Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everybody! How has your week been? Here is a peak at what I have been up to this past week!

New Roos: After a hard nights work on Sunday, I stopped to treat myself to a new pair of Roo's. They are comfortable and colorful and delicious! I have been drooling over these shoes for about a year now (I found them online but they were out of stock...also they were too expensive). They were also on sale. YAY! However, I can't find a picture of them and I have too much of a headache to take a picture of them (it involves going down strairs...I might not be able to get up)

Simpons Treehouse of Horror Marathon: So on halloween, I didn't have any plans and nobody was able to come and hang out with me). So, my boyfriend and I just started watching these from season 2 (then they first started) to season 11 (the highest season we have...they are up to 12 I beleive). We also drank Clipper City Hang 10 which, considering how strong it is, has a rather light and refreshing taste.

Napping: I am writing this right after waking up from a nap. Who doesn't love to just nap in the middle of the day?

Pom Pompoko: A studio Ghibli production about the sad fight of the Tanuki (I believe I mentioned these in an earlier post. Japanese raccoon-dogs that can shape-shift...and their power is derived from their over-sized testicles) and their forests. It is so sweet and cute, but very sad. I love it SO MUCH!

Ceasar Salads: I tried these for the first time last week and they are suprisingly tasty. I have never been a salad person, but since last week I have had so many of them its ridiculous!

Magazines: Back in September, I subscribed to 3 magazines via amazon (Marie Clair, Elle, and I forgot the third...^_^'). I have been getting Marie Clair since about a week after I subscribed, but I have only just now got my first copy of Elle (the 3rd subscription should hopefully be in before the new year...). I like getting fun things in the mail that aren't bills or junk mail.

Texts from last night: Texts from last night is HILARIOUS! People just submit bizzare text messages/conversations and people get to laugh about it. How awesome???

Gun O'clock: The only bad thing about this that I have come across is that its too quiet...I will let this Japanese commercial explain the rest.

stopwatch 5: This is a Japanese game where you have a stop watch and you have to stop it at 5 seconds. The catch? You can't see the numbers so you have to count it out! Just click the blue button under the stopwatch (it translates to start. When sounded it out, it is "sutaato"). How accurate are you?

I leave you with this video of Hard Gay. A gay Japanese man who is improving the community. and it's Hilarious!!! You have been warned.

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