Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello All! ~intro~

Hello everybody, and welcome to my adventure. I have been a "nonpariel" of the blog iCing for the past few months, and I have started living my life a little bit differently ever since. I have been more concerned about fashion, and I want to live a happier, more "sparkly" life. I will try and update this as frequently as possible. If there is any questions you may have, just e-mail me.

Some of the changes I have made in my life:

Dieting: By this, I mean in the form of a life style change, not just a temporary. It is also not some kind of "fad diet" featured in so many magazines. After lengthy research, all of those diets make you loose water weight and muscle, thus increasing body fat percentage. My diet is more general than these diets. I simply eat a lot of carbohydrates in the morning and after working out. The rest of my calories comes from protein in lean meat. Chicken breast is one of those most common things I eat. I also am trying to drink a ton of water everyday. Another thing about my diet, I cannot drink soda (I was born in New York, so deal with it). Even diet soda has many artificial sweeteners that aren't good for you.

Working out: I go to the gym 3 times a week. My work out then is strength training, consisting of squats, military press, bench press, and dead lift to name a few major exercises. I also do some kind of cardio workout 5 times a week (or at least try to). This ranges from Frisbee, to racket sports. I would just go running, but while I was in high school, I was on the cross country team, and not by choice. Because of this, I now have really bad knees and a deep hatred for running.

Being more fashion minded: I often find that shopping for me is extremely difficult. There are few things I like, and I find that I often have a hard time finding things that fit properly. I even try the next size up or down, but to no avail. This is happening a bit less now, because of working out. I am wearing clothing I bought years ago, and they fit better now then when I bought them.

Being Sparkly: This may sound silly, but I think its fitting. Gala Darling (she will probably get mentioned frequently because of all the recent inspiration I have recieved from her) is the first person I heard of who used this phrase. Its about being the best, happiest, most fun you possible. Nobody likes to be around grouchy people. I don't like it, and despite my best efforts, I know I can be a bit grouchy. I know that when I get like this, people distance themselves from me. That isn't cool at all. I try to do some basic things like smile more, stand up straighter (both of these things sends signals to your brain that you are happy). I find that It really helps.

This blog will probably be changing in appearance until I find "my look", so please be patient.

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