful!

♥ P is for...ParaKISS. From the same creator as Nana. I have drawn much inspiration from this anime. I even designed a piece of jewelry based on this show. AMAZING!!!!!

♥ Q is for...Quarters! I do my laundry at the facility provided by the leasing agency. Coin operated laundry is annoying, but I can clean all the clothing I want when I have a giant stack of quarters! They are more convenient than we realize!

♥ R is for...Roller coasters. I love going to amusement parks and riding all the rides I can, especially the ones my mom has dubbed "happy-go-pukey". My mom gets dizzy very easily from most rides...the result is the nickname.

♥ S is for...Sakura Trees. Possibly one of the beautiful things in existence.

♥ T is for...Tommy Shaw!!! I have been a Styx fan since I was 8. My parents took my brother and I all the way out to Albuquerque, New Mexico (we live in Pittsburgh, PA) back in 1997 for our fist concert ever. It was amazing. But above all, I have been a huge fan of Tommy. During another concert(when I was still small enough to be picked up by my dad) I had Glen tickle my palm with his guitar pick, and I was still screaming Tommy's name. That's dedication! In retrospect, I wish I did give Glen a bit more credit...

♥ U is for...University. I like being at my school because there are so many people I met here. On top of the fact that it is assisting me in my future, it is a place that I can call home. I know all the short cuts to get to class, and all the side routes to take when its winter and I don't feel like walking outside a lot. It is also where I met a number of my good friends.

♥ V is for...Vanilla, an amazing song by J-Rocker Gackt. This video is particularly amusing to be because he violates a band member on stage for most of the song. Hello fan service! You can tell that they don't lip sync because when Masa (the guy who gets violated) is being violated, you can hear that he stops playing. I respect Gackt all the more for that.

♥ W is for...W. The cutest j-pop duo in existence...hands down!

♥ X is for...X-rated movies...especially when they have plots! It is HILARIOUS!!!

♥ Y is for...Youtube. Really, there are so many different videos. It is kind of frustrating when you are weeding through fan tribute videos just so you can find the original, but some of those fans have talent.

♥ Z is for...Zoo! I love going to the zoo. I love animals, and getting to spend the day going from one exhibit to the next is so much fun.

Ok, that took a TON of effort and a few hours!!! I'm terrible at making REALLY long lists. When you put a length requirement on it, that makes it so much harder...geez!

Love to all!!!

~Aoife Fae~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day in the life of Mag-elicious!

Ok, so I am taking a summer class. Usually when I get out, my boyfriend has already left for work. Now, I don't have a car, so if I ever want to go anywhere, I need to hassle him into giving me a ride. Today happened to be a day where I had to walk home because my boyfriend had gone to work. Now, I just put in my headphones and go on my merry way. Today was a bit different. As I was walking, I was passed by a guy whose book bag was COMPLETELY open. There was a lot of papers and stuff, so I let him know. We ended up having to go in the same direction to our respective houses. We talked about music (I was listening to Styx today), roommates, and pets. This is the first time I ever just had a conversation with some guy I had never really encountered before. Sure, I talk to people I have class with. I also talk to customers at work and people I do club activities with (I am in my schools Japan Club). I think implimenting some of Gala's techniques about just faking confidence really does work.

Also, on a completely unrelated topic: We all know the dinosaurs were killed after an asteriod hit Earth. However, what we don't know is that this was self inflicted! The dinosaurs summoned an asteriod by means of magic! They all commited suicide!!!

Last night, I was playing Final Fantasy 6 (the GBA version), and my party encountered a T-Rex monster that summoned a meteor shower. The above is just silliness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello All! ~intro~

Hello everybody, and welcome to my adventure. I have been a "nonpariel" of the blog iCing for the past few months, and I have started living my life a little bit differently ever since. I have been more concerned about fashion, and I want to live a happier, more "sparkly" life. I will try and update this as frequently as possible. If there is any questions you may have, just e-mail me.

Some of the changes I have made in my life:

Dieting: By this, I mean in the form of a life style change, not just a temporary. It is also not some kind of "fad diet" featured in so many magazines. After lengthy research, all of those diets make you loose water weight and muscle, thus increasing body fat percentage. My diet is more general than these diets. I simply eat a lot of carbohydrates in the morning and after working out. The rest of my calories comes from protein in lean meat. Chicken breast is one of those most common things I eat. I also am trying to drink a ton of water everyday. Another thing about my diet, I cannot drink soda (I was born in New York, so deal with it). Even diet soda has many artificial sweeteners that aren't good for you.

Working out: I go to the gym 3 times a week. My work out then is strength training, consisting of squats, military press, bench press, and dead lift to name a few major exercises. I also do some kind of cardio workout 5 times a week (or at least try to). This ranges from Frisbee, to racket sports. I would just go running, but while I was in high school, I was on the cross country team, and not by choice. Because of this, I now have really bad knees and a deep hatred for running.

Being more fashion minded: I often find that shopping for me is extremely difficult. There are few things I like, and I find that I often have a hard time finding things that fit properly. I even try the next size up or down, but to no avail. This is happening a bit less now, because of working out. I am wearing clothing I bought years ago, and they fit better now then when I bought them.

Being Sparkly: This may sound silly, but I think its fitting. Gala Darling (she will probably get mentioned frequently because of all the recent inspiration I have recieved from her) is the first person I heard of who used this phrase. Its about being the best, happiest, most fun you possible. Nobody likes to be around grouchy people. I don't like it, and despite my best efforts, I know I can be a bit grouchy. I know that when I get like this, people distance themselves from me. That isn't cool at all. I try to do some basic things like smile more, stand up straighter (both of these things sends signals to your brain that you are happy). I find that It really helps.

This blog will probably be changing in appearance until I find "my look", so please be patient.