Friday, November 27, 2009


As the semester winds down, I am getting more and more tests and projects that are due soon.  Because of my lack of time to be able to study and post about stuff, I am going to temporarily stop posting (until the semester ends).  It makes me very sad, but since I fully intend to start back up, I will be able to take this time and plan out posts.

Love to you all

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everybody! How has your week been? Here is a peak at what I have been up to this past week!

New Roos: After a hard nights work on Sunday, I stopped to treat myself to a new pair of Roo's. They are comfortable and colorful and delicious! I have been drooling over these shoes for about a year now (I found them online but they were out of stock...also they were too expensive). They were also on sale. YAY! However, I can't find a picture of them and I have too much of a headache to take a picture of them (it involves going down strairs...I might not be able to get up)

Simpons Treehouse of Horror Marathon: So on halloween, I didn't have any plans and nobody was able to come and hang out with me). So, my boyfriend and I just started watching these from season 2 (then they first started) to season 11 (the highest season we have...they are up to 12 I beleive). We also drank Clipper City Hang 10 which, considering how strong it is, has a rather light and refreshing taste.

Napping: I am writing this right after waking up from a nap. Who doesn't love to just nap in the middle of the day?

Pom Pompoko: A studio Ghibli production about the sad fight of the Tanuki (I believe I mentioned these in an earlier post. Japanese raccoon-dogs that can shape-shift...and their power is derived from their over-sized testicles) and their forests. It is so sweet and cute, but very sad. I love it SO MUCH!

Ceasar Salads: I tried these for the first time last week and they are suprisingly tasty. I have never been a salad person, but since last week I have had so many of them its ridiculous!

Magazines: Back in September, I subscribed to 3 magazines via amazon (Marie Clair, Elle, and I forgot the third...^_^'). I have been getting Marie Clair since about a week after I subscribed, but I have only just now got my first copy of Elle (the 3rd subscription should hopefully be in before the new year...). I like getting fun things in the mail that aren't bills or junk mail.

Texts from last night: Texts from last night is HILARIOUS! People just submit bizzare text messages/conversations and people get to laugh about it. How awesome???

Gun O'clock: The only bad thing about this that I have come across is that its too quiet...I will let this Japanese commercial explain the rest.

stopwatch 5: This is a Japanese game where you have a stop watch and you have to stop it at 5 seconds. The catch? You can't see the numbers so you have to count it out! Just click the blue button under the stopwatch (it translates to start. When sounded it out, it is "sutaato"). How accurate are you?

I leave you with this video of Hard Gay. A gay Japanese man who is improving the community. and it's Hilarious!!! You have been warned.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few More Costume Ideas

Ok, so I forgot to mention these in my previous post about costume ideas. Sorry!!!

T-shirt ninja: Ninjas are awesome, so why not be one for halloween??? Pretty easy costume to put together too it seems like. 2 black shirts, black pants, and black shoes! Have fun!

Three-hole punched self: This should be recognized by anybody who has seen the office. Jim takes 3 black construction paper circles and tapes them to his shirt all in a row. I would recommend 6 (3 front 3 back). This is a super-easy cop-out costume that people will sure to giggle at!

Hello my name is...: Another of Jim's cop-out costumes. Take a "hello my name is" sticker and just fill it in with another name. Bonus points if you put together a new personality with this new name. Steve could be an under cover agent, while Jenny is a stripping murderer. Have fun with it!

Ok, ideas have been had. Now, make a costume already!


Things I Love Thursday

It is that time of week again! Has happiness been around you enough?

~International Dinner: My school hosts an international week through their international department. Every night, there is a different international event (one night has a fashion show where all the exchange students display traditional clothing from their home country). The dinner is the main event of the week, and what closes the week. Many of the international students make dishes from their home countries and we, as Americans, feast! There is such variety as there are many different countries represented! It was an amazing experience last year, and I hope it turns out to be just as awesome! It is still a bit away, but I can't wait!

~STYX/REO Speedwagon concert: ANTICIPATION!!! I am too excited for words about this! It has been a while since I have seen their band, but they always put on a great show! I am hoping I can go to a meet and greet thing because I have always wanted to hug Tommy Shaw!!!!

~Getting assignments done: This has been a very stressful week of class and work. I have had 2 tests announced and had many a due date...and all I want to do now is sleep (dispite the fact that I still have a few more assignments and a test to study for).

~Halloween: I didn't dress up much (or at all) throughout the month, but I still love the atmosphere of everything! I am not one for scary movies, but I did see The Shining for the first time ever this week (it freaked me out so much that I was shaking and refused to be alone for the rest of the night). I don't get to go to any parties or even dress up really...(I have work tomorrow and Saturday).

~Princess Raccoon: This is probably one of my favorite movies. It is an artsy Japanese musical about how a human prince and a racoon (tanuki) princess fall in love. It is bizarre and hilarious! It deffinatly is full of win!
~Random piece of information: Tanuki are Japanese racoon dogs. They are master shape-shifters who get their power from their enlarged testicles! Now go and inform those who would find this amusing!

~Napping: This week has been so exhausting! I have felt like I could fall alseep while work! Being able to sleep right now is the most heavenly thing I can think of!

~Paula: Paula used to be a manager at where I work. I found out where she lives and got to drink with her ealier in the week. It was amazing!!! She is so much fun to hang around. She even has this hilarious roommate (I would hit on him, but I don't know what his reaction would be since he is gay). I also found out that it is a bad idea for me to have 6 10% beers. It was a fun lesson!

~Heated seats: Garrett had to switch cars with his dad so he can have his car taken in for inspection and repairs. His dads car was this giant Jeep thing (I don't like large vehicles) with heated seats. I love having my butt be all warm and toasty while going to work/school/grocery store/wherever!

Thats all for this week. Stay tuned for various updates, posts, and maybe a new look (I am trying really hard, but I am no good at web design)


Home Remedies

Happy Thursday everybody! Today, I have some tips for how to feel better when your body is against you! I figured that these things happen to everybody and since these are all symptoms I am helping you treat, then this time of year would be perfect for it (seeing as how lots of people get sick this time of year). These are all things that an be easily done in your own home!

~Ginger Ale: Everybody knows that ginger helps an upset stomach. Ginger ale is what many people go right for when their stomach is angry. When ginger ale is nowhere to be found, however (at a restaurant or a convenience store), you can make your own! Just get Sierra Mist and Pepsi (or their coke counter parts). You fill the glass up mostly with Sierra Mist, then a splash of Pepsi, and you have ginger ale. I was skeptical of this at first, but I really found that this worked! Give it a try before you discount it.

~Baby Wipes: Immodium can only help so much when you have diarrhea. It helps in stopping it, sure. However, you are still left with the pain. Baby wipes are gentle and a better alternative to toilet paper (especially in this case). It really helps to take the pain away and isn't that expensive!

~Exercise: Light exercise gets your heart rate up and increases your metabolism. This means that whatever is making you feel ill will get processed faster! Exercise is also a good idea in general. Get in shape and fix a stomach ache? Sign me up!

~Vinegar: I was surprised to learn all the amazing things vinegar can do. This site has just a small list of things vinegar can do. It can also get rid of athletes foot, reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, and reduce muscular fatigue. AMAZING! There are still more things it can do!

~Cinnemon: Similarly to vinegar, cinnemon is amazing! Here are just some of the things it can do!

