Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It is that time of week where we reflect on all the happy!

Lush: Everytime I try a  new product from Lush, I fall in love!  I bought Ultimate Shine and  Trichomania.  I have only tried Ultimate Shine, but it was AMAZING!!!  My hair is really soft and shiney.  YAY!

Snow: I love when It snows because the snow is so pretty.  Sure it makes driving conditions terrible and you need to bundle up extra and still freeze, but sitting inside with a cup of hot tea looking outside into a winter wonder land is quite relaxing.

Simpson's Seasons 1-11:  I love older Simpsons.  I am in posession of seasons 12 and 20, but I haven't seen 12 and 20 is rather dissappointing.  The new stuff is too "Family Guy", which I don't find funny at all.  Plus, older simpsons had such classic songs!

Sorry about the quality of this...It was the best I could do while keeping the original video.

Classic Simpsons is far superiour!

My Cardi-Wrap: While I was home for the holidays, I started working on a cardi-wrap. Since returning to school, I haven't touched it and that made me very sad. I was able to do some work on it last night. Now, all I need to do is put sleeves on and hem it. It is so close to being done and I am so excited! Pictures to come upon completion!

Snacking: I hate cooking and avoid it when possible. I prefer to snack all day as opposed to a large meal. Because of this, I finally got some snacky foods that are healthy. I have stuff for salads, carrot sticks, greek yogurt, and fat free cheese sticks. Yay for snacking!

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