Monday, August 31, 2009

YouTube Game + PSA

So, everybody has seen this video of prison inmates doing the Thriller dance. I stumbled on another video similar. This dance appears in an anime called "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" I found another video of prison inmates performing the same dance! How funny??? Yay stumbling on awesomeness!!!

PSA: School has officially started for me and because of this, I will have more structure to my schedule. This means more posts, lifting updates (I took most of the summer off from lifting) with pictures, and Daily Outfit posts (because I think some of my outfits are really cute and I would love to share them)!

I will post more information about lifting, and on the first of the month, I will post Progress Pictures. These are a good way of showing yourself (and bragging to others) just how far you have come! So, expect pictures tomorrow!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Wow, another week has gone by, and another TILT is here! Lets see what is on tap this week!

School Starting: This may seem odd. Summer vacation is full of free time,part time work, and hanging out with friends until crazy hours of the night. Why would I want school to start again? Well, for one thing, school means classes, which eventually translate into a degree. I am one step closer to a career with every class I take. Another thing is that I get to meet new people (incoming freshman) and hang out with friends who don't stay up here over the summer.

Lush: My brother finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (birthday was back in April). I finally picked it up a few days ago and used it today. He got me Rock Chick. It smells like an explosion at a candy factory (with vanilla and cotton candy)!!! My only complaint is that I think I need to use the entire bubble bar for a decent bubble bath. I don't have that kind of money (or time to enjoy a long enough bath to warrent a new bubble bar each time)

Clean Laundry: The warmth of dryer fresh sheets and towels and the freshness of your favorite shirt is enough to make anybody want to do laundry more often. If you are like most college students, you don't get to do this as frequently as you would like. The main reason is the lack of quarters (which is why I had to put off laundry for so long. Clean laundry is so awesome!

Sunny D: It has such a sweet taste, it can easily overpower the taste of any vodka. Thus, making for a yummy drink!

Magazines: So I have purchased 5 different fashion magazines. I guess the style book that Gala suggested to make utilizes all the ads. Personally, they get in the way of the various articles. If I had the money to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, I might. They have so many cool style tips, make-up advice, and ways to stretch your budget (but it only seems to work for people with careers). I think I will save up my money and check out their websites.

At home beauty tips: This doesn't only need to apply to girls. Soft skin is always in style, no matter your sex. I will write an article on just that very soon.

Tastie snacks!: Wheat thins are so easy to open up and just start munching. before you know it, the box is EMPTY! They are so yummy! Also, Pizza bites are amazing! My boyfriend and I can each eat one of those large bags if we really wanted too (we almost need to get 2 different bags when we do get them because he prefers the triple pepperoni which is too spicy for me.

Booties: I only saw these for a while on iCing. Now, they are turning up everywhere and I LOVE them. However I don't have a lot of money...

Henna: So, I am going back to red for a while, once I get everything I need to dye my hair. I am going for a natural route that won't leave my hair damaged and brittle. Henna is supposed to condition your hair as it dyes it. shinier hair BECAUSE of color? Hello, sign me up! No matter how many chemical dyes say they condition, they still do a fair bit of damage to hair. The only thing with henna is that you can only go darker.

Bindis: What better way to add a spash of color and sparkle to your outfit than with a Bindi. Self-adhesive gems are perfect for spicing up an outfit. Also, they are CHEAP!!! Anybody who makes more than $20 a week and get some!

Wow, this seems like a long TILT for me. Guess I had an AMAZING week!

So, what has made you smile?


Youtube Game

Hey Hey! Ready for a daily dose of FUN? Who isn't? And, the youtube game of the week is: A GAME! Yes, a series of youtube videos that form a game. The object? Find Sparta, the owners cat. He is a silly cat with many hiding places. Ready to start? Click Here!

Good Luck!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Ok, so I have had kind of an exciting week! So many things so smile about, where to begin!?!

Making cheap vodka taste like expensive vodka: I have heard this before, forgot about, and was reminded of it last week. Take some really cheap vodka and any water filter pitcher. Filter the vodka a few times and taste the difference. I was skeptical about it at first, but it really takes away the harsh bite! AMAZING!

Fuzzy pajama pants: So I am always cold. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I'm cold. I can't even explain it, but temperatures that most people find warm can feel that I am cold to the touch. To combat this when I am lounging at home, I wear my winter pajama pants (blue, fuzzy, and amazing)! When people come over and look at me, they think I've gone crazy or something. Sucks to be them being all cold and without fuzziness.

