Friday, July 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

I know this is a little on the late side, but it has been CRAZY here!  So much is going on that it is UNREAL (I exaggerate.  Mostly I have been at work).  Here is what has been happening HERE!

Travis stopped by:  Travis is my boyfriends roommate from years ago.  They went to high school together.  He now lives in Hawaii with his girlfriend he met on WoW.  Garrett and I had lunch with them the other day and Dana (the Hawaiian girlfriend) is such a treat!  They brought back a BUNCH of macadamia nut candies which were DELICIOUS!!!  Also, at the restuarant, I had tiramisu for the first time in my life.  YUMMY!!

Kittens are feeling better:  When I adopted these little guys, I thought they had a hairball that was stuck.  What I didn't know (and didn't think to ask) was that they had the starting symptoms of an Upper Respiratory Infection.  I took them to the vet and now they are playing ALL THE TIME!!!  It is soo cute and AWESOME!

Having a Clean Apartment: Garrett doesn't clean the apartment at all, so tuffI have to make sure everything is done.  I love being able to walk around and not trip over stuff or walk through a pile of crumbs.  Also, for the same reason, I miss carpeting.  When crumbs get in carpet, you don't feel it as much.

My New NEW Apartment:  I am moving into a larger apartment in 3 and a half weeks.  I was supposed to be in one by now, but things kept coming up with the other residents.  I am now officially moving into apartment number 314 (the number makes me giggle, that is why it is included).

The People I Work With (and don't):  We have lost a TON of people at work.  Management is working very hard to replace them as quickly as they are leaving.  The new people we have are AMAZING!  They are very likable people and are picking up very quickly on what to do.  Also, the people who left were people who, generally, didn't have positive work ethic.  In this list is a manager who went crazy and starting throwing stuff at another employee.  She was also the main reason why all the other slackers quit.

Watching Movies: There are so many movies that I haven't seen that "everybody has seen".  I am catching up on some of those, plus some that just seem really interesting.  All the while these movies are playing, my kittens are snuggled up on me napping.  It is the cutest ever!

Finding Sexy boots: My Divas Closet has such an awesome collection of boots, jewelry, and false eyelashes.  I have my eye on these boots in purple and these boots in Berry, Deep Purple, and Cobalt.  They are on sale, so I need to decide FAST! 

EarthBound:  This is a Super Nintendo game from '94/'95.  It is very silly and childish, but will NEVER be released on Wii Virtual Console because of how many pop culture references there are.  It is funny now many you see throughout the game!  Monty Python, Star Wars, Blues Brothers, and The Little Rascals are just some of the references you will see!

That is it for this week.  I have other topics in mind to write about, so you won't have just all these TILT posts to read.  Until then, what do you love?

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