Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Because it is just too cute!

Looks like I am off to a good start with 2011.  This is my first post in...what?  Two weeks?  I should have more to write about soon though.  My next semester starts on Tuesday and with that, I give you Things I Love Thursday!

Start of a new semester
So, this is my second to last semester in school.  My final spring semester.  Something seems a bit surreal about it.  Anyway, the start of the semester means routine and getting to see friends more frequently (since they will also be back in the area for school).  I want to make more of an effort to do things with my friends.  One thing I have planned is to make a feature length movie.  My friend Charlie and I are going to write and direct this together, he will work on editing, and I will do make-up and wardrobe.  We have all sorts of plans that revolve around this movie and it will be amazing!  When it is done, we will post it on Youtube in segments in segments.  This is going to be so much fun!

Receiving large orders from Amazon
Last weekend, I was scouring Amazon for all sorts of amazing bargains and finds.  I finally placed an order that consisted of over 10 books and a set of brush guards (from BrushGuard).  I got five of my books in today and started reading the one (Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing).  I haven't even finished the first chapter and already I feel so much smarter!  Let's see if there will be a noticeable change in my writing!

DIY at home beauty
I have been watching a TON of Michelle Phan videos, taking extra time on the ones that are about skin care over the make-up tutorials (which are also amazing, but my skin has been kind of angry at me recently).  I never knew that you could make your own black-head nose strips or that a single egg could be used as a two part mask!  My skin already feels better and I cant wait for it to look as good as it feels!

A new addition?
No, I am not having a baby.  My friends mother has too many cats and she can't afford to keep them all.  All of the local no-kill shelters refuse to take them in because they lack the room.  Assuming that this one guy gets along well with my two kittens, I will have a new kitty.  He is a boy (of unknown age since my friend failed to mention one) that has white fur and is heterochromatic (fancy word for having two different colored eyes)!  Once he has been cleaned up, he will be introduced to Haru-chan and Tama-kun!

Computer games
Now, I normally go for console games.  I don't really know why, but I have always found console games to be more fun and slightly more social.  A lot of the new games coming out for PS3 are either too expensive or don't seem fun.  Also, the Wii seems to be used only for Mario games and many gimmicky games that use the Miis.  Steam is a great place to find fun games on the cheap!  Also, courtesy of another game site (which I don't know because Garrett bought the games and surprised me with them) I have The Incredible Machines (an amazing puzzle game from when I was young that lets you complete Rube Goldberg machines (for those that don't know what Rube Goldberg machines are, here is an example as done by Mythbusters))!

Little Extras
Sleepy kittens ♥ Amazing new camera ( Canon powershot SD1300IS) ♥ Matching case for my camera (it's pink) ♥ Back massages ♥ New hair cut ♥ Being called "Encyclopedia" by people I work with (all because I know random facts and can speak a small amount of Japanese) ♥ Things having a home in my apartment ♥ Places calling you back in a timely fashion (Garrett needs a self-storage unit because his parents are moving and I was calling around.  I left a message at one place and they called back about an hour later) ♥ Watching documentaries by Penn & Teller ♥ George Carlin (Tis a shame he is no longer with us) ♥ This Something Awful thread (despite the vulgar language, it is really nice) ♥ People not recognizing me (I like to fool people) ♥ playing DDR for the first time in years ♥ Kittens sleeping in inconvenient/weird places ♥ Sock Dreams (they have thigh high leg warmers which are super cute!) ♥ 

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