Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

So, iCing just had its 100th TILT this week. Gala said to make it big, so lets see what I can do!

Making Perler Bead Sprites: I go to anime conventions (I call them cons) sell perler bead sprites (I have a deviant art where I will post lots of pictures). My last con, I sold quite a bit and I need to restock the supply of sprites. I am making sprites in poses that we (my boyfriend and I) didn't have before. I miss making these things. They are easy to make, and I can do it while watching my favorite movies! Who doesn't love watching their favorite movies!?

Going to visit Garretts mom: She works at a bar and is really fun. She always is getting us food. Also, she is always getting me to try a new new beer (I like trying new things). I also got to hang out with her ex-boyfriend. We had many laughs over Fail pictures. It was SOO much fun!!!

Plush Backpacks: They are so cute! Not a lot of people wear them and they get a TON of attention! Try to find them in your favorite characters!

Hats: Again, cute. There are so many different kinds of hats that there must be some style for everybody.

Cuddly Cats: So there are 2 cats at Garrett's moms place. There is this MEAN cat who belongs on here, and a really sweet kitty. The nice kitty has been converted recently to an outdoor cat (sad). When he is around, he flops so much (and today, he gave me love bites). He is so cute and sweet. I love him and want to take him home!

Getting more hours at work: So a girl got fired recently. She was not reliable at all and couldn't learn the register after more than 2 months. Nobody liked her and she wasn't smart (and was a bit of a whore-wannabe because she wanted t sleep with half the guys who worked with her). I got one of her shifts and it's nice because I need more hours.

Painting Warhammer minis: Warhammer is game based around minis (miniature plastic or metal figurines). They are really detailed and fun to paint. I just got more minis primed and ready to paint. EXCITEMENT!

Slinky: C'mon! Who doesn't love the original slinky? It makes such a delightfully hypnotic sound and it is mesmorizing!

Posting on Thursday: Holy crap! A TILT on THURSDAY! Sheesh! I have had such a hard time posting when I want to. Jeez!

Stay tuned for more posts


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