Friday, September 24, 2010

The iTrend: Will it Ever End?

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It is impossible to look around and not see iProduct or iAdvertisement.  While walking through campus today, I saw a t-shirt that said iRep (representing the university I guess).  You walk in a store and there are so many accessories for iPod and iPhone.  Plus, there is that annoying iDog!  Hell, even driving on the interstate, there is a billboard for iRock (for Slippery Rock University) that hasn't changed in about 2 years.  Will this trend ever end? 

A few weeks ago, I got a cute eye shadow compact that looks like an iPhone.  It is called Eyemobile.  When I told Garrett what it was called, he thought it was iMobile, following the trend.  This is something that is now being ingrained in our heads!

A possible way to control this trend (and maybe see other companies be more creative in their naming instead of riding out the popularity of an existing name) is for Apple to trademark or copyright i(blank) or just the lowercase i prefix.  Then we will hopefully see a decline in these products, thus stimulating companies and marketing executives to use their own creativity!

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