Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (just a bit late)

Ok, so getting on a computer is sometimes difficult for me. Yesterday was one of those days where I was busy at work and running errands that I was unable to get to. SO! Here is my TILT!

Hanging out with the people I work with. I work with a fun bunch of people! They get along with so many people (and I know the people they don't get along with). Talking about fashion, shows, and general insanity is always humorous!

Clearence Sales!!! I got this AMAZING purse at Target for only $6!!! can you believe that? It is bright blue and awesome! It was originally supposed to be $30! LUCKY!!!!

Cleaning hamster cage. This sounds a bit odd, and I know it. The act of cleaning the cage isn't all that entertaining, HOWEVER, Maestro ( hamsters name) is so cute when his cage gets cleaned. He usually does laps climbing up his cage (then falling down). I love my hamster! Cutest and weirdest hamster ALIVE!

Looking through unused cosmetics. I have a basket of avon stuff I got at a wedding shower last summer. There is some stuff in there that I have used (mostly nail polish). Turns out I had shave gel and a hair removal cream. Sweet Deal!

Being asked to host a Twilight Party. Now, I am not particularly a fan of Twilight (I don't agree with any of the sparkling at all because vampires DO die in direct sunlight), but I get to hang out with more people I work with, plus consume baked goods (which I am not supposed to have because of my diet, but screw that! cake!!!). Good times shall be had by all!

Thats it for this weeks tilt! Tune in next week for things that have made me smile!

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