Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautifully Unique to just Mag-Elicious. Why the change?

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I know I have been absent these past few weeks (AND I promised more content.  Seems a bit backwards, no?) and for that I apologize.  I keep coming up with AMAZING blog article ideas, but ultimately, have to shoot them down.  Why?  Because these articles are not within the "Beautifully Unique" realm.  I started Beautifully Unique to be a fashion/life style blog (similar to  I am not her, not do I want to be.  I have spent much of my time trying to be somebody I wasn't and I am not going to go back to that.

Now, I realize that there are other topics I want to cover.  This blog is my voice on the internet.  Why should I limit myself to just a handful of topics?  There are other things in this world that I care about.  People have opinions on every topic (even if their feeling is of indifference).  While Beautifully Unique was a blog, Mag-Elicious is an opinion.

Now I can post on subjects like management or even politics and ethics.  The possibilities are now LIMITLESS just with a simple change.  I feel like I am much more free to post about all kinds of opinions.  I can now use some of my older drafts that I started to write and as I was adding final details/touches, I realized didn't fit my blog.  You have no idea how good this feels (unless you have done it too, in which care, you do know)!

I keep saying this (and I keep saying "I mean it!"), but expect some top notch posts!  There is so much I want to share with you!

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