Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend (and it's not even over!)

Ok, Friday started as any other day really. Got up, went to class, got picked up and went to work. Read a few hours (since I ALWAYS show up early on days I work), then clock in. Deal with the various stresses of work, come home and relax. Well, after I got home to relax, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. The end result was that I wanted to kill myself and we slept separately that night.

Cue Saturday morning. Wake up and surf the internet for a bit. I have recently been reading up on eft (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how it can be used to heal your body of many things (what research I have done shows that it can do amazing things, like cure what medicine cannot). I have many negative things in my life, just like anybody else. I was watching a few videos (with headphones on) when My boyfriend finally came down to talk to me. I decided I wouldn't let him know what I was up to because if ever there was a skeptic, it would be him. He realized that that his reactions were comepletely uncalled for, and wanted to go through with what we had planned for the day (he got me tickets a few weeks ago to see Les Miserable at the Benedum (in Pittsburgh)). He was so much nicer and sweeter than the night before (and was making sure to be extra kind and was holding me a lot which helps me calm down)

The show wasn't until much later in the evening, and we had some errands to run. I picked up a medication from the drug store and we went to his house to drop stuff off and pick up a few things. When we got to his house, he got a call from his mom asking to stop by where she works (currently, she is helping renovate the bar she works at). We get there, and she gives us really yummy food and offers me a beer. Now, at this point, I have tried a few beers and haven't found one that I actually like. Yesterday, however, she finds one that I actually would tolerate for an evening (I have been forced to tolerate beer before because that was what we had bought, but this beer was much better). It was an apricot wheat beer, and it was a lot milder than other beers because of the wheat. I was just really shocked that I found a beer that is closer to me liking something.

Nothing really special happened the rest of the night. City traffic sucked and my boyfriend let me out of the car and gave me a ticket to the show so that I wouldn't miss the beginning. He went on to try and find a parking garage and was about a half hour late for entering the show (he had seen it twice before though, so he knows what happened).

I just think that it was weird how we started out in the middle of a fight and went to really happy (and me having the slightest of buzzes...).

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