~Sports Drinks: So anybody who has experianced a hangover knows how much it sucks! Hangovers are no more than severe dehydration. Sports drinks hydrate better than water alone. So, sports drinks will make you feel better. Also, don't use Ibuprofen if you have a hangover headache. Ibuprofen attacks the liver (in the same way aprin attack stomachs). Trying that could result in hospitalization.

Anybody else have home remedies that they swear by?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween in 3 days!

Happy Wednesday! So Halloween is closing in on us...and FAST! The other night at work, I had some people come in and ask me for some cheap, last minute ideas for some costumes. Well, I got inspired! Here are the things I came up with!

Homer Simpson: A recognizable costume. For this, all you need is an (over-sized depending on your body type) white shirt, blue pants, and a bald cap, and maybe some pillows (depending on if you need to fill out an over-sized shirt). If you don't have these items, they are easily found at thrift stores. Bonus points for either a can of Buzz Cola, or a can of Duff Beer (you can find novelty cans that have a deck of playing cards in them)

Philip Fry: Slightly less recognizable (Futurama wasn't as popular I believe), but just as easy to do. White shirt, blue pants, and a red jacket. Bonus points if you have a can of Slurm (same deal with homers cans) and/or the crazy orange hair.

Fairy (Girls): Froofy skirt (hot topic has really cute skirts in many colors), any kind of top (plain shirt, printed, whatever. I use my hot pink tinkerbell shirt), tights, and wings (threadbanger has an AMAZING tutorial for how to make your own if you don't have the money to buy your own. These are really cute and aparently, more durable than store-bought. I highly recommend this)

Fairy (Guys): green shorts and shirt. Really, just try to look as much like Peter Pan as possible. I would still recommend the wings because when people think of fairies, they think of wings.

Zombie: Zombies are pretty popular, so I figured why not!?!? Take a pair of pants and any shirt you own (make sure it isn't nice clothing that you would still want to wear). Cut some holes in them and toss them in the mud. You might also want to get some zombie make-up (seeing as how your skin looks too alive for a zombie)

A friend: This is for somebody who has none of the above available to them and literally no money (or somebody who was looking for an excuse to wear their friends clothes). This can be either for a guy or a girl (just make sure you can get the hair similar). Just raid a friends closet and put together an outfit that they would wear. Consider the pieces carefully and don't put things together your friend wouldn't. If you are a guy dressing like a girl, find some way to give yourself a chest (find a bra and lots of tissue would be my suggestion). Girls going as guys, find a way to minimize your chest (sports bras work great). If that is not available to you, then just wear one of your friends larger shirts (or a jacket over it).

Lolita: If you have the time/money, you can always make yourself a lolita dress. There are many styles, but I highly recommend looking on ebay for Chii costumes to get inspired. You can always keep t his in mind for next Halloween!

I hope this helps anybody who was stuck for ideas!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I Love Thursday ( x2)

Hello my beautiful people in the world! I hope you have had as good a week as I have! To cut to the chase, here is my TILT list!

My parents new puppy: I'll start with the biggie first. She is currently a 10 week old golden retriever. She has 2 names. My parents call her QTPi (3.14159). I don't think this is original because a few years ago, my dad got my mom a hoodie with that for christmas. Since I clearly dislike the name, I call her Satsu (the Japanese name for sugar). She is so cute and playful I can't take it! Let me explain the pictures!
1. My dad took a picture of me at the same time (his camera had a flash). No idea why there is a line, but I think it's cool!
2. Sleepy puppy with toy on her head!
3. Spawled out sleepy puppy!!!
4. Trying on her Halloween costume!

Low Ropes Courses: So, for my Organizational behavior class, we went to a low ropes course today. For those who don't know what that means, they are team building exercises, usually located in the woods, that are low to the ground. I have always loved these because I love anything that is like a puzzle. The one exercise was called "The Spiders Web". It is a giant net that involved passing people through the holes. There is a bit more to it, but it is really just tedious. I always find amusement in these activities!

Tests: I love the feeling of being done with a test. I don't like the stress and most of my classes are not too fun. It also doesn't help that I was never good at taking tests. The feeling of relaxation, like a huge burden has been lifted, is so amazing words cannot even begin to describe it!

Meeting up with people you haven't seen in a while: So today is the tri-state race for many of the cross country runners in the area. I was there volunteering for class (I got to wave cars into the parking lot...) and I got a chance to run into my old coach! She is a nice person, and very fair to her runners, however I always ended up getting injured in one way or another...She also coached my older brother and sent regards to him. Isn't that sweet???

Covet: So, I discovered this while writing my TILT list today, and in theory, it is amazing. Updates to come about this. What it does is analyzes you wardrode taste and breaks it down into different sub catagories (I am edge hobo/eclectic). You then put in what you like and don't like in clothing (color preference, patterns, and cut), what brands you like and dislike, and a price limit per each catagorie. It then sends you e-mails based on your profile about what kind of stuff is available. Because I am in college, I don't have much money (so I put my spending limit really low). Lets see how this goes!

New iPhone skins: So, loving Hello Kitty as much as I do, it seems natural for me to have a Hello Kitty phone skin. Now, I also love Target. I find such amazing stuff there. This time it is the previously mentioned skin. It was also really cheap ($10 compared to $ 30 from any AT&T or Apple store). also, who can beat black/pink???

Having a Microwave: Over the summer, my microwave exploded. I haven't been able to use it since and for the longest time, I kept forgetting to mention it to my rental agency. I finally did, and I have a working microwave. Because of that, I had to get rid of my hamster (I wasn't technically allowed to have him in the first place...). I can have popcorn now, which I am excited about!

Drinks: So Garrett and I have been experimenting with a different kinds of beer. It is always fun and exciting to try something new. I tried an import called Framboise and it tastes like raspberries! YUMMY!!! There is also a variety pack the I have tried recently. I can't remember the name, but the box looks like a treasure chest (mad props) and the beers have boating/pirate related names (more props). The awesomeness doesn't end at the packaging with this beer. All the beers have really smooth tastes. Even the hoppy beer didn't taste too overwhelming!
If you like Dwight from The Office, you will love this!

What made you smile this week?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips for Dog Traning

My parents recently got a new puppy. Our previous puppy left this world back in June, and my parents felt their lives a bit empty. They felt that getting a new puppy was the solution (she will make an appearence this week, PROMISE)! I started thinking of how to train dogs to be good (I have seen many dogs that are not well behaved). This site offeres a lot of help for how to train a dog while making use of their instincts.

To break it down a bit, here is what I got out of the little bit that I read:
~Make the dog come to you when its hungry. Pup goes to its mom when it is hungry, so why should it not come to you? It is all about survival (it might sound cruel, but it's not)
~Crating a dog gives you pup a place to call its own (security), plus you get to keep your nice stuff looking...nice!

There is a lot of interesting information on that site. It doesn't offer much in the lines of nutrition, so here is a thread from somethingawful that is pretty comprehensive. It has a list of ingredients to avoid, ingredients you want to find, as well as brands that are considered good and bad for your pup. It is definatly worth the read!

My parents puppy will make her first official debut this Thursday (tilt!). You get to find out gender, name, breed, and see LOTS of pictures! YAY PUPPY!

Until next time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everybody! So I have had a pretty exciting week recently. Wanna know what happened?

Squat Body Weight: When lifting, any time you can perform some kind of lift at or above what you weigh is calls for some kind of bragging rights. It's hard and proof that you are sticking to your work-out. It is usually a good time for a reward! Squatting isn't that hard to lift body weight (lifts for body weight usually fall in the following order: dead lift, squat, bench press/military press)

Dips with no counter weight: A slightly different, but still commendable achievement (especially for girls). I have been so close to being able to do this for such a long time. I can only do 1 full set like this (8 reps), but within the next week or so I should be up to both sets! YAY STRONG!

