Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

So, this has been a week full of super happy!  There are some highlights of what has been going on!

Setting up appointments:  All these appointments are medical, but it is good to have doctors tell you that you are health.  Also, I love going to the dentist because my dental hygienist is super gentle and is like a second mother to me!

Pronoia:  I am only in the middle of chapter 4, but it is such an interesting book.  Right now, there are a bunch of snippets like in a news paper.  KAWAII!!!

Finals Week:  Finals start next Tuesday. You know what that means?  SUMMER BREAK!!!  An entire summer of lounging, working, and eventually shopping!  I am only responsible for being at work on time.  I am not taking any summer classes.

No summer classes:  I was originally signed up for 2 classes this summer, however, I didn't have the student loans to cover them.  I would have had to pay about $1800 instead of my estimated $600 (which I had to pay last summer).  This frees up a bunch of money which leads me to my next item.

Moving In Early:  I am supposed to move into my new apartment in July, however, I am going to be able to make enough money to move in during JUNE!  AN ENTIRE EXTRA MONTH AT MY NEW APARTMENT!  I am so absolutely pumped!

Shoes:  I have been shoe shopping on Amazon and found THESE adorable pumps (I want them in Matte Black and Glitter Hot Pink), and THESE sexy studded booties.  What I like about them is the price tag.  These are shoes that I actually like that I can afford!  This is super exciting news and I can't wait to get the money to buy them!.

Bugles:  Anybody who says that they don't love these chips are lying!  They are sooo tasty!!!  I don't often have them, but when I do, they never last.  They are just that good.  When I was a wee Mag-Elicious, I used to put them on my fingers and pretended to be a witch!  So silly!

Kindle:  I have the Kindle app for my iPhone and it is pretty freaking awesome!  I got it when I first got my phone last year, but I thought that you had to pay $10 for each book.  I don't have that kind of money and I am able to get most of those books used for about half of that.  Now, I realized there are free books you can get on kindle (they are all very old and out of the copyright period).  I stocked up on Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, The Count of Monte Cristo, and many other delicious morsels.

Curry Rice:  Yesterday, I found curry mix in my cabinets!  Yummy!  I made that with beef (for stewing), potatoes, and carmelized onions (I have never had onions that tasted SWEET!  They were SO FREAKING GOOD)!  It ended up being a disaster because the beef was chewy, the potatoes didn't cook properly, and the curry "broth" was REALLY thin.  However, the rice was perfect and I was able to eat medium hot curry (I have no spicy tolerance).

Nana:  I LOVE Nana!  It is such a fantastic story and the style of all the characters is really unique and to die for!  I am not much into the punk style, but all of the punk characters make me swoon!  Also, in the movie, the actor of Nobuo is really cute (in a dorky way which I REALLY love) and super talented!

Zoo Season Pass:  Last week I went to the local zoo (it is really small and a good place to go to for a few hours).  There are so many cute things about the zoo and going more than 4 times will have the pass pay for itself!  Also, it is part petting zoo, so you can feed most of the animals there!

Sewing Anticipation:  Since I will have a lot more free time this summer, and since I have a nice sewing machine, I am going to get started on some projects!  They're mostly going to be purses but I will try to fit in cool skirts too!  This will let me get to know the properties of certain fabrics and how they move/work.  One step closer to my dream?  Yes, please!

Explanation of picture:  Last night, I was watching an episode of The  Simpson's called Much Apu About Nothing (Season 7 Episode 23).  The episode starts out with this ADORABLE bear wandering Evergreen Terrace.  He has no intent to hurt anybody.  He just wants to sit and look silly.  This was the image I found during my search.  Not the same bear, but oh so silly!

As you can see, lots of happy to go around!  There is so much love in the air here that you can feel it!  Is there a list of things that have got you swooning this week?

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