Working in Drive-Thru over summers: I cannot tell you how many people come through with cute (and not so cute) dogs. I even had a family come through with the family rabbit. Awesome? Indeed!

My family feeding into my LUSH addiction: Before I went on my cruise at the end of June, I made my first visit into a Lush store. I came out with 2 bars of soap, a free cream sample, body glitter message bar, and a hangover emotibomb. My brother just finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (my birthday is in April, but I'm used to getting b-day gifts into September because people never know what to get me). My mom also announced that she is getting me some stuff for X-Mas, along with a gift card to I can just go in myself and get more stuff! I like lush stuff, but i like it even more when I can go in and smell everything and decide if it is indeed what I want.

Free Kennywood tickets. For those who do not live around Pittsburgh, Kennywood is the local amusement park. It isn't like Hershey Park or Cedar Point, but it has a lot of charm, and many memories. My parents got us enough tickets to go as a family, but with my brother living in another state, and both of us finding it difficult to get home at all, let alone at the same time, we cannot go as a family. My bother said right out that he won't be able to use the tickets, and my mom said it was cool if I go separate from them (so at least the tickets to in fact get used). My brother gave his ticket to me and Garrett and I are going there on our own. SCORE!

"Random" visits from managers from other stores. We had a manager from a different store for a while. I don't quite know why, and I am far too lazy to inquire. All I know is that she is awesome (she taught my how to make mock ginger ale). She is really fun and easy to talk to. I haven't gotten to see her much because she left for her original store. She pops in periodically for manager meetings and for trading items. I MISS YOU PAULA!!!

My hamster: I have the weirdest hamster. He is so cute, but odd. He climbs up the sides of his home to get to the second floor (where his food is), sleeps ontop of his home, behind his wheel, on the back stand for his wheel, and occasionally buries himself next to his wheel. He is a little fatty, weird as all hell, but I love him!

Flirting with other girls: I have been doing this on and off since high school and I have found it to be quite amusing, not so much the actual flirting, but seeing the reactions from other people...either those involved or spectators. I don't mean for this to come off as offensive. I just think some of the reactions provoked are amusing.

I thought I had more, but I am finding it hard to think of anything. Oh well. Maybe I will remember for next week. Remember, Think happy thoughts!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Youtube Game

Ok, so I have spent very little time on youtube this week. So to make this post easy, anything by Parry Gripp is AWESOME! So cute (some)

and funny it's amazing

So many cute animals eating! Who can say no?

Not so cute, but HILARIOUS!!!

If this doesn't make you go "awww..." I don't know what will!

This is so cute it makes me want to cry!

Parry Gripp has his own site here
You can get all of his cute hits there! Sadly no video. YAY YOUTUBE!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

So, iCing just had its 100th TILT this week. Gala said to make it big, so lets see what I can do!

Making Perler Bead Sprites: I go to anime conventions (I call them cons) sell perler bead sprites (I have a deviant art where I will post lots of pictures). My last con, I sold quite a bit and I need to restock the supply of sprites. I am making sprites in poses that we (my boyfriend and I) didn't have before. I miss making these things. They are easy to make, and I can do it while watching my favorite movies! Who doesn't love watching their favorite movies!?

Going to visit Garretts mom: She works at a bar and is really fun. She always is getting us food. Also, she is always getting me to try a new new beer (I like trying new things). I also got to hang out with her ex-boyfriend. We had many laughs over Fail pictures. It was SOO much fun!!!

Plush Backpacks: They are so cute! Not a lot of people wear them and they get a TON of attention! Try to find them in your favorite characters!

Hats: Again, cute. There are so many different kinds of hats that there must be some style for everybody.

Cuddly Cats: So there are 2 cats at Garrett's moms place. There is this MEAN cat who belongs on here, and a really sweet kitty. The nice kitty has been converted recently to an outdoor cat (sad). When he is around, he flops so much (and today, he gave me love bites). He is so cute and sweet. I love him and want to take him home!

Getting more hours at work: So a girl got fired recently. She was not reliable at all and couldn't learn the register after more than 2 months. Nobody liked her and she wasn't smart (and was a bit of a whore-wannabe because she wanted t sleep with half the guys who worked with her). I got one of her shifts and it's nice because I need more hours.

