Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Ok, so I have had kind of an exciting week! So many things so smile about, where to begin!?!

Making cheap vodka taste like expensive vodka: I have heard this before, forgot about, and was reminded of it last week. Take some really cheap vodka and any water filter pitcher. Filter the vodka a few times and taste the difference. I was skeptical about it at first, but it really takes away the harsh bite! AMAZING!

Fuzzy pajama pants: So I am always cold. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I'm cold. I can't even explain it, but temperatures that most people find warm can feel that I am cold to the touch. To combat this when I am lounging at home, I wear my winter pajama pants (blue, fuzzy, and amazing)! When people come over and look at me, they think I've gone crazy or something. Sucks to be them being all cold and without fuzziness.

Working in Drive-Thru over summers: I cannot tell you how many people come through with cute (and not so cute) dogs. I even had a family come through with the family rabbit. Awesome? Indeed!

My family feeding into my LUSH addiction: Before I went on my cruise at the end of June, I made my first visit into a Lush store. I came out with 2 bars of soap, a free cream sample, body glitter message bar, and a hangover emotibomb. My brother just finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (my birthday is in April, but I'm used to getting b-day gifts into September because people never know what to get me). My mom also announced that she is getting me some stuff for X-Mas, along with a gift card to I can just go in myself and get more stuff! I like lush stuff, but i like it even more when I can go in and smell everything and decide if it is indeed what I want.

Free Kennywood tickets. For those who do not live around Pittsburgh, Kennywood is the local amusement park. It isn't like Hershey Park or Cedar Point, but it has a lot of charm, and many memories. My parents got us enough tickets to go as a family, but with my brother living in another state, and both of us finding it difficult to get home at all, let alone at the same time, we cannot go as a family. My bother said right out that he won't be able to use the tickets, and my mom said it was cool if I go separate from them (so at least the tickets to in fact get used). My brother gave his ticket to me and Garrett and I are going there on our own. SCORE!

"Random" visits from managers from other stores. We had a manager from a different store for a while. I don't quite know why, and I am far too lazy to inquire. All I know is that she is awesome (she taught my how to make mock ginger ale). She is really fun and easy to talk to. I haven't gotten to see her much because she left for her original store. She pops in periodically for manager meetings and for trading items. I MISS YOU PAULA!!!

My hamster: I have the weirdest hamster. He is so cute, but odd. He climbs up the sides of his home to get to the second floor (where his food is), sleeps ontop of his home, behind his wheel, on the back stand for his wheel, and occasionally buries himself next to his wheel. He is a little fatty, weird as all hell, but I love him!

Flirting with other girls: I have been doing this on and off since high school and I have found it to be quite amusing, not so much the actual flirting, but seeing the reactions from other people...either those involved or spectators. I don't mean for this to come off as offensive. I just think some of the reactions provoked are amusing.

I thought I had more, but I am finding it hard to think of anything. Oh well. Maybe I will remember for next week. Remember, Think happy thoughts!


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  1. Ham-ham! Awesome. Did i tell you my plan? I'm going to get a ham-ham sometime and name him bacon!
    You are the queen of fuzzy things! :)