Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I Love Thusday: Kitten Adoption!!!

I got myself 2 kittens the other day from a shelter.  They are little grey tabbies that are 9 weeks old.  They are so playful and funny!  They were the last 2 left from their litter and I couldn't just take one of them, knowing they would both be lonely!  I got a little boy (named Tama-kun) and a little girl (named Haru-chan).  They LOVE to cuddle (I woke up with Haru-chan on my chest this morning) and get into trouble (Haru-chan likes to hide in the draw of my bed-side table and Tama-kun likes to pick fights).  They love to chase around a laser pointer (I have seen cats who don't like that).  Tama-kun also LOVES the feather wand (it is currently handing from a shelf and he keeps freaking out and attacking it.

These kitties are more than just balls of playful energy.  They are very good cats.  They still have their claws but don't use them while playing (except for with each other).  Also, show no interest in going outside and will let you cradle them.  Haru-chan is particularly affectionate and will lay next to me while I watch TV and give me kisses. 

This is only day 2 with the kittens, but there is so much love to be had.  I don't think I could ever have a bad day for the rest of my life!  These are seriously the best kittens ever!  They have the perfect levels of playfulness, cuddliness, and curiosity.

What was really amazing about getting these kittens is that  when you adopt from a shelter (at least through a pet store), you get a bunch of coupons and free things.  I got a free 20 lbs.container of kitty litter PLUS a free 3.5 lbs. of the food they were already on.  That is enough to ween them onto much better food.  I also got a lot of coupons for things like toys and collars.

The reason I chose to get 2 kitties is because if you are gone all day, they have a playmate.  Also, These guys would have been especially lonely because they were the last 2 from their litter to be adopted.  These guys have already have such a close bond that it would be cruel to take only one.  If I took only one, my kitty would be lonely, plus the shelter would be left with somebody really lonely.  Having 2 kitties also helps when they are in their "adolescent" phase.  They become particularly destructive and having another kitty redirects how their energy gets spent.

In other news, I have been watching Invader Zim a lot recently and I forgot just how awesome it was.  The animation isn't the greatest, but I think it works for how the show is.

Having an apartment that is clean is really nice too.  Between Garrett not putting his clothing away and me doing the same, it gets messy quickly.  We made a point to clean up so that we would worry less about the kittens.

I have some immediate crochet plans for right now.  I need to make a plastic bag caddy so I can keep bags handy for when I need them (and they are VERY  handy)!

Most of my love right now is kitty love, and with good reason.  I have wanted a kitty since I was about 5 years old and have never had  one.  This is a big deal for me and I am a bit excitible over everything!

Want to see the kitties grow up and be playful?  Check out my Flickr account. I will put everything into albums or galleries when I am NOT holding a sleeping kitten.

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