Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Radical Self Love Questions

Photo credits: Angy Fotografie

So, there is a list of questions for how we are going about this experiance.  You get an exclusive look at what my answers are!

What does RADICAL SELF LOVE mean to you?
 ~It means being as much as my 3-year-old self as possible.  I was happy, care-free, and completely confident!

If you were engaging in RADICAL SELF LOVE on a daily basis, what would that look like?
 ~It would look like a fairy princess

What small pieces of that can you bring into your life TODAY?
~I am currently wearing a neon pink tutu.

Which qualities or attributes would you like to bring into your own life via the application of RADICAL SELF LOVE?
~I would like to have more confidence.  I am sick of backing down on things I know I shouldn't.  I also would like to be able to dress the way I want without the fear of people mocking me behind my back.

What beliefs do you currently hold that are stifling your regular expression of RADICAL SELF LOVE?
~I believe that if i do things in my own way, I will inevitably be mocked endlessly.

Are the people & activities in your life HELPING or HINDERING you in your quest for RADICAL SELF LOVE? Would you be better off without them?
~I would be entirely lost without the people in my life.  They know how I am and they have noticed such a huge improvement in how I am since I started going to Gala's blog back in March.  I also think that the activities in my life inspire me to be more me.  I like video games and anime as well as making clothing and accessories.  I think these activies mesh well because anime characters and video game characters have such unique and unusual outfits.   I can't often find the types of items that these characters wear, so I need to make them.  I feel strongly that the people and activies in my life are helping me achieve my goals of becoming a better me.

How can you reflect RADICAL SELF LOVE in the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you decorate your house, the work you do?
~I feel that for my budget, the way I dress reflects the idea of Radical Self Love.  I think I could speak more calmly and use less vulgar language.  The way my place is decorated can't really change.  I hate white walls, but I am renting this apartment, so no repainting.  I can't put much of anything on the walls because they are textured.  I have cute pillows and lamps, but there isn't much more I can do to this apartment.  As for work, I do crafting projects on a commission basis, but my fast food job is what pays my bills.  I haven't been getting many hours, nor am I being cross-trained.  This could result in me trying to find a new job.  Let's just see how it turns out for next week when I was told I will be getting more days and finally being cross-trained (like I have been begging for months).
Who could you use as a RADICAL SELF LOVE role model?
 Aside from the obvious answer of Gala Darling, who started all this, I would choose my puppy.  She gets so excited to see anybody and is very quick to show affection.  When I come home after weeks away, she doesn't care that I have been gone, just that I am back and that we are going to have fun.

photo credits: melting dolls

How about you answer these questions? You don't necessarily need to post them here, on your own blog, or anywhere on the web. Just use the answers to these questions to help you though the rest of the month.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Radical Self Love Bible Assignment 1

So, Gala wants us to keep a self love bible and will give us homework assignments.  After acquiring   a notebook, we need to write a pledge to ourselves to set the tone for the following pages.  I am keeping a hard copy in a notebook as well as publishing my notebook entries here.  That way we can all share our pledges root each other on.  So, without further adieu, pledge!

I pledge that February 2010 will be the stepping stone for self improvement.  I will see everything in a more positive light as well as further developing my person style.  I will stress out less and let loose more!

Another part of the assignment is to find a totum.  Something symbolic of this adventure.  I have selected 2 totums.

This first one is a picture of my boyfriend.  He formed his hands into a heart shape and put it up to his eyes.  I have been doing this with him since soon after we started dating (3 years ago).  I call it "Love-O-Vision" and it ALWAYS makes me smile!

This next is a picture of a ring.  You can't tell because of the terrible lighting in my apartment, but it is neon pink (it came with a thing of nail polish from Hard Candy which can be found at most Walmarts).  I love the color and it reminds me of when I was 3.  I had many friends and was not the least bit self-conscious.  I loved who I was and when I got a little bit older, I lost that.  I had almost no friends and was the butt of many a joke.  Kids can be very cruel and I am not in this for pity.  I just wanted to let you know the explaination.

So, you have my pledge and you know my totums.  What things are you posting in your bible, cupcake?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy News of Cuteness

Hi everybody!  EXCITING NEWS!!!  Last night, I went to my boyfriends house and we were suprised to see a pregnant cat.  Before this cat got pregnant, she was mean and would attack you for no reason.  Now, she is really cuddly!  What is even better, last night, she had her first kitten of the litter.  The little fellow is fluffy and all white and just squeeked to much.  SO CUTE!  There are more kittens on the way, as well as photos (I don't have any yet, but I will get them to you).

Also, if you missed the Puppybowl last night, you missed out.  Bunny cheerleaders, waterbowl camera, and hamsters piloting a blimp all added to the cuteness of puppies playing together!  The Kitten Halftime Show was also something you just had to see to believe!