Japan Club: Last night Japan Club helped sponsor a sushi demonstration. We got to learn a bit of the origin, as well as health benefits of vinegar (it is seriously magic!). Afterwards, we got to eat as much as we wanted (and request more of the kind we like). I tried this one that was considered "ancient" because they used a different vinegar for the rice. It was hollowed out squid with red rice inside. The single most terrifying piece of food I have ever seen and it was rather tasty (no picture available...sorry)

Corn Mazes: This weekend, I am taking my loving boyfriend to his first corn maze. We are going with a few friends from work and afterwards, I think we are heading back to my place to relax. Then comes breakfast, with heart shaped pancakes!!! I am SUPER Excited!

Not being Depressed: My schools counseling center sponsered a depression screening. You walk up, fill out a form, and then talk to somebody about what you put on your form. The guy I talked to was really nice (and cute!) and was saying that I have few symptons of stress! It is so amazing! I thought I had higher stress levels, but I guess I deal with it well! So cool!

Getting my microwave fixed: Tuesdays and Thursdays on my school are pretty crazy. In addition to the depression screening, there are many other tables set up trying to get people involved in this or that. One table was for my apartment. The leasing manager/land lady was there so I got to talk to her! I keep forgetting to mention my microwave to her so I thought she wouldn't believe my story. Apartently, I am not the only one to have a malfunctioning microwave. It is going to be replaced for free! I can make popcorn again! YAY!!!

Going Home: I live an hour away from my home, so I don't go down there often (partly because I don't have time and partly because I don't want to). Garrett and I have a few things we need to do at our respective homes, so that means this weekend, we are heading down that way. For me, this means I can collect more shoes that are in my closet! There is also the added benefit of getting all my warm clothes and such...

Fall Break: Like spring break, but in the fall...and shorter. It's a mid-semester break for the brains of all the students to not fry and fizzle out.

PAULA-CHAN!!!: Paula was training at the Taco Bell I work at (she is a manager for a different one) and she is hands down the favorite manager of everybody...and I got her cell number. Now I can bug her whenever! It shall be AWESOME!!!

For the win. Yay middle cat!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (another late one)

HAPPY OCTOBER! Here is my weekly Tilt list. It has been a rather exciting week for me, so I hope you enjoy!

October: It is now October. For me, this means a month of wearing Halloween costumes as regular clothing. I mostly stay with darker colors, but I will bring a pop of pastel and bright in too. Mostly, I wear a long cloak instead of a coat (it is surprisingly warm!) or cat accessories (I have 4 sets of ears, 2 matching tales, a choker collar with a bell, and fingerless glove paws). I love Halloween and try to celebrate it as much as possible!

Weight loss: I have been tracking my weight fluctuation all throughout the month of September. My goal was to loose 3 pounds. I lost almost 5 pounds. All was done in a healthy way, and most of it was from fat. Many pairs of jeans are now getting to be rather loose. Who wouldn't get excited over that?(...maybe somebody who is underweight to begin with, in which case it is dangerous...)

Fingerless Gloves: I have been crocheting myself a pair of fingerless gloves. The yarn is a variegated teal and REALLY fuzzy. It is sure to keep my arms warm on the chilly Autumn days.

New wallet: I got a new wallet from Clair's earlier in the week. It was on clearance and is purple and glittery. I needed a new wallet so I can keep better track of my cards (I thought I had lost my drivers license). Now, I know where all my cards are! YAY!

Job Fair: So my school played host to one of these yesterday. I brought in my resume and went to a few tables that caught my eye. Enterprise seems like the one I would like to go to the most. If that falls through, I can always go to another one in the spring. I also got to see a friend of mine there and spent a good bit of time discussing video games and anime. I am such a dork, but it makes life fun!

Fixing my bathtub: My bathtub hasn't been draining properly since I moved in (over a year ago...) so I finally looked up what I could do about it. Turns out it was an easy fix and the drain was clogged with a TON of hair (ew...)! I love being able to fix things! Girls, don't think that because you have a boyfriend that he is also a handyman. Take the initiative and figure out the problem and try to fix it!

Puppies: I have been seeing so many dogs around campus. It is unreal and adorable. I met a black lab puppy who was 12 weeks old. The TINIEST 12 week old lab I have probably ever seen. He was so energetic and playful, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

New blog design: I have been working for a few weeks on how I want my blog to look. I can't afford to hire anybody, but I do have a friend who is an AMAZING artist. She draws everybody in "Chibi" form and it is SO CUTE! I can't wait for her new chibi of me to be done (or I may just use an older one she drew of me last year).

Wow, action packed week here (moreso than normal since I don't live the most exciting life). hope you enjoyed it! Same place, earlier time for next week!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lifting Essentials: A note about stimulants

In my last post, I commented on diet pills and that the drugs they used to possess are not allowed in diet pills anymore. I went on to say that you can still get them, just not together. I would like to give some warning about them from personal experience.

When I am taking Bronkaid and Caffeine, I find that I have no appetite, increased body temperature, and I constantly feel nauseous. I am not even taking the full daily dose (1 of each pill 3 times a day for 2 weeks) and I feel twitchy (and not in some kind of fun way) and like my heart is going to explode!

Now, I don't mean to scare anybody with this note. I am only saying that this is how I feel. My boyfriend also takes these pills (and he does the full dose) and feels no different than how he normally does. I would not recommend this if you are sensitive to stimulants.

Remember, my lifting posts are only for the purposes of informing, not scaring. I am sorry if I scare anybody with these posts.

More lifting information soon! My next article is on lifting attire!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Lifting Essentials 2: Myths and Facts of Weight Loss

OK, so many people (including myself) have at one point suffered from believing myths. I am going to set some of them straight!

Myth: Magazine diets actually work!
Fact: Magazine diets induce loosing muscle and water weight. It does nothing for fat loss and the second you stop the diet, you WILL gain every ounce back. Sorry, but fad diets don't work. Rule of thumb - If it sounds like it won't work (cereal diet, coffee and peanuts, etc.) it probably won't.

Myth: Diet pills actually induce fat loss!
Fact: This was at one point a true statement. The drugs used in diet pills that made them work before are banned because they actually worked (I still think its stupid that they were banned from diet pills). You can, however, still get your hands on these drugs. Caffeine and Ephedrine are still highly available in most drug stores and grocery stores (that have a pharmacy). Ephedrine must be purchased at the pharmacy section. It is under the name of Bronkaid. It is also helpful if you have some breathing problems (it is actually used for asthma). Don't worry about needing a prescription. It is the same kind of deal for getting sudafed.

Myth: you can target fat loss by working only the muscles in that area.
Fact: Fat is gained evenly all over your body. Fat is lost in t he same way. You don't want to end up with one part of your body REALLY strong, and the rest pathetically weak, do you?

Myth: I'm a girl, so I need to lift low weights on high reps so I don't get bulky.
Fact: Girls gain muscle at a much slower rate and don't have the risk of becoming body builder bulky. Most women in body building competitions take testosterone supplements to become that bulky. Lift like a guy and see the amazing results. I am a girl who lifts like this, and I can already see the difference! I don't see bulk, I see a natural, sexy tone!

Myth: Machine lifts are just as good as free weights!
Fact: Machine lifts actually don't allow the same amount of motion. You really are cheating yourself by only doing machine lifts. Free weights are more intimidating, but most people in gyms are more than happy to help you out with form and as being a spotter. You always want to do research on your form so that you don't end up hurting yourself (I used to do hyper extentions by arching my back ALL the way up and ended up with a lot of back pain. I started going high enough to make my back even and the pain stopped).

