Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love Thusday: Kitten Adoption!!!

I got myself 2 kittens the other day from a shelter.  They are little grey tabbies that are 9 weeks old.  They are so playful and funny!  They were the last 2 left from their litter and I couldn't just take one of them, knowing they would both be lonely!  I got a little boy (named Tama-kun) and a little girl (named Haru-chan).  They LOVE to cuddle (I woke up with Haru-chan on my chest this morning) and get into trouble (Haru-chan likes to hide in the draw of my bed-side table and Tama-kun likes to pick fights).  They love to chase around a laser pointer (I have seen cats who don't like that).  Tama-kun also LOVES the feather wand (it is currently handing from a shelf and he keeps freaking out and attacking it.

These kitties are more than just balls of playful energy.  They are very good cats.  They still have their claws but don't use them while playing (except for with each other).  Also, show no interest in going outside and will let you cradle them.  Haru-chan is particularly affectionate and will lay next to me while I watch TV and give me kisses. 

This is only day 2 with the kittens, but there is so much love to be had.  I don't think I could ever have a bad day for the rest of my life!  These are seriously the best kittens ever!  They have the perfect levels of playfulness, cuddliness, and curiosity.

What was really amazing about getting these kittens is that  when you adopt from a shelter (at least through a pet store), you get a bunch of coupons and free things.  I got a free 20 lbs.container of kitty litter PLUS a free 3.5 lbs. of the food they were already on.  That is enough to ween them onto much better food.  I also got a lot of coupons for things like toys and collars.

The reason I chose to get 2 kitties is because if you are gone all day, they have a playmate.  Also, These guys would have been especially lonely because they were the last 2 from their litter to be adopted.  These guys have already have such a close bond that it would be cruel to take only one.  If I took only one, my kitty would be lonely, plus the shelter would be left with somebody really lonely.  Having 2 kitties also helps when they are in their "adolescent" phase.  They become particularly destructive and having another kitty redirects how their energy gets spent.

In other news, I have been watching Invader Zim a lot recently and I forgot just how awesome it was.  The animation isn't the greatest, but I think it works for how the show is.

Having an apartment that is clean is really nice too.  Between Garrett not putting his clothing away and me doing the same, it gets messy quickly.  We made a point to clean up so that we would worry less about the kittens.

I have some immediate crochet plans for right now.  I need to make a plastic bag caddy so I can keep bags handy for when I need them (and they are VERY  handy)!

Most of my love right now is kitty love, and with good reason.  I have wanted a kitty since I was about 5 years old and have never had  one.  This is a big deal for me and I am a bit excitible over everything!

Want to see the kitties grow up and be playful?  Check out my Flickr account. I will put everything into albums or galleries when I am NOT holding a sleeping kitten.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Firefly and Serenity

This week is ALL about Firefly and Serenity!  There is absolutely nothing about this show to dislike!  It is an awesome space western that takes place in 2517 and is absolutely hilarious! I present to you my TILT list!

The Characters
Kaylee: Kaylee is a machines genius who is in love with the ships medic.  She loves frilly dresses, hamsters, and al other things cute!

Simon: The medic on board Serenity.  He gave up a brilliant carreer as a highly respected doctor to save his sister from an Alliance (government) camp.  He is in love with Kayee but spends too much time worrying about his sister to take his own feelings into consideration.

Inara: The ships "companion" (glorified whore) is INSANELY beautiful who lives such a glamorous life, has the most extensive wardrobe, and is the most sophisticated member of Serenity.  She is intelligent and gets invited to all the right parties and her room is so well decorated!

Zoe: Zoe fought in the war with Malcolm (the ships captain) and is married to the pilot.  She has her own really odd sense of humor and is an amazing fighter.  She is strong and beautiful!  A very good role model for all girls!

River: What can I say about River?  She is the little sister of the medic and has been mentally traumatized.  She is an amazing character and is crazy funny without even trying (I will put in some quotes).  Also, she is the smartest crew member of the Serenity.

Wash: The pilot has a great sense of humor about crashing the ship, but does get some great lines otherwise.  He is really lovable and cuddly!

Jayne:  This character, despite the name, is a guy.  He is really edgy and likes guns, women, and being "nekkid"  He named his favorite gun Vera and is always looking to start a fight.


Awesome Quotes (first link sorts quotes by character and second link sorts by episode)

River Tam Kicks Butt at Bar Fight

My favorite episode

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ok, I know that today is CLEARLY Saturday, but I was having difficulty getting my laptop connecting to the internet (all human error which makes me feel rather silly).

I was also having trouble coming up with a theme this week to...sorry.  But, I do have a list of happy love stuffs!  Here we go!

Toaster Oven: It has a setting just for cookies! Now, I can also get back to eating healthy again! It even came with a quick guide for how to cook many kinds of food and on which setting (and for roughtly how long). It can take a frozen chicken break and cook it through in 40 minutes (I know that that is kind of a while, but sometimes that can be a good thing because then I can do something else while it is cooking)!

Knitting: My mom taught me how to knit while I was up in New York. I sort of knew how to knit when I was little, but I wasn't making anything and quickly got bored with it. I already have a few projects in mind too! One of them is the scarf from when Tom Baker was Dr. Who (this is from back in the '70's). My boyfriend REALLY wants this scarf, and it is a pretty awesome scarf. It is CRAZY LONG!!

Ponyo: This is a new Miyazaki film and it is SOO cute!!! It is roughtly based on The Little Mermaid and is full of the traditional Miyazaki adventure and whimsey! If you have liked any Studio Ghibli film, watch this movie!

Firefly/Serenity: Pretty sure this is going to be my theme for next week. This show/movie is absolutely incredible! The story has you sitting at the edge of your seat and the characters are so lovible (including the not so lovible characters). I will keep the rest of the reasons I like it a secret until I can get pictures, video clips, and quotes for next week. I have been recomending this to everybody I have talked to!

Nice Weather: There is so much I want to do right now because the weather is just so beautiful! I want to plan a picnic, go to the zoo, play frisbee, lay out in the sun, take pictures, and start drawing again (scenery this time, not people).

“Sid Meier Civilization: Revolution”: This is the first of the Civilization games I have played, but it is really fun! There are 16 different nations you can play as and the game starts out in 4000B.C. There are so many different ways to play and win that each game is unique!

Special Mentions: Burlesque dancing, cuddling, Garrett, the colors Pink and Purple, Lush products, nail polish, shower gloves, seeing a cowboy ride a horse (I saw this earlier in the week at work. No joke. He was wearing spurs and leather chaps with side fringe), Managers agreeing that the customers make you want to quit the job (I work at Taco Bell and the people who come in are really mean and order a ton of special items and complain if 1 tiny thing is wrong), Hanging out with my neighbors (because I SERIOUSLY haven't done that since I moved to college), New jewelry stand (it looks like a beautiful Asian style dress on a mannequin and I LOVE it!), Event anticipation (my dad's 50th b-day, going out to Columbus to hang out with Jenn and Jason of A&G Ohio, Going to to Rochester and Buffalo to geek out with people, and possibly also out to Seater Point and Phili), blankets, AC, and having everything clean!

Lots of love and happy going on here! How about you? I know this is a bit late, but what are you loving this week??