Friday, September 24, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

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Sorry for the lack of TILT and for this particular list being late.  I have had no time to write between being in class and having to go to work (and feeling lazy because I'm sick).  I am getting my apartment (and therefore, life) organized and hopefully I should be able to get more actual writing done.

Getting My Laptop Fixed/ Visiting Friends I Haven't Seen In AGES
My laptop broke soon after I got kittens, however it was still usable.  Late last week, the screen stopped displaying anything all together!  OH NO!  I recently found out that my friend has started his own computer repair business (and if you are in need of computer repair in the Pittsburgh area, here is his website)!  I was able to get my computer fixed AND hang out with a friend I haven't seen in a few years!

Being called nuts
While walking to class the other day, I ran into a girl who used to live in the same complex as me.  She saw what shoes I was wearing (red platform peep-toe ankle booties) and said I was nuts for wearing them!  I got a few more comments on the shoes throughout the day and it made me smile.  I have never really gotten complimented on my style before (although I did turn a few heads).  I guess people like my sense of style!

Work Being Tolerable
This isn't often when I walk out of a shift and think that the day wasn't bad.  Usually, the managers are morons and my co-workers are insufferable!  The other day, I thought that work was actually fun.  I was making jokes with my co-workers and managers and was able to get my cleaning job done quickly (which means I get to leave sooner)!  One would be amazed at how an enjoyable work-place can increase productivity!  Positive attitudes are good for a variety of reasons!

Super Cheap Tickets to Phantom of the Opera
I LOVE going to the theatre and I jump on any opportunity I can get.  My school is taking a trip down to the Benedum (in Pittsburgh) to see Phantom.  I haven't seen a professional production of this show on stage and I am really looking forward to it!  I was able to get a ticket for myself AND for Garrett (and they are next to each other!) for $10 a piece!  WHAT!?!  I don't even think the student pricing is that good!  I am REALLY looking forward to the show!

Seeing the show and getting lost in Pittsburgh
The show was on Sunday and it was AMAZING!  The costumes were beautiful, the music was out of this world (I literally had shivers from the music.  That has NEVER happened before!), and everything about it was absolutely perfect!  We actually didn't get lost trying to find the theater either.  We got lost trying to get home.  In an attempt to try and find some signs of a highway or a way home, we found ourselves in Squirrel Hill and stopped at a few shops.  One of which (and my favorite of the day) was a Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop!  I had never seen one in real life and was completely pumped about being in there.  I was so overwhelmed by the amount of flavor options!  There were so many that were shop exclusive!  Everything was tasty and full of win (I hate that phrase, but it is the only thing I can think of that seem to fit)!

Being told my "plan" is good
By plan, I mean this: I want to open up my own clothing store.  I want to make the clothing and accessories myself (or at least design them) and maybe even open a "brick-and-mortar" store (yay physical presence)!  I gave some rough details about how I want to do things and more than one professor said that it sounded good!  YAY FUTURE!

Being Told by Professors that My Job Sucks
In my business classes, we discuss what qualities good management has and well as what bad qualities.  I almost ALWAYS have an example from my current place of work of how the management is bad (and I mean BAD).  Anything ranging from motivation techniques to Total Quality Management (TQM) principles all register as negative in each aspect!  Sure, some days are good (see above), but it doesn't mean I want to stay there at all!

Fall Season
I love the fall for more than just the fashion shows.  I love seeing how people keep themselves warm and what kinds of sweaters and jackets people have.  It is really funny when I start noticing everybody wearing almost the same thing.  I also enjoy seeing that occasional pop of something different.  It is really fun to just sit back and watch the styles walk right past you.  I LOVE seeing how people style themselves!

Hot Drinks
Cold weather means hot cocoa and lattes!  Warm drinks are a delicious way to warm yourself starting from the inside!  I like breaking things up by adding different flavor shots (favorite classics: mint and raspberry. favorite new obsession: hazelnut) to my drink!  YUM!

Getting Adequate Sleep
Getting enough sleep in extremely important no matter who you are!  It also feels so good to let yourself get the sleep you need instead of trudging around with just a few hours of sleep a night.  I get so bored hearing "I only got 3 hours of sleep last night" because these people are just not good at managing their time.  Instead of watching TV all night, go to sleep.  You can watch that show the next day (if you record it or if it is something you can get on your netflix subscription).  If your kid wakes you up every night, stop complaining.  You chose to have that kid!

Getting apartment clean
My apartment is usually a mess of clothing empty bags, and random sheets of paper.  Yesterday, I got off my lazy fanny and took charge!  I have a floor for the first time in a few weeks, and I can see the top of my dresser (which hasn't happened since I moved in).  Getting used to the new bathroom set-up is a bit awkward (and because of that, I need to get my kittens a new water dish), but I really like it!  I got a modular shelf from Target and it is wonderful!  I was able to assemble it with no help (!!!), it was fairly cheap, and I can take it apart and use it for when I go to conventions!  I already have ideas for how I want to set up my artist table and these shelves are going to SERIOUSLY maximize space!

Dread Falls
These are really popular at anime conventions, particularly with the punk crowd.  I really like the look of them because they are colorful and off the wall!  Also, they are not very common (at least in my area), which makes me like them more!  Mine are blue, white, and a reddish purple (it does look a bit patriotic, which wasn't what I was going for) and I made them by twisting and braiding yarn!  They are super easy to make, and even easier to "install" (again, this is a punk look).  I will do a post on these soon!
The Fun Theory
This is best shown off in the form of video.  When I first saw these, I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Small Lovelies: Kitten antics, laughing so hard you can't stand up, having interesting discussions with friends, puzzle games, singing loudly to music while driving down the highway, having half my collection of shoes in my car (uumm...yea....I kept changing shoes and forgetting to bring them back in to my apartment until yesterday), naps, sunglasses, American Pickers and Pawn Stars (two new TV obsessions), High heels (more than just the comments I get while wearing them), staying warm, playing with pets, and caring professors (that can really make or break a class)!

One last video for you!  Hope you like it as much as I do!
I hope you have had a lovely week and have awesome things to look forward to!


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