Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Video Games

Sure, video games are a bit dorky, but they are really fun and interesting!  They are full of adventures and fantasy!  They can take you places you can only dream of going!

Fatal Frame 2:  I haven't played the first one (or the second for that matter, but I watched as my boyfriend did), but it is an interesting story where you need to solve the puzzle of an abandoned village.  It is a survival horror game where you take pictures of ghosts.  It sounds silly in concept, but I kept jumping out of my skin.  The puzzles aren't PARTICULARLY difficult as long as you are observant.  Make sure when you play it, you are in a well lit room with at least somebody within screaming distance.  That warning is just for your sanity (I know a girl who thought it would be smart to play a Fatal Frame game in the dark alone...She wet herself).

Final Fantasy 6: Everybody who hears the name Final Fantasy, they freak out about 7,10, and now 13.  I haven't played 13, but 10 was terrible and 7 is WAY over-rated.  I think the reason why people like 7 so much is because it is the first game they played.  FF6 has such a good story, very deep characters, and an interesting twist on the battle system (each Final Fantasy is slightly different with respect to battle twist).  Those people who really like video games know how good this game is, so I am not going to go on about it anymore.

Suikoden 1 and 2:  Now, with most video game sequels, they have nothing to do with each other.  With the Suikoden series, they reference the other games and events.  It is soo cool!  Even some of the characters are the same.  Each game has 124 characters that you can reruit to your castle.  Many of the characters help your castle grow.  The game plays so differently than so many games.  It is refreshing to see something different!

Resonance of Fate: This is a game that I only started playing recently and I LOVE it!  The battle system isn't difficult, but you can make your characters do all kinds of stuff that looks really impressive (so you can show off how sexy the battle system is.  Plus, not only can you customize the weapons, you can customize the outfits that each character wears.  You can buy items from the shop, or find them on the world map.  The game is a series of missions that you must complete.  I am still at the VERY beginning of this game, so I don't know where the plot is going.

As much as I love video games, there are other things to love

Geeking out with my cousin:  My cousin and I never get to see each other.  We used to IM each other years ago, but now we text.  We talk about all kinds of geeky things.  We tell each other about new video games we have tried, anime conventions, and a bunch of other stuff.  She actually scored me an autograph from Nobuo Uematsu (the composer for Final Fantasy).  She makes all kinds of AMV's that are amazing and win awards at these conventions.

Shoes came in: I finally own a pair of ankle booties!  I featured them a while ago, bought them last week.  They came in yesterday and are the most comfortable pair of heels I own.  They are suede and peep-toe and adorable!  The only thing off is the color.  The image displayed on the website showed them to be more of a pinky/purply/reddish color.  They are more of a deep reddish purple.  The color is difficult to describe, but you can't trust color on a computer screen because each monitor displays color differently.  I like the color even though it was different than anticipated.  Even this picture shows up orange on my phone!

Kittens: I know I keep putting them on here, but they are growing up so quickly and are doing all sorts of crazy things.  Tama likes to sleep in Garretts laundry basket, and Haru has taken to trying to climb up me...on my head.  Last night, Haru even tried to get out.  She ran between my legs as I was coming back from laundry, and was just sitting outside my door, staring at the world.  I was able to scoop her up before she took off, but she did give me quite the scare.  Right now, they are sleeping on top of each other by my feet.

Having a clean car:  Since I got possession of the car, it has been an absolute wreck.  Sure, most of it is in the trunk, but I am able to take people around.  I always had to rearrange the contents of my back seat to make room for passangers.  Now, the only things that need to get moved are 2 small stuffed animals.  This excites me more than it should, I know, but what can I say?

Being Sick:  Being sick means being pampered.  It is an excuse to sleep in extremely late, be as lazy as possible, and drink way too much tea.  I even tried the Gala Darling Miracle Potion (lemon, honey, ginger, pain killers, lots of hot water, and some brandy) except with no witches hat.  I did find my cloak though, so I think it still worked.  The potion was vile (as are most potions), but I drank it anyways.  I see the merit in it too.  Whatever part of you feels like death, you have something for it in that potion.  I was even able to get a day off work.

I know I don't live an exciting life, and usually that means nothing happens.  I still find things I love every week.  If I can do it, so can you!

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