Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I love Thursday

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It has been a while, but I have a lot of things I love!

My Puppy: My little pup is growing up so much!  She is really energetic, but is always ready to be picked up and cuddled (which is going to end soon because she is 5 months and 47 lbs.)  She is always super excited to see me, and she just loves to play.  She will fall asleep very quickly if nothing is going on (or she will squeek her squeek toy when my mom is teaching on her computer)

My Family: I recently lost my grandfather (it was the first grandparent of mine to pass, so I am still getting over the shock of it all), and that meant driving up to Albany (where he lived) for the funeral.  I got to see all my family for the first time since my grad party in high school.  I enjoy being with them, but I can never get around to visiting them because of the distance.  It is such a shame...

My car: I finally got my car.  It is a 2003 Hyundai Elantra and is the car I learned how to drive on.  It is a dark blue-ish green and is soo pretty.  I also have a car friend to travel with.  None other than Yurtle the Turtle (Kohls is always selling Dr. Suess plushes, so check it out)!!!

My sewing Machine: For Christmas, I got a really nice sewing machine.  I have used it for a few things already, and it is amazing.  I am still getting used to things like changing the presser foot and needles, but it is all good.

Lush Bath Bombs: Also for Christmas, I got lots of Lush stuff.  The bath bombs are really awesome!  I like the fizzing in my hand!  I love the smell of them so much, I dont care having to scrub the ring out of my tub!

Awesome breakfasts: So I made scambled eggs, sausage, and toast for breakfast a few days ago.  Nothing too fancy, right?  Wrong!  The toast had a heart cut-out (by hand) and was filled with scambled eggs (which were filled with sharp shredded cheddar cheese, but you can use any shredded cheese if you wish).  Garrett absolutely LOVED it!  I would say it is a repeat thing!

Painting my nails: So I havent really been too into painting my nails for a while due to lack of time and the fact that my job makes my nails chip much more quickly than they should.  I have started to not care so much and just paint them when I want.  I can always take it off and reapply.

Nippon Ichi Games: Nippon Ichi makes tactics-style RPG's.  Phantom Brave is about a girl who can see ghosts (It has been a while, but I think she needs to calm down all the spirits) and the DisGaea series takes place in the Netherworld (it sounds really dark, but it is really funny)!  All the artwork is anime-esque and the games used amazing sprites rather than 3d images which can make a game look REALLY awkward (See Final Fantasy X).  Be prepared to invest some serious time into these games.  I have heard of save files that weighed in at over 1000 hours (take FFVII which is about 76 Hours (including side quests) or Chrono Trigger with is about 20 hours).  The games have a very cute quality to them and they are really fun games for those who enjoy tactics-style games.

Just TRY and watch this without smiling. I DARE you!

Not as good as the other one, but still has it's moments. The ending ALWAYS gets me!

So what is making you smile?

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