Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Edit: This was half written last Thursday and Half written today.  I fell asleep while studying for a test before this got posted last week.  Please forgive the lateness!

Hello my loves!  Welcome to another edition of Things I Love Thursday.  As my semester winds down, I have little time to write, edit, and publish posts due to so many end of semester tests and projects.  I promise you that I have a TON of articles written, plus ideas for so many more that it is crazy.  Now, on with the show!

Seeing lots of animals:  On my drive to work, I pass so many farms.  I recently got to see TONS of baby goats.  It is absolutely adorable!  Also, I recently learned that one of the houses has 2 huskies.  HUSKIES!!!  I squee every time I drive past!

Test Postponed:  As I am writing this, I am studying for a test tomorrow.  This test was originally scheduled to be Wednesday, however work had me coming in so much that I really couldn't devote any time to studying.  I have spent most of the day studying today, so I know have a ton more confidence when I walk into my test at 3pm tomorrow.

HeadShot Energy Drinks:  My boyfriend bought a discount case of these a while ago and we are mostly done with them (discount due to misprinted expiration date).  Reading text books puts me to sleep (after 3 pages earlier today, I zonked out for about 2 hours).  The energy drinks, while not being my first choice (my first choice is Bawls because it is tasty and has a silly name) have been keeping me awake, and thus doing their job.  Thank you for helping me pass my test.

Developing a study system:  My system is very basic as well as time consuming.  It does, however, allow me to demonstrate an understanding of the material studied.  I read the chapter (long and boring), then answer the end of chapter questions.  It is super basic, but it does work.  The questions ask you to explain why things are a certain way and to give examples.  I did this with a test I took Monday.  Before, I knew NOTHING of the material (the class seems rather pointless).  I answered the end of chapter questions and when I walked out of the test (about 15 minutes and 42 questions later) I felt very confident that I got a good grade.

Windows open:   My apartment doesn't have AC, so at night,having the windows open feels AMAZING.  I also enjoy driving with the windows open.  Partly because the breeze feels really nice and partly so I can subject the world my my music (I am sick of hearing stuff on the radio blasted, so I blast Japanese music)!

Popcicles:  This is in addition to my apartment not having AC.  Popcicles are a nice way to cool down and are low in calories.  Yay!

Having a car:  There is nothing to do in the town where my school is.  If I want to go anywhere or do anything, it requires me driving.  Even walking across campus takes a ton of time.

Having friends over:  One of my friends is having a birthday soon.  Also, I just had a difficult test.   Tonight is part birthday party, part test celebration.

Going to the Zoo:  There is a small petting zoo near where I live and it is really cute!  I bought a season pass which is good for a year!  Also, despite the fact that it is a petting zoo, there are lions, tigers, and bears (OH MY)!  The bears eat kibble (along with other real bear food) and it is so cute!   There are pipes that lead from where you and I would stand on the path to where the bears are.  Also, there are monkeys that pull a chain attached to a bucket so they can get cheerios!   HOW CUTE!?!

Being done with tests:  So, I just had 2 weeks filled with tests!  I did rather well on the ones that I got the grades for (missing the grades for 1 test), and I am happy with the results.  I am also happy that I don't have to stress myself out as much for next week!  Yay!

New underthings:  There are few things better than getting yourself some new nickers.  I have finally decided to give Aerie a try and let me say that it is not as expensive as I thought it would be (I also was rummaging through the cheapo bins).  When I get some extra money, I am definitely going back!

Finding my ankle bracelet:  Last year for my birthday, my aunt gave me this really pretty ankle bracelet from Lia Sophia.  It is silver with pale colored transparent beads and it is extremely pretty in a very subtle way.  It was in my jewelry box that I think I need to rummage through more often!

Mac 'n Cheese:  It has been so long since I had some macaroni and cheese that it I think I may have enjoyed it a bit too much.  It was just a box of Kraft that you can get in any grocery store.  I added lots of garlic and peppers to give it more of a grown-up taste, but I didn't take out the pepper seads (I thought I could handle it...^_^').

Also, if you want to laugh at something that is terrible, click here!

So, it has been kind of a stressful 2 weeks, but I survived.  Now, I am going to allow myself a bit of a nap.  In the mean time, what has stolen your heart this week?

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