Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I love Thursday

Wow, what a week!  Sorry for not posting one of these last week.  I have been so busy with class and work that I didn't have time to post.  I did give you a few other tidbits to nibble on in the meantime, so that makes up for it...right?  Anyways, here is what I love now!

♥ Me Time: I have been spending a fair bit of time away from my boyfriend (boo work) so I have had to entertain myself.  I have pre-written a post on how to keep boredom away and it will be posted soon!  It has so many suggestions that you won't know where to start!  Once you get over the initial feeling of loneliness, it is quite fun!

♥ New Outfits: Buying new clothes, pairing items in ways never thought of before...WHATEVER!  I just got a new dress, a new pair of shoes, and I fixed up an old pair of shoes (a pair of high heels that was missing the nubby pin thing on the heel...and those were my favorite shoes too)!  Totally pumped for the new outfit possibilities!

♥ My New Apartment: So it is official, I will have a new place as of July.  The paperwork is signed, the deposit is in, and now I get the challenge of planning
the layout of my new place.  It is much smaller (sad) than my current place, and it doesn't have a bath tub (more sad) or oven (REALLY sad), but the rent is much cheaper (happy), much less for utilities (happier), the landlord is really cool and won't charge us to let us back in if we forget our keys (REALLY happy) and I can have a kitty (EXPLOSION OF HAPPY)!  I think the pros deffinately outweigh the cons and the fact that it is smaller forces me to think about what I NEED in my apartment and to find alternate homes for the rest of my stuff.

♥ Clean Apartment: last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a cleaning spree.  It resulted in throughing out accumulated junk, mopping a mystery stain from my tile (blue and sticky...Gatorade?) and being able to see my table and floors (if it is a flat surface, I WILL put stuff on it...^_^").  I am planning on taking all my winter clothes and some unnecessary things (unused blanket and all my stuffed animals) back home.  This lets me see a puppy too!

♥ My puppy: QT is HUGE!  She is about 60lbs and I think she has a bit of growing left!  Every time I come home, she jumps around and is totally excited and in play mode!  She is so funny to be around (she gives high 5's and hugs)!  I can't wait for summer to come so I can play with her a bit more!

♥ Spring: With spring here, I have more range of what I can wear, so more possibilities of outfits.  Also, I get to see lots of baby animals and pretty flowers this time of year.  I see so many people walking puppies and people taking their dogs to the drive thru (I still think we should have dog treats for them).  Driving to work, I go past a goat farm (I do live in the middle of nowhere) and there are baby goats!

♥ PSP: I love video games and there are some availible exclusively for PSP (PlayStation Portable).  I have wanted one for about 2 years now and never was able to find one.  I found a red PSP (modded) for really cheap and it came in last week!  I have been playing it so much in my free time and it has been amazing (the button assignment is a bit awkward because the system has Japanese button assignment and games don't.  You may think this doesn't make a difference, but when the exicute/confirm command keeps changing, it gets frustrating)

♥ Work: So, I finally have hours at work (one could argue that I have too many hours because I have extremely limited free time).  Having hours means big paychecks.  Big paychecks means shopping, which in turn means new outfit possibilities!  Not only that, but I have been getting time on line (making the food) instead of as cashier.  Going to work and doing the same thing every day gets pretty boring after a while (from a managerial POV, this is bad and you want to prevent this).

♥ Seeing Things as a Manager: I thought that there was nothing to being a manger and that I just had to spend lots of money to say that I am one, but I see things differently now.  I can point out all the managerial flaws at work and think up of suggestions for what can be done instead.  Example: One manager thought of making a star chart that coorinated with if we met out drivethru time.  The idea behind this is "people will work harder if there is a potential reward involved".  This is extrinic motivation (motivation from outside factors) and it only works in a very short term sence (as everybody saw).  I suggested cross training people (mostly as a way to get me cross trained) because if people do different things everyday, there is a level of excitement and people will be more motivated to work.  When the job itself is motivating, it is Intrinsically motivating.  This type of motivation is proven to be much more successful.

♥ Being productive: So, this tag frequently shows up on my lists and here is the reason: I mostly am not productive even though I know how good it feels to be productive.  I don't see finishing assignments or studying for a test as productive.  I see working on my own projects or cleaning as being productive.  I have written so much this week, plus I am undergoing a huge cleaning project so I have the space to indulge in my crafting projects.  THAT is being productive.

♥ Lush: Everything I get from Lush is abso-freaking-lutely amazing.  My skin and hair have never looked this good ever!  I wish I had learned of this company sooner so I could have felt like this sooner.  I feel much better about how I look, even on exceptionally lazy days where I stay in my pajamas.

♥ My nails: My nails have always looked like a wreck.  I mostly washed dishes at work, so the actual nail was splitting/chipping off.  I also had terrible looking cuticles and the skin around the tail was always coming up in little "tags" (I can't really describe it).  Right now, my nails look healthy and pretty (even without nail polish).  I have never seen my nails look this good unless I pay a ton of money for a manicure.  Here is the post I wrote on what I did to get pretty nails

♥  My Birthday:  I turn 22 TOMORROW!  I am pretty pumped by this because birthdays mean parties!  By boyfriend got me a bag full of gifts (all wrapped in pink).  He knows I hate being taunted by having all of that in plain site so, he gave me something from the bag.  He let me have the single cutest headband I have ever seen!  It is hot pink and satin with a big bow on the side!  Just looking at it makes me smile!

♥ Dave and Busters:  My friends birthday is Saturday and he is turning 21, so he is having this huge bash at D&B.  D&B is like Chuck E Cheese for adults (restaurant and arcade) with great food, awesome games and an awesome selection of drinks (I am assuming this because it has been quite a while since my last visit here and I wasn't old enough to get drinks).  Every time I go there, I never want to leave!

♥  Shopping:  On my way to D&B Saturday, I am stopping by home and my mom is taking me birthday  shopping!  New clothes without me paying?  The college student within says "yes"!  I have to abide by my moms rules for clothing (she analysis everything and seriously asks "Would Stacy and Clinton approve?") but I won't be beaten!

♥ High Heels:  I have been wearing heels for the last few days and I seriously forgot how much I love them!  They make me tall (I am 5'3") and I can look everybody else in the eye!  I am not used to that (and neither are my friends) so it usually ends up with everybody around us laughing a ton!

♥ Cooking:  I have never been one to cook, so it is surprising to see "Cook" on this list.  I am not bad at making up breakfasty foods though.  Since I have had a ton of time recently, I have had to fend for myself in the kitchen.  I have a TON of eggs (I buy the 3-dozen pack from Sam's club), so this is what I ended up with.  It is simple, but everybody I tell this too starts to drool (seriously, people actually were drooling as I told them what went in it).

♥ Crepes:  This is going back to my birthday tomorrow, but my boyfriend said he was going to make me crepes.  Nutella + berries (especially raspberries) + other crepe stuffs = pure yumminess!  Garrett is amazing in the kitchen and takes any dish I already like and seriously makes it so much better.  I WISH I had that kind of talent!

♥ Reciepts:  My boyfriend kept all the receipts with the bags, so I was able to find out  what I got for my birthday before I opened my gifts!  He was so upset (fake upset) that I knew what everything was, then got sad because we were watching something together and I wasn't playing the game he got me.  He is SO FREAKING CUTE!  Also, I now know what I got without having to open the gifts (I hate seeing that I have presents, so I try and find out what I got as a gift before I am supposed to have recieved it!

Is there anything special that you love right now?  Why not share it?


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