Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Stay Inspired When Classes are Bringing you Down

Classes, often times, are nothing more than a way to pass the time on your way to a degree.  I am starting an experiment and I would like you to help me along so we can see if it works or not.

So here is the experiment: Take your binder (or notebook if you prefer) and find a picture that relates to your class (cute animals or pretty flowers for biology, geodes for geology, girls/boys in lab coats with test tubes for chemistry, rollar coasters for get the idea).

Print out these pictures (in color if possible) and put them in the clear front pocket of your binder (if you are using a notebook or a binder that lacks the transparent front cover, you can always take a plastic sheet protector and tape it onto your notebook/binder or put it as the first page in your binder).

The pictures should relate to the class so you stay interested.  If in a few weeks, you are bored with the picture, change it out.  The sheet protectors are a way to help keep the pictures looking nice while your binder/notebook takes abuse from your bookbag.
(And who better than Jude Law?)
Here is what I have so far for my classes
Geology and Lab (pretty self explanitory)
Business Law (And who better than Jude Law?)
Human Resource Management (such a funny episode)
Information Systems Management (I like desktop backgrounds, so I figure I use that as a picture for this glass)

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  1. Haha I used to do this back in middle/high school! Now that I'm in art school, I don't use as many binders, but I should get back into the habit. Thanks for the reminder! :)