Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To: Survive a Road Trip

Every now and then, we must endure a road trip to somewhere we don't want to go to or visit people we don't want to see.  Here is a guide put together from experiance!

Step 1: Music
There are times when conversations get really boring to listen too.  These times are basically when the conversations don't involve Japanese super robot ninjas and unicorn tea parties.  To ensure complete zoning out, noise canceling headphones are the way to go.  Also, remember a charger or else the music won't keep coming!

Step 2: Entertainment
Music is good for escaping conversation, but you need a way to pass the time.  I have been knitting recently, so I have been trying new stitches and such.  My brother has many movies and TV shows on his computer, so he watches those.  I also have Kindle on my phone (as well as a manga reader), so I have lots of reading material.  These things make the time go by so much faster.

Step 3: Comfort
This goes FAR beyond dressing for the weather.  Being in a car for extended periods of time can be quite cramped.  Bringing pillows can help you get a better sleep if hotel pillows aren't comfortable.  If you normally sleep with a stuffed animal, bring it.  If there is anything that will make the trip easier, bring it.

Step 4: Toiletries
This is a no brainer, but you need to make sure you are clean.  Lush makes some shampoo/conditioner bars with condenses things considerably (and you can bring it as a carry-on if you are not checking luggage).  Pack everything together so it is in one spot (this reduces digging for that one item) and keep it in a closed bag (to prevent mess if there is spilling).  Voala!  Everything is good to go!

Step 5: Contact
Having somebody to vent to and makes jokes can really help you keep your sense of humor.  If you don't have that, you could get grouchy and mean, even though you know you aren't that person.  I like to text my boyfriend who understands what is going on and provides me with a distraction of kitty pictures.  Having this small bit of contact really helped me stay pleasant.  There is no excuse to be a mean person when you aren't one!

Step 6: Snacks
You may have different tastes than your parents when it comes to snack choices.  My parents like cookies, but my brother bought jerky.  It is a good way to keep hungry at bay until you can have a meal.  Also, if your parents are like mine, they won't stop for a meal and you need to fend for yourself.  This is a great time to reach for a snack!  You can always restock at the next rest stop if you run out!

Remember: This trip is just for a short period of time.  You can do anything for a week.  When it is done, everything will go back to normal and you can resume your schedule.  Now that I am back, I am watching a ton of Netflix Instant Queue and have kittens sleeping on me

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