Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

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So, work had been keeping me REALLY busy to the point where I don't even have time to find a replacement job!  WHAT?  It is ridiculous, but what can you do?  I still manage to find time to do things I love and love new things though!

Sarah: Sarah is a girl I work with who is the sweetest person!  She is really funny and we have a lot in common!  We could be soul sisters!  Unfortunately, she needs to move from our small town into Pittsburgh so (I think this is the reason) she is close to hospitals (she is rather sickly which is also unfortunate).  Today was her last day of work and to celebrate, we had cupcakes and cookies!  YAY!

Working on Projects:  I am in the middle of sewing a dress and knitting a scarf.  The dress is something I need help with, so I need to go home and ask my mom what to do.  The scarf is really easy to make, but it is huge and involves many color changes.  The scarf is for my boyfriend and my mom thinks that I should not make it for him, but to teach him to knit so he can make it himself.  That would be all well and good, but I can keep a consistent tension whereas he cannot.  I don't mind making it at all!  In fact, I am really enjoying making the scarf!

New Apartment:  Apparently, I won't be getting in the room that I thought I was (and it was Pi too...), but I can move in TOMORROW!!!  YAY!!!  I am really excited about this because I feel like I have more options available to me for how I can organize the room!  I don't like the room I am in currently becacuse the layout is a bit awkward and it seems like there is no real place for even the bed!

Pets:  Not just my pets too.  Pet owners are such friendly people and their pets are so sweet natured!  Today alone, I had so many conversations with people about pets!  Everyone is so eager to talk about their little fluffy dears, and all the stories are really sweet (if sometimes a touch sad).

My new potential segment:  I am thinking about doing a bit every Saturday, but don't quite know how feasible it will be.  Hopefully I can keep up with it, even if only for a little bit.

There is so much to love right now!  School will be starting up again soon, so many of my friends will be coming back!  I even have some tentative plans for trips I want to make!

What do you love this week?

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