Myth: Running is a good way to loose weight!
Fact: This gets exagerated so much. Running is a good aid to weight loss. There are many different kinds of running you can do (ex: distance training, interval training, etc.) Running is more effective, however, if paired with wight lifting.
Tips for running: Don't run on tredmills, concrete or other very hard surfaces, sand and other extremely soft surfaces. Cushioned tracks and grass are the best places to run as they won't induce knee injury (take my word for this, I learned this the hard way...)

Stay tuned for the next Lifting Essentials. Sorry for the delay between the first and this edition. I didnt feel qualified to write on a topic I wasn't taking part in (I stopped lifting over the summer)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

Ok, so despite a lot of frustration, I have still managed to pull together some form of a TILT this week. YAY! Also, I have decided to combine TILT and Youtube game together! YAY LAZY!!! So, here it is!

Big bunnies: I LOVE large breeds of rabbits. It's like "my bunny can beat up your dog"! IT'S HILARIOUS! Not to mention adorable!

Shoes: Specifically, a pair of teal and purple pumps I got over the summer. The last time I wore them was in July when I went to see Les Miserables. Well, the nubby on one of the heels came off and I have been afraid of wearing them ever since. I think you would agree with me that not breaking a neck is a good thing. I found out recently that if you take it back to where you bought it from, they SHOULD be able to fix it for you. More on this as it develops...

Reuniting with friends: So my boyfriend is going to a career fair tomorrow at RMU. I have friends that go there that I haven't seen in such a long time. I am going to see if I can hang out with them. If yes, YAY! if not, I will go to a mall that is close by and get a manicure or something...

Boxata: moldy parfait + empty sofa box + a piece of tape + a stick + a stairwell. Confused? My brother is the one who endorsed this video.

Now, some things you may notice:
~the arcade game: My brother goes to RIT which is a school for the tech savvy. Many people who go there enjoy video games. So, in the dorms, it makes sense for them to have it. They also have SOAP (a shower-radio system) and I believe a vending machine that you have to go online to use(?)
~multiple odor eliminators: because that is what you need when cleaning up moldy parfait bits that get smacked everywhere...Some of the faces my brother makes in this are really funny (especially the ones that involve the stench).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday! (With Pictures!!!)

Although I don't feel well, I am feeling oddly festive. I also think visual stimulation will help me out. I am going to mostly let the pictures do the talking and let you, the awesome readers, decode the meaning! Note: Some may have multiple meanings, many that I haven't thought about.

I couldn't help myself with the Japanese Hello Kitty flag! TOO CUTE!

SOO much fluffy! who could NOT love this?

I didn't want to add too much stuff on top of the back ground out of its sheer awesomeness!

Because Oolong the bunny will be (and has been for years) missed.

I made all but the Oolong collage. All images were found in Google image search. I do not own these and I borrowed (without asking...sorry). If the owners find the images here and want picture credit, let me know and it shall be done.

have fun untangling (or not) my tilt list!

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Explaination as to My Absence

Alrighty now, So I haven't posted in almost 2 whole weeks. EEEK!!! Why is that you say? Well, as I said in my first post, this blog is about my transformation into being a better me. I felt myself slipping back into some old patterns (being grumpy and unmotivated) and felt that that wasn't much to be posting about. It was me taking a few steps backwards and that just doesn't make any sense. However, I want to show that I have been feeling love (if only recently), so here is a belated TILT and Youtube Game!

Upcoming Concert: I have been a huge Styx fan since I was 8. My parents would take me to so many concerts without me even knowing. The biggest thrill of all was back in 2003 When Styx was touring with Journey and REO Speedwagon. I love them all and it was an amazing time. I haven't been to a Styx concert (or any concert in fact) since 2003. My boyfriend took pity on this and we went to STYX World to see if there was any upcoming concerts. It turns out that in early November, they will be in Youngstown, Ohio (Only about an hour from where I am)!!! My boyfriend and I got tickets and we will be going. I got the tickets in the mail and didn't open them until a few days after (I only saw that it was addressed to Garrett, and thought I shouldn't open it). When I looked at the ticket, I was surprised to see REO on there. I am so excited that anybody who walks by can feel it!

Garrett is on my lease: So the people I lease my apartment from are complete scum bags! My boyfriend only has a semester to go before graduation. The only way he can lease for a semester is if he lives with somebody who is leasing for a year. I have a bit yet before I can graduate, so I am staying for the year. They found out that Garrett was staying with me and were going to turn us into the magistrate...not too pleasant. My mom (co-signer) actually consented to having him put on the lease. YAY!!!

Prospect of dying my hair: So, because I have a job, I can only do things that they "approve of". I can't have any visible piercings except for in my ears (and there are restrictions for that too...), and I only recently asked about hair colors. I was told by one manager I can have no more than 2 colors (and I am talking unnatural hair coloring here...who would know if my hair was dyed if I went with 4 or 5 different natural colors that looked nice all together). I tried confirming it with my GM and she was unsure, so she is finding out for me today. YAY!!! However, I have to wait until I go in (the soonest might be Wednesday). BOO!!!

Bangles: I love the skinny bangle braceletes, but I am very picky about my colors. I was suprised to see the colors I wanted in Walmart. 20 braceletes (in 8 silver, 6 teal, and 6 purple) for $6! Who can beat that??? I wear them all the time!

Working out again: So over the summer, because of work and limited summer hours for my gym, I had very little opportunity to work out. Not that I minded because I don't like the act of working out. I do, however, LOVE the fact that my older brother is intimidated by me. I did end up gaining back some weight in the months that I haven't worked out. However, I dropped almost all of the weight I gained back in almost 2 weeks. It took me months to loose that weight before. I am well on my way to getting to my goal weight! That is what I love!

Because who doesn't love cats being silly?

Monday, August 31, 2009

YouTube Game + PSA

So, everybody has seen this video of prison inmates doing the Thriller dance. I stumbled on another video similar. This dance appears in an anime called "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" I found another video of prison inmates performing the same dance! How funny??? Yay stumbling on awesomeness!!!

PSA: School has officially started for me and because of this, I will have more structure to my schedule. This means more posts, lifting updates (I took most of the summer off from lifting) with pictures, and Daily Outfit posts (because I think some of my outfits are really cute and I would love to share them)!

I will post more information about lifting, and on the first of the month, I will post Progress Pictures. These are a good way of showing yourself (and bragging to others) just how far you have come! So, expect pictures tomorrow!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Wow, another week has gone by, and another TILT is here! Lets see what is on tap this week!

School Starting: This may seem odd. Summer vacation is full of free time,part time work, and hanging out with friends until crazy hours of the night. Why would I want school to start again? Well, for one thing, school means classes, which eventually translate into a degree. I am one step closer to a career with every class I take. Another thing is that I get to meet new people (incoming freshman) and hang out with friends who don't stay up here over the summer.

Lush: My brother finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (birthday was back in April). I finally picked it up a few days ago and used it today. He got me Rock Chick. It smells like an explosion at a candy factory (with vanilla and cotton candy)!!! My only complaint is that I think I need to use the entire bubble bar for a decent bubble bath. I don't have that kind of money (or time to enjoy a long enough bath to warrent a new bubble bar each time)

Clean Laundry: The warmth of dryer fresh sheets and towels and the freshness of your favorite shirt is enough to make anybody want to do laundry more often. If you are like most college students, you don't get to do this as frequently as you would like. The main reason is the lack of quarters (which is why I had to put off laundry for so long. Clean laundry is so awesome!

