Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's that time of week again! The day where I relive all the awesomeness of the past week!

Seeing Les Miserable. Ok, so navigating through Pittsburgh is nothing short of hell. I usually end up crying from stress. The traffic around the theater was deadlocked, so my boyfriend let me out so I at least can see the beginning of the show (he has seen it twice now). He drove around for another 40 minutes before he found a parking garage with an open spot. He was so frustrated and tired when we got there (and sad that he missed his favorite song)

Being told that you are the only one working who didnt drive the manager crazy...more of the people working that night were being loud and unruly. I was the only quiet "normal" one.

Painting Warhammer minis. Warhammer appeals to both my boyfriend and myself. Garrett loves board games of all kinds. He also loves how different we can make the game. I love it because I love anything that involves crafts. I am not good at painting, but I love it anyways. Painting in such detail on those small figures is impressive and I applaud those who can do it well.

Watching The Office. I love the Pam/Jim thing is so cute! Also, the Dwight/Jim thing is HILARIOUS! I like when Jim convinces Dwight that it's Friday (it is supposed to be Thursday)

Hanging out with tattoo artists. They are really cool guys, although a bit intimidating. They are fun to talk to. They are also very friendly and enjoyable people.

Being done with classes. When I was in the middle in classes, I got no hours at work and I was just very stressed in general because of tests and projects. I just really like having time to myself and for relaxing. I will finally get around to my bubble bath!

Savannah cats! These things are totally awesome! They are larger than most cats (about as big a medium to large size dog), they LIKE water, and are really curious about anything that you do. They are so cute and silly. They jump REALLY high (they can easily chill on top of a fridge without having to jump on anything...just floor to fridge top). The only down side is that they are one of the most expensive breed of cat...($6,000-$21,000 for an "f1" which is mostly wild cat so they are bigger).

I think it's good to think about all the good things that happen. When I think about all the good things that happen, then I take focus off of all the negative things that have been happening. I find that I have been happier since I have started doing this. It really does help.

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