Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday! (With Pictures!!!)

Although I don't feel well, I am feeling oddly festive. I also think visual stimulation will help me out. I am going to mostly let the pictures do the talking and let you, the awesome readers, decode the meaning! Note: Some may have multiple meanings, many that I haven't thought about.

I couldn't help myself with the Japanese Hello Kitty flag! TOO CUTE!

SOO much fluffy! who could NOT love this?

I didn't want to add too much stuff on top of the back ground out of its sheer awesomeness!

Because Oolong the bunny will be (and has been for years) missed.

I made all but the Oolong collage. All images were found in Google image search. I do not own these and I borrowed (without asking...sorry). If the owners find the images here and want picture credit, let me know and it shall be done.

have fun untangling (or not) my tilt list!


  1. Bunneh! Fuzzy! :D awesome fuzzy bunneh!

  2. Hey. I just read your comment on the awesome page that is Galadarling and I had to say something.......In regards to boyfriends that treat you like garbage, Girl....get your head together. I am a pushy person admittedly but I hate to hear of unhappy lands of relationships. By the looks of your pages you are a real gem. Don't waste time, its your most precious resource. If he has been like this for awhile...move on, YOU DESERVE THE BEST and that doesn't sound like it!!!