Sunny D: It has such a sweet taste, it can easily overpower the taste of any vodka. Thus, making for a yummy drink!

Magazines: So I have purchased 5 different fashion magazines. I guess the style book that Gala suggested to make utilizes all the ads. Personally, they get in the way of the various articles. If I had the money to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, I might. They have so many cool style tips, make-up advice, and ways to stretch your budget (but it only seems to work for people with careers). I think I will save up my money and check out their websites.

At home beauty tips: This doesn't only need to apply to girls. Soft skin is always in style, no matter your sex. I will write an article on just that very soon.

Tastie snacks!: Wheat thins are so easy to open up and just start munching. before you know it, the box is EMPTY! They are so yummy! Also, Pizza bites are amazing! My boyfriend and I can each eat one of those large bags if we really wanted too (we almost need to get 2 different bags when we do get them because he prefers the triple pepperoni which is too spicy for me.

Booties: I only saw these for a while on iCing. Now, they are turning up everywhere and I LOVE them. However I don't have a lot of money...

Henna: So, I am going back to red for a while, once I get everything I need to dye my hair. I am going for a natural route that won't leave my hair damaged and brittle. Henna is supposed to condition your hair as it dyes it. shinier hair BECAUSE of color? Hello, sign me up! No matter how many chemical dyes say they condition, they still do a fair bit of damage to hair. The only thing with henna is that you can only go darker.

Bindis: What better way to add a spash of color and sparkle to your outfit than with a Bindi. Self-adhesive gems are perfect for spicing up an outfit. Also, they are CHEAP!!! Anybody who makes more than $20 a week and get some!

Wow, this seems like a long TILT for me. Guess I had an AMAZING week!

So, what has made you smile?


Youtube Game

Hey Hey! Ready for a daily dose of FUN? Who isn't? And, the youtube game of the week is: A GAME! Yes, a series of youtube videos that form a game. The object? Find Sparta, the owners cat. He is a silly cat with many hiding places. Ready to start? Click Here!

Good Luck!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Ok, so I have had kind of an exciting week! So many things so smile about, where to begin!?!

Making cheap vodka taste like expensive vodka: I have heard this before, forgot about, and was reminded of it last week. Take some really cheap vodka and any water filter pitcher. Filter the vodka a few times and taste the difference. I was skeptical about it at first, but it really takes away the harsh bite! AMAZING!

Fuzzy pajama pants: So I am always cold. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I'm cold. I can't even explain it, but temperatures that most people find warm can feel that I am cold to the touch. To combat this when I am lounging at home, I wear my winter pajama pants (blue, fuzzy, and amazing)! When people come over and look at me, they think I've gone crazy or something. Sucks to be them being all cold and without fuzziness.

Working in Drive-Thru over summers: I cannot tell you how many people come through with cute (and not so cute) dogs. I even had a family come through with the family rabbit. Awesome? Indeed!

My family feeding into my LUSH addiction: Before I went on my cruise at the end of June, I made my first visit into a Lush store. I came out with 2 bars of soap, a free cream sample, body glitter message bar, and a hangover emotibomb. My brother just finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (my birthday is in April, but I'm used to getting b-day gifts into September because people never know what to get me). My mom also announced that she is getting me some stuff for X-Mas, along with a gift card to I can just go in myself and get more stuff! I like lush stuff, but i like it even more when I can go in and smell everything and decide if it is indeed what I want.

Free Kennywood tickets. For those who do not live around Pittsburgh, Kennywood is the local amusement park. It isn't like Hershey Park or Cedar Point, but it has a lot of charm, and many memories. My parents got us enough tickets to go as a family, but with my brother living in another state, and both of us finding it difficult to get home at all, let alone at the same time, we cannot go as a family. My bother said right out that he won't be able to use the tickets, and my mom said it was cool if I go separate from them (so at least the tickets to in fact get used). My brother gave his ticket to me and Garrett and I are going there on our own. SCORE!

"Random" visits from managers from other stores. We had a manager from a different store for a while. I don't quite know why, and I am far too lazy to inquire. All I know is that she is awesome (she taught my how to make mock ginger ale). She is really fun and easy to talk to. I haven't gotten to see her much because she left for her original store. She pops in periodically for manager meetings and for trading items. I MISS YOU PAULA!!!

My hamster: I have the weirdest hamster. He is so cute, but odd. He climbs up the sides of his home to get to the second floor (where his food is), sleeps ontop of his home, behind his wheel, on the back stand for his wheel, and occasionally buries himself next to his wheel. He is a little fatty, weird as all hell, but I love him!

Flirting with other girls: I have been doing this on and off since high school and I have found it to be quite amusing, not so much the actual flirting, but seeing the reactions from other people...either those involved or spectators. I don't mean for this to come off as offensive. I just think some of the reactions provoked are amusing.

I thought I had more, but I am finding it hard to think of anything. Oh well. Maybe I will remember for next week. Remember, Think happy thoughts!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Youtube Game

Ok, so I have spent very little time on youtube this week. So to make this post easy, anything by Parry Gripp is AWESOME! So cute (some)

and funny it's amazing

So many cute animals eating! Who can say no?

Not so cute, but HILARIOUS!!!

If this doesn't make you go "awww..." I don't know what will!

This is so cute it makes me want to cry!

Parry Gripp has his own site here
You can get all of his cute hits there! Sadly no video. YAY YOUTUBE!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

So, iCing just had its 100th TILT this week. Gala said to make it big, so lets see what I can do!

Making Perler Bead Sprites: I go to anime conventions (I call them cons) sell perler bead sprites (I have a deviant art where I will post lots of pictures). My last con, I sold quite a bit and I need to restock the supply of sprites. I am making sprites in poses that we (my boyfriend and I) didn't have before. I miss making these things. They are easy to make, and I can do it while watching my favorite movies! Who doesn't love watching their favorite movies!?

Going to visit Garretts mom: She works at a bar and is really fun. She always is getting us food. Also, she is always getting me to try a new new beer (I like trying new things). I also got to hang out with her ex-boyfriend. We had many laughs over Fail pictures. It was SOO much fun!!!

Plush Backpacks: They are so cute! Not a lot of people wear them and they get a TON of attention! Try to find them in your favorite characters!

Hats: Again, cute. There are so many different kinds of hats that there must be some style for everybody.

Cuddly Cats: So there are 2 cats at Garrett's moms place. There is this MEAN cat who belongs on here, and a really sweet kitty. The nice kitty has been converted recently to an outdoor cat (sad). When he is around, he flops so much (and today, he gave me love bites). He is so cute and sweet. I love him and want to take him home!

Getting more hours at work: So a girl got fired recently. She was not reliable at all and couldn't learn the register after more than 2 months. Nobody liked her and she wasn't smart (and was a bit of a whore-wannabe because she wanted t sleep with half the guys who worked with her). I got one of her shifts and it's nice because I need more hours.

Painting Warhammer minis: Warhammer is game based around minis (miniature plastic or metal figurines). They are really detailed and fun to paint. I just got more minis primed and ready to paint. EXCITEMENT!

Slinky: C'mon! Who doesn't love the original slinky? It makes such a delightfully hypnotic sound and it is mesmorizing!

Posting on Thursday: Holy crap! A TILT on THURSDAY! Sheesh! I have had such a hard time posting when I want to. Jeez!

