Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome 2010! (sorry for how late this is)

Ok, so I am horribly late in posting this and for that, I apologize. My life was recently turned upside down and I think I am getting everything back on track. Many people are already loosing steam from new years resolutions, so many those people will find this a little pick-me-up!

Let's start short term:
Get organized.  I have never really been all that organized in my life.  I am always scrounging around last minute to get things together.  I purchased an organizer (blue zebra strip Keroppi organizer.  It is SO CUTE!) and I will be able to keep track of assignments.  I am also going to my apartment (currently at my parents house) and cleaning up a lot of stuff.  My boyfriend is moving out soon, so I need to clear things out.

Eat Better.  So, everybody has a different definition of what that could mean.  For me, it means no eating fast foods and no eating a lot of carbs.  No pretzels, chips, crackers, or drinking.  I will reward myself with these kinds of treats with working out and loosing weight.  I need to start cooking for myself (typically my boyfriend did all the cooking), so I need to not rely on ready-made food (high in carbs and sodium)

Work Out.  So, you might have noticed the trend of really predictable resolutions.  I want to be able to get back on my work-out regime.  I noticed results almost immediately.  However, I get really light-headed by a lot of it.  I am going to try taking work-out classes and see what I like.  I also need to get a hold of my badminton stuff (I know a fair bit of people who play) and get back into that.

Sewing project a month.  I got a nice new sewing machine for christmas and I really want to use it.  There are a ton of reasons to not do something (no money or time) but those are mostly just excuses.  I already have a few projects planned out (and I got fabric to start one) and I am super excited about getting started.

Reconnecting with Friends.  Since moving off campus, I no longer have a meal plan.  Going to dinner with my friends at the dining halls was how I mostly stayed connected with everybody.  I want to be able to hang out with everybody I was unable to hang out with.  I might even try and save them from campus food!  Who knows?  I want to make it a point to hang out with people at least once a week.

Learn New Craft Techniques.  I love beading and crocheting, but after a time, everything just feels the same.  I want to make it more interesting.  Not only will that increase what I can do, but it will keep me sane!  Doing the same things over again cannot be healthy.

Read More.  This is kind of vague, but the only things I read are assignments...things I need to grind through.  I want to read at least one fun (non-class) book a month.  To get a head-start on this, I have gift cards to Barnes and Nobles.

Pass the JLPT 4 Exam.  Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a standardized test.  Everything else about it is self explanatory aside from the number.  The level 4 exam is the easiest of the tests.  In Japan, they have a Kyu system (commonly seen to rank people in Go) where the higher the number, the lower the rank.  Think of it in terms of medals and it makes sense (level 1 is like 1st place, etc.).  I am studying to take and pass this exam so I have some way to differentiate myself from everybody else graduating with a BS in Business Management.  I have about a year until the next exam is held in the country, so I should be fine.

Learn HTML.  I am terrible at coding anything.  I always try and it messes up.  That makes it take even longer to put anything together.  I want to be able to post pictures without tags from hosting sites...The ad tags tend to be large and obnoxiuos.  I would love just regular pictures with not tags.

Done with short term.  Lets move onto long term:

Launch My Business.  I want to open up a combination cafe/bar/craft shop.  Garretts little sister wants to open those kinds of shops too.  I was thinking a partnership with her to get things started.  I also have a name on Etsy and My aunt is starting an e-business ( check for updates) and she said she would sell my stuff on consignment.  It seems like I have a ton of options and I am loving it!

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