Friday, August 13, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

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Ok, so after dusting off the cobwebs of my blog, I think I really need to write a TILT.  Work has had me in at such inconsistent times and I am also getting ready for fall semester to start back up again (August 30).  Hopefully I will still have time for my blog with a very dense class schedule.  Anyways, here is the happy!

Date day: My boyfriend and I NEVER go out on dates.  We may go out shopping, but not do anything really special.  Last week, I got dressed up and we went out.  We went to two different malls we never have been to before (the one had an AQUARIUM!!!), bought some yarn (so I can make him this scarf), and got some food at Long John Silvers (I know it is fast food, but we like fish).  It was a really fun day and we are already planning for the next one.  Also, I will be posting soon about date ideas.

Having a table:  I am guilty of putting everything on all flat surfaces I can find.  Because of that, there is never any room on any table.  A few days ago, Garrett got sick of it and cleaned everything off (and cleaned the rest of the apartment all while I was at work).  The place looks GREAT!  I wish I was any good at cleaning up stuff...

Saturday: Or should I say "Caturday"!  I am heading home and having my mom help me out with a few projects.  I am planning on making a dress and taking apart a jacket I have been making for a long time (The color is a bit too intense for a coat).  Hopefully this trip will involve a long needed visit with some good friends that I haven't seen in about two years!  It has been way too long and I say that we need to get together!

Going Back to School: I get so bored with summer break because so many people go home and I feel like my life is without structure.  I like knowing that I have places to be at specific times.  My classes this semester seem really interesting as well.  Also, my one professor is going to be awesome (I had him before and he is a really a cool guy)!

Kitten antics: They now jump up onto the window sill; jumping onto the kitchen counter; cats in any sort of box; cuddling up to me while I sleep; cuddling up to me while I am on the computer (they get in the way, but you can't get mad because it is so adorbs and hilarious); funny jumps (either for flies or while play fighting); sleeping behind the TV; climbing onto DVD shelf; getting in to the cabinet that has their food; watching them check me out while I clean their litter box; kittens getting into the fridge (they are curious); kittens playing with yarn.

All others: watching Burlesque dances on Youtube; finding new shows and movies to watch via Netflix; playing awesome video games that you never got to finish; having my pictures of my old pup on my fridge; my new pups 1-year birthday on Sunday; Potential promotion at work; having other people fall in love with Lush; cooking up awesome hotdogs; getting to see people I like at work (there are 2 girls that stop in every now and again that used to work there); everybody I know moving into building 3 of my apartment complex (I m also moving into building 3 in a few days); meeting new people around this apartment complex via beer pong (I am absolutely terrible at beer pong, but the people who play are really nice.  Plus, they invite up their friends who don't live here, so I get to meet even more cool people); having silly dreams that involve me speaking Japanese to somebody that looks like my teacher, but isn't; cheese and crackers; fresh-from-the-dryer towels; my totally awesome boyfriend and all his awesomeness; getting along with my one manager that I don't particularly like; being able to knit; having a lot of projects planned out; naps.

There has been so much happy happening here that it is difficult to list everything!  Again, sorry about my crazy long absense.  I would have posted yesterday, but all day before work I was filling out paperwork so I can afford school.  When I got home, I was so exhausted that I just crashed.  I have a bunch of articles in mind to write, so sit tight and just wait!

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