Stay tuned for more posts


Monday, August 10, 2009

Youtube Game

So it's Monday. The start of another week. You just had a fun weekend partying with friends, shopping, or just doing stuff you like (unless you work at a fast food place and work weekends like I do). Summer is winding down and many of us are back to school. Right now, more than ever, is a depressing time of the year (unless going back to school means being liberated from family, like in my case). Either way, we can all use a good laugh. So, I propose the Youtube game. It is simple: hop onto youtube, do a search, and click various related videos and see how far away it takes you from your original post (or just check out all the funny stuff that you get).

On one of these rounds, I started by looking for cute animal videos (I like looking for animal videos), and these are some of the results:

Ok, that is kinda sad, but I laugh SO MUCH at this video.

This video is so cute and sweet! Also, Muffy is my absolute FAVORITE! Check out her awesome personality!

Ok, so check for this every week for some new awesome hilarious videos. Post your own too. It is fun to share videos that you find!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

So it's a bit late again, however I haven't had working internet in my apartment for about a week now. This would also explain the lack of other posts recently. So, here is my list of awesomeness for the week!

Finding beer I actually like: So, I have been drinking more beer recently. It hasn't been terrible because it's wheat beer (I got a raspberry flavored one, but I couldn't taste any raspberry). It doesn't have that horrible bitterness associated with most beers, but it is a good way to relax after a ton of unnecessary work-related stress.

Hanging out with my boyfriends mom: So, she works in a bar, and is now constantly asking me if I want something to drink. She also is constantly feeding us, and last time I went down to that area, she offered me one of her cats (the mean one who left a scar on my hand...but it's the thought that counts). She treats me like I am family, which is awesome!

Kennywood: Ok, so anybody from around the Pittsburgh area knows of the amusement park Kennywood. It is just a bit of local flavor, and it's a very small park. It is fun though and has lots of fun rides. My mom has some tickets to go, but it is hard to organize for all of us to meet and go (my brother is going to school in New York and my managers are jerks when it comes to calling off). Because my brother might not be able to go, she told me that she was going to maybe just give me 2 of the tickets and I can just go on a day I choose with my lover boy!

Going through old music in iTunes: I have a different computer hooked up at my apartment (the one without all my music) I fully plan on going through it and picking out some classic tunes to listen to (having only the same few artists and albums to listen to can get boring quickly). All of my awesome Japanese music is on there, plus a slew of other stuff I can't even remember. I also have some awesome CDs that I need to rip onto my computer and put onto my iPhone (can you say "spice girls"? I know they aren't that great, but it is hilarious to listen too).

Crocheting: I love all kinds of crafts (and soon will be making an etsy account). I have recently started crocheting again. I am in the middle of the floppy beret and it is AWESOME! Garrett also said that he wants to learn how to crochet because he wants to make me a scarf! That is ADORABLE! He even picked up this giant thing of yarn so that he knows he will have enough.

Breakfast: Yummy cereal and turkey bacon? Who can say no to that? Also, omeletes are pretty amazing...if only I had eggs in my fridge. I cannot start doing anything without breakfast! Without it, I get REALLY grumpy (and that isn't a good thing with an Irish temper).

Upcoming Fall Fashion: So I looked up up the the lastest fall trends. I don't typically do that kind of stuff, but did it anyway for laughs. Fashionising has some amazing articles about what will be in. I am pleased to see that cloaks and capes are in fashion! I have had a cloak in my closet since high school and wear it all the time in october. I figure that is the only month I can get away with it with the fewest amount of jerk comments (but those comments still don't deter me from wearing what I love). I also like the new boots that are coming in. They are SEXY!

Renesme: My friend got a kitten a few days ago and names it Renesme (she is a huge twilight girl). This kitty is so cute, small, and playful! She was found at Macy's (I forget which mall it was at) and my friend took her in. She has been saying it is "her cat". She has always wanted a kitty like her. YAY FINDING LOVE!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness! (I have a number to call now to get my internet working again, so my next post WILL BE SOON! I promise!)

Lots of Love!!!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (just a bit late)

Ok, so getting on a computer is sometimes difficult for me. Yesterday was one of those days where I was busy at work and running errands that I was unable to get to. SO! Here is my TILT!

Hanging out with the people I work with. I work with a fun bunch of people! They get along with so many people (and I know the people they don't get along with). Talking about fashion, shows, and general insanity is always humorous!

Clearence Sales!!! I got this AMAZING purse at Target for only $6!!! can you believe that? It is bright blue and awesome! It was originally supposed to be $30! LUCKY!!!!

Cleaning hamster cage. This sounds a bit odd, and I know it. The act of cleaning the cage isn't all that entertaining, HOWEVER, Maestro ( hamsters name) is so cute when his cage gets cleaned. He usually does laps climbing up his cage (then falling down). I love my hamster! Cutest and weirdest hamster ALIVE!

Looking through unused cosmetics. I have a basket of avon stuff I got at a wedding shower last summer. There is some stuff in there that I have used (mostly nail polish). Turns out I had shave gel and a hair removal cream. Sweet Deal!

Being asked to host a Twilight Party. Now, I am not particularly a fan of Twilight (I don't agree with any of the sparkling at all because vampires DO die in direct sunlight), but I get to hang out with more people I work with, plus consume baked goods (which I am not supposed to have because of my diet, but screw that! cake!!!). Good times shall be had by all!

Thats it for this weeks tilt! Tune in next week for things that have made me smile!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lifting Essentials 1

So I go into the gym, and every time I see a slew of people doing exercises wrong, or doing a useless workout. Everything I see is absolutely ridiculous! Here are some tips for in the gym

Clothing: Loose, comfortable shirt, stretchy pants or capris (I recommend not wearing shorts for a variety of reasons, but the main one is because it is physically painful for certain exercises), and the proper shoes. I wear converse low tops because I have a lot of ankle mobility, and I am not fighting against a lot of cushion for some of my exercises. Don't go and get really stylish clothing for the gym. It makes you stand out and it looks ridiculous and is not necessary at all (there is a girl at my gym that dresses like an '80s music video dancer).

Knowledge: Know what you are doing, how to do it, any why you are doing it. Before trying a new exercise, look up videos of how to do it. ExRx is a great place to see how an exercise is done properly. It also gives a nice description of what it does and breakdown of how to do it (the videos are small and in black and white, making them hard to see). It shows you perfect form so you can see EXACTLY how to do it. Youtube is a bit spotty with these kinds of ends up mostly being videos of people showing off how much they can lift (usually with not very good form). However, good lifting videos DO EXSIST on Youtube. I found one for bench press and the guy talked everything through. It was amazing!

A spotter: Not only is it safer to have a spotter, they can tell you how to improve your form (assuming they know what the proper form is). Don't risk it and rely on your own strength. Don't cheat yourself and not do as much as you know you can if your spotter isn't there. If you can't have your normal spotter, ask around in your gym. Most people there are more than happy to help another in need!

Water: Being properly hydrated eneables you to lift more and it prevents you from being really dizzy. I cannot stress enough the importance of proper hydration. Years ago, I ran cross country. Our coach always told us that if you are only 10% dehydrated (which would not sure in your urine), you would be about 15 seconds slower. If that is what 10% does, then I don't want to know how what happens when its more than 10%...

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more lifting essentials (I didn't want to overwhelm everybody)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Make it your own!

