Monday, September 14, 2009

An Explaination as to My Absence

Alrighty now, So I haven't posted in almost 2 whole weeks. EEEK!!! Why is that you say? Well, as I said in my first post, this blog is about my transformation into being a better me. I felt myself slipping back into some old patterns (being grumpy and unmotivated) and felt that that wasn't much to be posting about. It was me taking a few steps backwards and that just doesn't make any sense. However, I want to show that I have been feeling love (if only recently), so here is a belated TILT and Youtube Game!

Upcoming Concert: I have been a huge Styx fan since I was 8. My parents would take me to so many concerts without me even knowing. The biggest thrill of all was back in 2003 When Styx was touring with Journey and REO Speedwagon. I love them all and it was an amazing time. I haven't been to a Styx concert (or any concert in fact) since 2003. My boyfriend took pity on this and we went to STYX World to see if there was any upcoming concerts. It turns out that in early November, they will be in Youngstown, Ohio (Only about an hour from where I am)!!! My boyfriend and I got tickets and we will be going. I got the tickets in the mail and didn't open them until a few days after (I only saw that it was addressed to Garrett, and thought I shouldn't open it). When I looked at the ticket, I was surprised to see REO on there. I am so excited that anybody who walks by can feel it!

Garrett is on my lease: So the people I lease my apartment from are complete scum bags! My boyfriend only has a semester to go before graduation. The only way he can lease for a semester is if he lives with somebody who is leasing for a year. I have a bit yet before I can graduate, so I am staying for the year. They found out that Garrett was staying with me and were going to turn us into the magistrate...not too pleasant. My mom (co-signer) actually consented to having him put on the lease. YAY!!!

Prospect of dying my hair: So, because I have a job, I can only do things that they "approve of". I can't have any visible piercings except for in my ears (and there are restrictions for that too...), and I only recently asked about hair colors. I was told by one manager I can have no more than 2 colors (and I am talking unnatural hair coloring here...who would know if my hair was dyed if I went with 4 or 5 different natural colors that looked nice all together). I tried confirming it with my GM and she was unsure, so she is finding out for me today. YAY!!! However, I have to wait until I go in (the soonest might be Wednesday). BOO!!!

Bangles: I love the skinny bangle braceletes, but I am very picky about my colors. I was suprised to see the colors I wanted in Walmart. 20 braceletes (in 8 silver, 6 teal, and 6 purple) for $6! Who can beat that??? I wear them all the time!

Working out again: So over the summer, because of work and limited summer hours for my gym, I had very little opportunity to work out. Not that I minded because I don't like the act of working out. I do, however, LOVE the fact that my older brother is intimidated by me. I did end up gaining back some weight in the months that I haven't worked out. However, I dropped almost all of the weight I gained back in almost 2 weeks. It took me months to loose that weight before. I am well on my way to getting to my goal weight! That is what I love!

Because who doesn't love cats being silly?

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