Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

EDIT:  This was totally written on Thursday.  However, in the process of finding pictures before it got published, my internet completely died!  I really was trying to get this posted on time!

Sorry about the recent quietness.  As the semester winds down, I get more swamped.  I do, however, still have a list of things I LOVE for this week!

Looking at coats:  So, this may seem silly, but I have been looking around for winter coats.  The season just ended so I figured I can find something amazing on sale.  I have been looking at trench coats a bit, but for colder weather, wool lolita coats.  I really hope to be able to make one because they are so cute!

Designing:  I have been sketching out a ton of things I want to make.  with summer coming up, I am using that as inspiration as well as the additional time to get around to making things.  I have a few purses I really want to make and see how they turn out.  There are also a few skirts that I need to figure out how to get the shape I want before I do anything.  This summer is going to  be jam packed!

Walk-a-pup:  So, with the weather, this event may have been canceled.  However, today my campus scheduled an event called Walk-A-Pup.  A local animal shelter donates dogs for the day and people pay to take them for a walk.  I think this is great because the pups can socialize with more people, they get a ton of time outside of their cages, and the pups can make all kinds of new friends!

Free Lunch Day:  The Business Department got pizza and soda today and they were giving it out to everybody who walked by.  If that wasn't enough, there was a food show!  The show brought in a bunch of new vendors and the students who show up get to vote on new vendors to have food supplied to the dining halls.  It was DELICIOUS!  Plus, I made some new friends!  Free food and new friends?  Who could say no?

Spring: There has been so much GLORIOUS weather happening recently (today is a fluke with the rain).  Every night I walk into work, the managers complain about having to go back inside.  Nobody wants to be cooped up inside when the weather is totally amazing!  Plus, my wardrobe is rather springy.  I have been drawin a TON of attention recently!

New clothes:  With my birthday last week, I got a ton of new clothes.  My mom wanted me to play a prank on my brother about getting an iPad instead of new clothes.  I made 1 tweet about it, but he didn't respond.  I don't really see the point of the iPad since I have an iPhone, plus a netbook.  Back to the point!  I got 2 pencil skirts (1 high waisted), a purple button up 1/2 sleeve shirt, a pair of black capris, a pink plain tee, a black pacman tee (SO CUTE!), a black shrug, a bottle of lush conditioner (I got a sample from my Lush haul and loved it so much).  I also bought 3 camis (pink, purple, and blue respectively) and a blue rose tee from Rue 21.

My hair:  It is amazingly soft!  Also, I just discovered (as of about an hour before writing this) that it is long enough to put into pig tails!  YAY!  Also, I am REALLY considering dying my hair some fun color.  I think I will hold off until the fall to do that in case I get an internship.

Lease Expiring:  My current place is awesome, but my new place has such a cool land lord and there is so much cool about it!  It seems like parking is going to be much less of a pain which is another bonus!

Possible Double Major:  As I was making my fall and summer semester schedules, I noticed I am taking a lot of marketing classes.  In fact, I am taking SO many marketing classes, I think I am almost at a point where, once I am in the business department, I could very well declare a duel major in Marketing and Management.  I definately have enough for the minor if I cannot swing the major!

My pup:  She is so cute and silly.  She is basically a a 62 lbs. lap dog!  She is constantly flopping over and taking you out!  Also, she keeps destroying her plush toys!  It is like surgery gone horribly wrong!

Crepes and Cheese Cake:  These are things I was promised for my birthday and, despite how late they were, they were delicious!  The crepes had Nutella, cream cheese, and my favorite part, RASPBERRIES!  The Cheese cake is a small sampler cake with 4 flavors (2 of them are different types of chocolate)!  Can you say heaven?

Good Night Sleep:  Recently, I have been extremely well rested.  I wish I knew the secret so, not only would I be able to keep it up, I could share my findings with the rest of the world!  I wake up and I am not the least bit groggy.  I find I am excited to face the challenges of the day!  I don't recall every feeling like that in the mornings until only recently.

Online Window Shopping:  This makes me feel even more poor because all the things I find that I absolutely love are way outside my price range.  However, it DOES give me ideas of what I want to make.  I really wish I knew how to make shoes because most of what I find that I want falls into that catagory.  I am looking up how to make them so I can add one more thing to my list of things I can do!

Getting through my Wall of Anime:  3 years ago, Garrett and I purchased a TON of anime.  Some of the series I had seen, other he had seen.  Much of the purchase was of shows we had never heard of before.  We have watched a fair bit of it, but most of the time Garrett doesn't feel like watching anime.  This really isn't that big of a deal.  With all the free alone time I have had recently, I have been watching some of the shows.  I have gotten through Ai Yori Aoishi and I am currently in the middle of UltraManiac.  These are such cute shows and are a lot of fun to watch.

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