Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few More Costume Ideas

Ok, so I forgot to mention these in my previous post about costume ideas. Sorry!!!

T-shirt ninja: Ninjas are awesome, so why not be one for halloween??? Pretty easy costume to put together too it seems like. 2 black shirts, black pants, and black shoes! Have fun!

Three-hole punched self: This should be recognized by anybody who has seen the office. Jim takes 3 black construction paper circles and tapes them to his shirt all in a row. I would recommend 6 (3 front 3 back). This is a super-easy cop-out costume that people will sure to giggle at!

Hello my name is...: Another of Jim's cop-out costumes. Take a "hello my name is" sticker and just fill it in with another name. Bonus points if you put together a new personality with this new name. Steve could be an under cover agent, while Jenny is a stripping murderer. Have fun with it!

Ok, ideas have been had. Now, make a costume already!


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