Wow, so it has been a long time since I made a real post. Not a lot has happened...working mostly and not being around a computer has contributed to a lack of new posts. Also, finishing up Final Fantasy 6 is eating up most of my free time. Having a few friends over tonight just to hang out (all people I work with, plus their significant other and kids). I WILL get back on track with posting though! Now, for your feature presentation:

I bought myself a new purse! It is bright blue and awesome. I think that I can make it more me...more personalized. I like to modify things by adding something to it. So, I went to a few craft stores (Joanns, Michaels, and a local bead shop) and picked up a few charms (mostly heart shaped ones since my focal piece is a large purple heart). Now, I know how to weave some chain mail (a basic European 4-in-1). I am going to make a diamond shaped 4-in-1 and at the base of it, attach the main heart. I will learn how to make one of the many styles of cord and attach the rest of the charms. All of this is going on the large ring that attaches to the purse strap. Project finished!

Find something you like and make it your own. Modifying stuff isn't that hard. All you need are a few tools and a sourse of inspiration. Google can be your friend. Many other people modify lots of stuff and you can just look at what they did, and try to re-create it. Give it a try! If you are hesitant, try a practice run (or don't do modification that involves cutting).


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's that time of week again! The day where I relive all the awesomeness of the past week!

Seeing Les Miserable. Ok, so navigating through Pittsburgh is nothing short of hell. I usually end up crying from stress. The traffic around the theater was deadlocked, so my boyfriend let me out so I at least can see the beginning of the show (he has seen it twice now). He drove around for another 40 minutes before he found a parking garage with an open spot. He was so frustrated and tired when we got there (and sad that he missed his favorite song)

Being told that you are the only one working who didnt drive the manager crazy...more of the people working that night were being loud and unruly. I was the only quiet "normal" one.

Painting Warhammer minis. Warhammer appeals to both my boyfriend and myself. Garrett loves board games of all kinds. He also loves how different we can make the game. I love it because I love anything that involves crafts. I am not good at painting, but I love it anyways. Painting in such detail on those small figures is impressive and I applaud those who can do it well.

Watching The Office. I love the Pam/Jim thing is so cute! Also, the Dwight/Jim thing is HILARIOUS! I like when Jim convinces Dwight that it's Friday (it is supposed to be Thursday)

Hanging out with tattoo artists. They are really cool guys, although a bit intimidating. They are fun to talk to. They are also very friendly and enjoyable people.

Being done with classes. When I was in the middle in classes, I got no hours at work and I was just very stressed in general because of tests and projects. I just really like having time to myself and for relaxing. I will finally get around to my bubble bath!

Savannah cats! These things are totally awesome! They are larger than most cats (about as big a medium to large size dog), they LIKE water, and are really curious about anything that you do. They are so cute and silly. They jump REALLY high (they can easily chill on top of a fridge without having to jump on anything...just floor to fridge top). The only down side is that they are one of the most expensive breed of cat...($6,000-$21,000 for an "f1" which is mostly wild cat so they are bigger).

I think it's good to think about all the good things that happen. When I think about all the good things that happen, then I take focus off of all the negative things that have been happening. I find that I have been happier since I have started doing this. It really does help.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend (and it's not even over!)

Ok, Friday started as any other day really. Got up, went to class, got picked up and went to work. Read a few hours (since I ALWAYS show up early on days I work), then clock in. Deal with the various stresses of work, come home and relax. Well, after I got home to relax, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. The end result was that I wanted to kill myself and we slept separately that night.

Cue Saturday morning. Wake up and surf the internet for a bit. I have recently been reading up on eft (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how it can be used to heal your body of many things (what research I have done shows that it can do amazing things, like cure what medicine cannot). I have many negative things in my life, just like anybody else. I was watching a few videos (with headphones on) when My boyfriend finally came down to talk to me. I decided I wouldn't let him know what I was up to because if ever there was a skeptic, it would be him. He realized that that his reactions were comepletely uncalled for, and wanted to go through with what we had planned for the day (he got me tickets a few weeks ago to see Les Miserable at the Benedum (in Pittsburgh)). He was so much nicer and sweeter than the night before (and was making sure to be extra kind and was holding me a lot which helps me calm down)

The show wasn't until much later in the evening, and we had some errands to run. I picked up a medication from the drug store and we went to his house to drop stuff off and pick up a few things. When we got to his house, he got a call from his mom asking to stop by where she works (currently, she is helping renovate the bar she works at). We get there, and she gives us really yummy food and offers me a beer. Now, at this point, I have tried a few beers and haven't found one that I actually like. Yesterday, however, she finds one that I actually would tolerate for an evening (I have been forced to tolerate beer before because that was what we had bought, but this beer was much better). It was an apricot wheat beer, and it was a lot milder than other beers because of the wheat. I was just really shocked that I found a beer that is closer to me liking something.

Nothing really special happened the rest of the night. City traffic sucked and my boyfriend let me out of the car and gave me a ticket to the show so that I wouldn't miss the beginning. He went on to try and find a parking garage and was about a half hour late for entering the show (he had seen it twice before though, so he knows what happened).

I just think that it was weird how we started out in the middle of a fight and went to really happy (and me having the slightest of buzzes...).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This I Love Thursday!

I have been taking part in this for the past several weeks on Gala's site, but I always felt a bit weird expanding it. Now, I can post as much as I want. This week, she assigned homework. Not just a regular "TILT" post, but an alphabetical one. So, here it is!

♥ A is for...Aoife Fae! This is the new name I want. Seriously, I want to change my name. This morning, I found out what I want to change it to. I looked for a site that had baby names and meanings. Aoife(pronounced EE-fe) means Beautiful/Radient. Fae means fairy. This is the closest name I have ever encountered that I feel is me! I'm excited and I am going to try it on!

♥ B is for...BELTS! I always see such nice outfits and really cute belts on people I see on campus or just walking around. This is the first I have actually seen that I fell in love with. I typically don't find much stuff at Forever 21 that I like. The website almost seems as messy as their store (I may have just had a bad experiance at the particular store I went to, but there were huge piles of clothing that didnt seem to be folded and at the racks, many of the hangers were just thrown onto the racks and trying to take down one item to look at it seems impossible).

♥ C is for...Chocolate. Really, who doesn't love chocolate? Everything about it is amazing. There are also so many different kinds of chocolate that there is something for everybody (personally, I enjoy dark chocolate, but I won't turn any of that away...I guess that is why I needed to start lifting...^_^)

♥ D is for...Dwight K. Schrute. The Office is such a funny show, and Dwight probably my favorite character. I know he is supposed to be the jerk, but he does it in such a funny way...usually while shoving food in his mouth.

♥ E is for...Eating. Food tastes so yummy, and it gives us the energy to live. Because we have this energy, we can do things and not be dome boring, cranky person.

♥ F is for...Forgetting lyrics. This may sound terrible of me, and I realize that. However, it is one of the most obvious indicator of whether or not a singer lip syncs or actually sings. Ayumi Hamasaki, one of my favorite J-pop singers, is ever. She is so cute when she forgets her lyrics (and her audience still loves her). She even shouts an apology at the end of the video. There is another video of her at a New Years count down a few years ago, and she forgets the lyrics for quite a long time, and just goes with it. The audience kept on singing and dancing and just had fun with everything!

♥ G is for...Google. I love being able to put in a ridiculous "how to..." question, and then getting so many hits. Not only hits in general, but accurate hits! I also like how it doesn't have all the annoying junk on the front page (see yahoo).

♥ H is for...Hats! I have had this hat since high school. It is missing a charm (it was a star), but I still love it! It's teal! It's soft (It is made of suede)! It's SUPER CUTE! If ever there was a "signature item" in my ward robe, it would be this little number!

