Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Firefly and Serenity

This week is ALL about Firefly and Serenity!  There is absolutely nothing about this show to dislike!  It is an awesome space western that takes place in 2517 and is absolutely hilarious! I present to you my TILT list!

The Characters
Kaylee: Kaylee is a machines genius who is in love with the ships medic.  She loves frilly dresses, hamsters, and al other things cute!

Simon: The medic on board Serenity.  He gave up a brilliant carreer as a highly respected doctor to save his sister from an Alliance (government) camp.  He is in love with Kayee but spends too much time worrying about his sister to take his own feelings into consideration.

Inara: The ships "companion" (glorified whore) is INSANELY beautiful who lives such a glamorous life, has the most extensive wardrobe, and is the most sophisticated member of Serenity.  She is intelligent and gets invited to all the right parties and her room is so well decorated!

Zoe: Zoe fought in the war with Malcolm (the ships captain) and is married to the pilot.  She has her own really odd sense of humor and is an amazing fighter.  She is strong and beautiful!  A very good role model for all girls!

River: What can I say about River?  She is the little sister of the medic and has been mentally traumatized.  She is an amazing character and is crazy funny without even trying (I will put in some quotes).  Also, she is the smartest crew member of the Serenity.

Wash: The pilot has a great sense of humor about crashing the ship, but does get some great lines otherwise.  He is really lovable and cuddly!

Jayne:  This character, despite the name, is a guy.  He is really edgy and likes guns, women, and being "nekkid"  He named his favorite gun Vera and is always looking to start a fight.


Awesome Quotes (first link sorts quotes by character and second link sorts by episode)

River Tam Kicks Butt at Bar Fight

My favorite episode

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