Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy News of Cuteness

Hi everybody!  EXCITING NEWS!!!  Last night, I went to my boyfriends house and we were suprised to see a pregnant cat.  Before this cat got pregnant, she was mean and would attack you for no reason.  Now, she is really cuddly!  What is even better, last night, she had her first kitten of the litter.  The little fellow is fluffy and all white and just squeeked to much.  SO CUTE!  There are more kittens on the way, as well as photos (I don't have any yet, but I will get them to you).

Also, if you missed the Puppybowl last night, you missed out.  Bunny cheerleaders, waterbowl camera, and hamsters piloting a blimp all added to the cuteness of puppies playing together!  The Kitten Halftime Show was also something you just had to see to believe!

More updates on the kitty sitation to come!

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