Painting Warhammer minis: Warhammer is game based around minis (miniature plastic or metal figurines). They are really detailed and fun to paint. I just got more minis primed and ready to paint. EXCITEMENT!

Slinky: C'mon! Who doesn't love the original slinky? It makes such a delightfully hypnotic sound and it is mesmorizing!

Posting on Thursday: Holy crap! A TILT on THURSDAY! Sheesh! I have had such a hard time posting when I want to. Jeez!

Stay tuned for more posts


Monday, August 10, 2009

Youtube Game

So it's Monday. The start of another week. You just had a fun weekend partying with friends, shopping, or just doing stuff you like (unless you work at a fast food place and work weekends like I do). Summer is winding down and many of us are back to school. Right now, more than ever, is a depressing time of the year (unless going back to school means being liberated from family, like in my case). Either way, we can all use a good laugh. So, I propose the Youtube game. It is simple: hop onto youtube, do a search, and click various related videos and see how far away it takes you from your original post (or just check out all the funny stuff that you get).

On one of these rounds, I started by looking for cute animal videos (I like looking for animal videos), and these are some of the results:

Ok, that is kinda sad, but I laugh SO MUCH at this video.

This video is so cute and sweet! Also, Muffy is my absolute FAVORITE! Check out her awesome personality!

Ok, so check for this every week for some new awesome hilarious videos. Post your own too. It is fun to share videos that you find!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

So it's a bit late again, however I haven't had working internet in my apartment for about a week now. This would also explain the lack of other posts recently. So, here is my list of awesomeness for the week!

Finding beer I actually like: So, I have been drinking more beer recently. It hasn't been terrible because it's wheat beer (I got a raspberry flavored one, but I couldn't taste any raspberry). It doesn't have that horrible bitterness associated with most beers, but it is a good way to relax after a ton of unnecessary work-related stress.

Hanging out with my boyfriends mom: So, she works in a bar, and is now constantly asking me if I want something to drink. She also is constantly feeding us, and last time I went down to that area, she offered me one of her cats (the mean one who left a scar on my hand...but it's the thought that counts). She treats me like I am family, which is awesome!

Kennywood: Ok, so anybody from around the Pittsburgh area knows of the amusement park Kennywood. It is just a bit of local flavor, and it's a very small park. It is fun though and has lots of fun rides. My mom has some tickets to go, but it is hard to organize for all of us to meet and go (my brother is going to school in New York and my managers are jerks when it comes to calling off). Because my brother might not be able to go, she told me that she was going to maybe just give me 2 of the tickets and I can just go on a day I choose with my lover boy!

Going through old music in iTunes: I have a different computer hooked up at my apartment (the one without all my music) I fully plan on going through it and picking out some classic tunes to listen to (having only the same few artists and albums to listen to can get boring quickly). All of my awesome Japanese music is on there, plus a slew of other stuff I can't even remember. I also have some awesome CDs that I need to rip onto my computer and put onto my iPhone (can you say "spice girls"? I know they aren't that great, but it is hilarious to listen too).

Crocheting: I love all kinds of crafts (and soon will be making an etsy account). I have recently started crocheting again. I am in the middle of the floppy beret and it is AWESOME! Garrett also said that he wants to learn how to crochet because he wants to make me a scarf! That is ADORABLE! He even picked up this giant thing of yarn so that he knows he will have enough.

Breakfast: Yummy cereal and turkey bacon? Who can say no to that? Also, omeletes are pretty amazing...if only I had eggs in my fridge. I cannot start doing anything without breakfast! Without it, I get REALLY grumpy (and that isn't a good thing with an Irish temper).

Upcoming Fall Fashion: So I looked up up the the lastest fall trends. I don't typically do that kind of stuff, but did it anyway for laughs. Fashionising has some amazing articles about what will be in. I am pleased to see that cloaks and capes are in fashion! I have had a cloak in my closet since high school and wear it all the time in october. I figure that is the only month I can get away with it with the fewest amount of jerk comments (but those comments still don't deter me from wearing what I love). I also like the new boots that are coming in. They are SEXY!

Renesme: My friend got a kitten a few days ago and names it Renesme (she is a huge twilight girl). This kitty is so cute, small, and playful! She was found at Macy's (I forget which mall it was at) and my friend took her in. She has been saying it is "her cat". She has always wanted a kitty like her. YAY FINDING LOVE!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness! (I have a number to call now to get my internet working again, so my next post WILL BE SOON! I promise!)

Lots of Love!!!