Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Matter How Bad Thing Are...:A Cautionary Tale

The following events are 100% true.  None of this is exaggerated.

Last week, I have been spending a lot of time in doing research for doing a study abroad (I want to go to Kansai Gaidai in Japan).  After picking out courses I would like to take, I went to meet with somebody in the International Office to ask a few questions.  One of the ones that I had asked was about how frequently people get denied to study abroad.  The answer was that mostly, the only people to not get in were the people with grades that were too low and that this particular university was very strict on only allowing people with a 3.0 minimum in.

That is where I got depressed.  A few years ago, I was put on Academic Probation because I chose a major that I was no good at (I thought I could be a math teacher, but I failed Calculus pretty horribly).  I have since changed majors, and my grades have improved significantly. Because of Kansai's strict policy on the 3.0 minimum, the prospects of me doing a study abroad were looking grim.

After a bit of sulking and hanging out with a friend, I had to get going to take the kittens to the vet (for a wellness check and to see if they lost their baby teeth).  Trying to get the kittens into their crates was miserable.  Tama wanted to hang out in the smaller one (and he is the bigger cat), and Haru wouldn't go into one without a huge fight.  A while later, I have the kittens in their crates and I take them out to the car.  I load them in from the passenger side, close the door and walk to the drivers side only to realize that the keys were in the car and the doors were all locked.

I started to panic and I went crying to my landlord to see what I should do.  He told me to call the towing place in town to come over and unlock the car.  So I called that place, they told me to call AAA, and they said that somebody will be there shortly.  After about 40 minutes, my cats are already late for their appointment, I couldn't feel my toes, my phone is dead, and the guy from the towing place comes and unlocks my car (FINALLY).  Getting the car opened freaked my cats out because the alarm had went off, and they were shaking and crying up until I got them home again.

Remember: No matter how bad things are, they can always be worse.  I thought that not being able to study abroad was the worst thing that could have happened at the moment.  Instead, my cats get locked in the car and spend what felt like forever being cold and crying.

This may seem like a rather silly example (and in writing it, it really does feel like that), but at the time it was happening, it felt terrible.  I was freaking out and crying the entire time!


  1. Oh no! I've almost been there. I let my dog out and decided to go out with him last winter and I locked myself out of the house. My husband was out of town, and basically EVERYONE was out of town, my phone was dying and I was freeeezing. I huddled in my garage with my dog and squeezed out phone calls until someone came to get me.

    I hope your kitties are calmed down and ok now! Its not silly at all, getting locked out and your phone dying makes you feel like you have no control, and its a pretty desperate, embarassing helpless feeling! Stick on the positive side, sure things go wrong, but it always gets better eventually!

  2. Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.