More updates on the kitty sitation to come!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Photo credits: Carl Loves Somersets
Do I have a list for you today!  I got up extra early just to give you readers a tasty morsel!

Waking up and getting things done: So this is pretty obvious because I already said it.  I was able to get my laundry done, schedule a much needed appointment, and write down all the things I need to get done.  How awesome???

Drinking coffee from an endless cup: So, waking up really early means I need to drink coffee or else I fall asleep and get nothing done.  My mom recently got me some GIANT coffee cups!  She sells Longenburger (sp?) products and gets me a bunch of stuff at a discount.  I never used the cups until this morning and let me tell you, it was amazing!!!

Writing my TILT list in a purple fountain pen in a monkey notebook:  I got a Paul Frank monkey notebook for Christmas and I use it for everything.  My boyfriend got a pack of disposable fountain pens and one of them was purple so I took it.  It writes so nicely and the shade of purple is FANTASTIC!

Breakfast: Breakfast, as we all know, is the most important meal of the day.  It gives your metabolism the kick it needs to get you through the day.  I like eggs sunny side up with some shredded cheese and toast (with hello kitty's face on it).  How yummy???  I love getting a good breakfast that isn't cereal...cereal can be just so boring.  Also, I have been really into juice.  I LOVE Simply Orange Juice (pineapple with no pulp).  Eggs, toast, and juice is definitely a winning combo in my book!

Getting Classwork Done: At the beginning of the week, I realized just how much work I had to get done in the coming week.  I have never been one for organization, so I thought it was about time to look over my resolutions.  I wrote down all the assignments and when they were due and just took some time every day to work on them.  Now, instead of 3 quizzes, 2 tests, and a bunch of readings to get done, I have 2 tests and one  more reading.  It is so much more manageable now.  I have all my assignments written down in my pocket organizer and my refrigerator so I know what is going on no matter where I am.

Cheap Textbooks:  Many college students get their textbooks from their university book store or, often times,  Both places will over charge you for what you are getting. and offers you the books you need for lower prices.  Abe Books is a good  place to go to if your professor allows for previous editions of books.  I often see $150 books go for about $30-50.  Chegg is a book rental site.  From my limited experiance, they have the newest editions of text books for similar prices.  You can borrow for a semester or more (if you request an extension).  The best part of Chegg is that for every book you rent, they plant a tree.

Spending the Morning in Pajamas:  I had a lot of free time this morning between the time I woke up and the time I had to go class.  While I was doing laundry, I wore fuzzy pajamas.  They are so warm and soft.  I LOVE spending time in them.

Dryer Warm Laundry:  Who doesn't love to cuddle up next to towels, sheets, and clothes straight from the dryer?  So warm and soft...

Watching the Sun Rise:  Normally, I sleep in as long as I can, which means that I can only ever see the sun set.  Sun rises are really pretty and I haven't had the opertunity to see one since high school.  The pale pink dancing with the blues...It was perfect!

Video Games Live: This is a touring concert that performs at various venues and is making its way to Heinz Hall February 11 and 12.  I am trying everything I can to go and see it, but funds are tight so I am not sure I can go.  My brother went to the show in Buffalo and he had back stage passes or something.  He scored me an autographed program from everybody.  How cool???

photo credit: Andrew Jalali

And the consolidated list: Pink tutus, Radical Self Love Month, The Office (the US version...I haven't really seen the UK version), making new friends, staying up really late with old friends, having really soft hair (yay Lush!), Netflix instant queue, PianoSquall, making rocks fizz (geology lab experiment), tweeting with my brother, string cheese (yum!!!), Dokopon Kingdom, Benedryl (it makes me not itchy so I can sleep), Simply Chic Collections (They will be getting their inventory posted this weekend.  Check out "Maggie's Collection"), TV Kitty (a cute pink kitty that sits on top of my tv), my loving and caring boyfriend, flowers, Valentines Day anticipation, anticipation of new glasses (I have been needing new ones for quite sometime), hilarious jokes that are terrible (What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?  Santa stopped at 3 hoes), cute pictures of my silly puppy (they are not on this computer, but will be posted soon), and debating which Final Fantasy games are actually good (I have one friend who says 7 is the best, my boyfriend is obsessed with 8, and I find 6 to be the best and 9 much more enjoyable than 8).
Just a bit of silliness for that extra smile!

So much love this week!  It astounds me how many things there are to love in a single week!  What about you my sweet dumplings?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simply Chic Collections

So, if you don't know, I will be having some items I made posted on Simply Chic Collections website.  I sent them in and they should be made available for the general public this weekend.  Check out their blog for updates!