Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Celebrity Encounters!!!

So, this week, I had the opportunity to meet a famous singer.  I would now like to take the time to reminisce about the times I have encountered the famous!  I don't have too many memories where I have met somebody of note, but what memories I DO have really count for something!

When I was about 5 or 6, my mom worked at a department store at a mall.  My dad took us to the mall to see my mom, and there was HUGE line to get into the store!  None us knew what was going on for so long.  My dad eeventually figured out that Sherry Louis was in the store signing autographs!  Finally, it was my brothers turn to meet her (and mine.  Respective ages 7 and 5 appx.).  She took time to actually meet and talk to each of the kids in line.  We both got an atuograph

When I was 9 years old, I was on summer break from school.  That summer, I was taking tennis lessons from the local township park.  One day after practice, my parents call on me while I am at a friends house.  I was to come home immediately and pack my bags (as was the running joke all week) so we can leave for New Mexico.  I was to see my first Styx concert!  Now, this is cool enough on its own, but my parents bought tickets in advance.  We got the walk around the concert hall for a half hour before they took paying guests.  In the meantime, we found the concert buses!  We got to talking with the security guard and my dad eventually writes a letter to Styx on my behalf.  We gave the security guard all of the essential details (address,etc.) in addition to the letter.  A few weeks later, I get an autograph picture from Styx in the mail!  I have been trying to thank them ever since, but I don't know how!

A few years later, Styx is touring through Pittsburgh and my parents take my brother and myself.  My mom finds a way to get RIGHT up to the stage and my dad puts me up on his shoulders (I am about 12).  I am SCREAMING "Tommy Shaw!!!" While Glenn is tickling my palm with his guitar pick!  I wish I could have appreciated the moment then because it was fucking RAD!

Earlier this week, I was at work (with my boyfriend) and this girl spots a giant bus drive past on her cigarette break.  She thought it was weird, but doesn't say much of it.  After a few minutes, we get a small group of people to walk in and order.  In this group of people, one of the guys has LONG  curly hair.  I didn't take any notice to it, but one of the girls working walks up and asks for an identity.  We confirm who this is, and everybody is still in utter shock!  One guy gets an autograph while the rest of us get our picture taken with this individual.  Said individual even offers to take out picture (thus negating the entire idea of getting our picture taken).  This, ladies and gentlemen, is when I met Weird Al Yankovic!  He is totally an awesome guy and I would love to have had the opportunity to hang out with him more!

Yes, the HIGHLIGHT of my week is meeting Weird A, but he is so rad that it is impossible to enjoy the experiance!  I was lucky enough to take his order and have difficulty running his card.

LESSON: Don't quit a job because it is boring.  You never know when you will get to meet somebody interesting!

So, i have had some excitement this week!  What about you???

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  1. Ah, finally a little more context than just the awesome picture. I've met Al several times at meet & greets after concerts, and he is consistently just wonderful to the people he meets. Friendly and attentive and approachable.