Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

HELLO MY LOVELIES!  Welcome back to this weeks edition of Things I Love Thursday!  I have some great stuff here for you, so stay tuned and feel the LOVE!
New Shoes:  I bought 2 new pairs of shoes today.  I spent about $40 out of pocket for them!  Here are pictures of what they look like!

Writing TILT Draft on Pay Stub:  While I was at work last weekend, Garrett took my phone (his was dead) and went home to run some errands.  I had nothing to do on my break so, instead of letting myself get bored or angry, I decided to write my TILT list and get a head start.  I had so many small things I loved in just a shot while.  Here is a picture!

Singing in the car: I love to sing, but I never play music anymore, so I don't get to sing much.  When I am driving by myself, I play my music (LOUDLY) and sing along to the song as best as I can (usually songs in Japanese that I don't fully know the lyrics to).  I can really tell a difference in the quality of my singing between now and high school.  Then, I had a greater range, but microphones can pick up my voice now.  I don't mind the trade off.

Finals being done:  I have 1 more final and it is tomorrow morning at 8am.  I don't like the time, but it should be a pretty mindless final and I should be able to pass no problem.  I am going to go to the lab and study a bit once I am done writing this.

Sleeping in: It is such a lazy way to enjoy yourself, but it is so comfy that it is hard to resist.  The temperature is just right, the blankets are soft, the bed is cozy, and that little plush bunny is the right size to hold on to while you sleep.  I really want to take a nap right now.

New and awesome outfits:  I put together this crazy awesome outfit a few days ago, but I need to rework it (so I can use my new shoes) before I take pictures and post it.  It is so cute and fun!  This is probably my best outfit yet!

Alyssa:  This is a new girl I work with and she is DELIGHTFUL!  She is graduating high school in a few short days (I believe she said that count down was at 17 days) and is getting ready to go off to school.  I think I found a potential first customer for my clothing!

Special Guests: Pirouettes, hair clip bows, cat ears, gorgeous weather, Aerie bras, my roos, baked goods, Hello Kitty EVERYTHING, super soft hair, my silly puppy, puppies in drive through, scarves, Gift card shopping spree, writing with a fountain pen (it makes all the difference), giving tasteless gifts, How to cook everything: the basics (yes, I bought that cookbook), learning new stuff at work, NYC souvenirs (my brother just went for the first time.  HYPER jealous), Brunch, Netlix, classic video games (I REALLY want to play some Chrono Trigger), tweeting to my brother, foot rubs, Mary Kay make-up bad and vision board for $1 total, and finding things in my purse!

Love your way?  Share what you in love with!

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