♥ I is for...iPhone! They are so convenient. It's like a micro computer! Apple is so innovative and awesome! I would never want another phone in the world...except maybe a newer iPhone a few years down the road!

♥ J is for...Japan! I love more Japanese singers than American singers, I would rather watch a movie with Hiroki Narimiya (Nana (see N)) than Owen Wilson. The language is mysterious, beautiful, sexy, and awesome! I know so many nice people from Japan, and everything about the people, the language, the culture, and the pop-culture is so amazing and awesome!

♥ K is for...Kariza Wraps. I first found this little treasure when I went to Miami (yay cruise!). They are over priced for what they are if you go to one of the stands. I found them in many other shops in Key West, however the quality was terrible. Trying to find a color combination that I actually liked made this quest much more difficult. I ended up buying a few because even if the quality sucks, I would be able to still be able to use it as a pattern. They are simple in design and one wrap can be worn is so many different ways.

♥ L is for...Love! My boyfriend of 2.5 years. He is so sweet and puts up with so much of my crap. How can I not love him??? He got some of my technical stuff for this site to work properly. He is amazing, he's adorable (look at his picture!), and he's mine! He also smells REALLY nice!

♥ M is for...Molly. She is the best pup I know. She had to be put down a few weeks ago, and I am still coping with everything. She was 16.5 and very sick when she passed away. She stopped eating and even drink water. It was a very sad sight, but I love her. I will forever miss her. She was my little sister.

♥ N is for...Nana. I love this manga series so much! I cried so much at the end of it. It was also made into an anime (which I love!) and a movie (which I also love!!). The movie stars Mika Nakashima, an amazing j-pop singer with an air of "don't make me kick your ass"! She has an amazing voice and I love her style.

♥ O is for...Old English Sheepdogs! They are so cute, giant, fluffy, and playful!

♥ P is for...ParaKISS. From the same creator as Nana. I have drawn much inspiration from this anime. I even designed a piece of jewelry based on this show. AMAZING!!!!!

♥ Q is for...Quarters! I do my laundry at the facility provided by the leasing agency. Coin operated laundry is annoying, but I can clean all the clothing I want when I have a giant stack of quarters! They are more convenient than we realize!

♥ R is for...Roller coasters. I love going to amusement parks and riding all the rides I can, especially the ones my mom has dubbed "happy-go-pukey". My mom gets dizzy very easily from most rides...the result is the nickname.

♥ S is for...Sakura Trees. Possibly one of the beautiful things in existence.

♥ T is for...Tommy Shaw!!! I have been a Styx fan since I was 8. My parents took my brother and I all the way out to Albuquerque, New Mexico (we live in Pittsburgh, PA) back in 1997 for our fist concert ever. It was amazing. But above all, I have been a huge fan of Tommy. During another concert(when I was still small enough to be picked up by my dad) I had Glen tickle my palm with his guitar pick, and I was still screaming Tommy's name. That's dedication! In retrospect, I wish I did give Glen a bit more credit...

♥ U is for...University. I like being at my school because there are so many people I met here. On top of the fact that it is assisting me in my future, it is a place that I can call home. I know all the short cuts to get to class, and all the side routes to take when its winter and I don't feel like walking outside a lot. It is also where I met a number of my good friends.

♥ V is for...Vanilla, an amazing song by J-Rocker Gackt. This video is particularly amusing to be because he violates a band member on stage for most of the song. Hello fan service! You can tell that they don't lip sync because when Masa (the guy who gets violated) is being violated, you can hear that he stops playing. I respect Gackt all the more for that.

♥ W is for...W. The cutest j-pop duo in existence...hands down!

♥ X is for...X-rated movies...especially when they have plots! It is HILARIOUS!!!

♥ Y is for...Youtube. Really, there are so many different videos. It is kind of frustrating when you are weeding through fan tribute videos just so you can find the original, but some of those fans have talent.

♥ Z is for...Zoo! I love going to the zoo. I love animals, and getting to spend the day going from one exhibit to the next is so much fun.

Ok, that took a TON of effort and a few hours!!! I'm terrible at making REALLY long lists. When you put a length requirement on it, that makes it so much harder...geez!

Love to all!!!

~Aoife Fae~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day in the life of Mag-elicious!

Ok, so I am taking a summer class. Usually when I get out, my boyfriend has already left for work. Now, I don't have a car, so if I ever want to go anywhere, I need to hassle him into giving me a ride. Today happened to be a day where I had to walk home because my boyfriend had gone to work. Now, I just put in my headphones and go on my merry way. Today was a bit different. As I was walking, I was passed by a guy whose book bag was COMPLETELY open. There was a lot of papers and stuff, so I let him know. We ended up having to go in the same direction to our respective houses. We talked about music (I was listening to Styx today), roommates, and pets. This is the first time I ever just had a conversation with some guy I had never really encountered before. Sure, I talk to people I have class with. I also talk to customers at work and people I do club activities with (I am in my schools Japan Club). I think implimenting some of Gala's techniques about just faking confidence really does work.

Also, on a completely unrelated topic: We all know the dinosaurs were killed after an asteriod hit Earth. However, what we don't know is that this was self inflicted! The dinosaurs summoned an asteriod by means of magic! They all commited suicide!!!

Last night, I was playing Final Fantasy 6 (the GBA version), and my party encountered a T-Rex monster that summoned a meteor shower. The above is just silliness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello All! ~intro~

Hello everybody, and welcome to my adventure. I have been a "nonpariel" of the blog iCing for the past few months, and I have started living my life a little bit differently ever since. I have been more concerned about fashion, and I want to live a happier, more "sparkly" life. I will try and update this as frequently as possible. If there is any questions you may have, just e-mail me.

Some of the changes I have made in my life:

Dieting: By this, I mean in the form of a life style change, not just a temporary. It is also not some kind of "fad diet" featured in so many magazines. After lengthy research, all of those diets make you loose water weight and muscle, thus increasing body fat percentage. My diet is more general than these diets. I simply eat a lot of carbohydrates in the morning and after working out. The rest of my calories comes from protein in lean meat. Chicken breast is one of those most common things I eat. I also am trying to drink a ton of water everyday. Another thing about my diet, I cannot drink soda (I was born in New York, so deal with it). Even diet soda has many artificial sweeteners that aren't good for you.

Working out: I go to the gym 3 times a week. My work out then is strength training, consisting of squats, military press, bench press, and dead lift to name a few major exercises. I also do some kind of cardio workout 5 times a week (or at least try to). This ranges from Frisbee, to racket sports. I would just go running, but while I was in high school, I was on the cross country team, and not by choice. Because of this, I now have really bad knees and a deep hatred for running.

Being more fashion minded: I often find that shopping for me is extremely difficult. There are few things I like, and I find that I often have a hard time finding things that fit properly. I even try the next size up or down, but to no avail. This is happening a bit less now, because of working out. I am wearing clothing I bought years ago, and they fit better now then when I bought them.

Being Sparkly: This may sound silly, but I think its fitting. Gala Darling (she will probably get mentioned frequently because of all the recent inspiration I have recieved from her) is the first person I heard of who used this phrase. Its about being the best, happiest, most fun you possible. Nobody likes to be around grouchy people. I don't like it, and despite my best efforts, I know I can be a bit grouchy. I know that when I get like this, people distance themselves from me. That isn't cool at all. I try to do some basic things like smile more, stand up straighter (both of these things sends signals to your brain that you are happy). I find that It really helps.

This blog will probably be changing in appearance until I find "my look", so please be patient.