Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

So it's a bit late again, however I haven't had working internet in my apartment for about a week now. This would also explain the lack of other posts recently. So, here is my list of awesomeness for the week!

Finding beer I actually like: So, I have been drinking more beer recently. It hasn't been terrible because it's wheat beer (I got a raspberry flavored one, but I couldn't taste any raspberry). It doesn't have that horrible bitterness associated with most beers, but it is a good way to relax after a ton of unnecessary work-related stress.

Hanging out with my boyfriends mom: So, she works in a bar, and is now constantly asking me if I want something to drink. She also is constantly feeding us, and last time I went down to that area, she offered me one of her cats (the mean one who left a scar on my hand...but it's the thought that counts). She treats me like I am family, which is awesome!

Kennywood: Ok, so anybody from around the Pittsburgh area knows of the amusement park Kennywood. It is just a bit of local flavor, and it's a very small park. It is fun though and has lots of fun rides. My mom has some tickets to go, but it is hard to organize for all of us to meet and go (my brother is going to school in New York and my managers are jerks when it comes to calling off). Because my brother might not be able to go, she told me that she was going to maybe just give me 2 of the tickets and I can just go on a day I choose with my lover boy!

Going through old music in iTunes: I have a different computer hooked up at my apartment (the one without all my music) I fully plan on going through it and picking out some classic tunes to listen to (having only the same few artists and albums to listen to can get boring quickly). All of my awesome Japanese music is on there, plus a slew of other stuff I can't even remember. I also have some awesome CDs that I need to rip onto my computer and put onto my iPhone (can you say "spice girls"? I know they aren't that great, but it is hilarious to listen too).

Crocheting: I love all kinds of crafts (and soon will be making an etsy account). I have recently started crocheting again. I am in the middle of the floppy beret and it is AWESOME! Garrett also said that he wants to learn how to crochet because he wants to make me a scarf! That is ADORABLE! He even picked up this giant thing of yarn so that he knows he will have enough.

Breakfast: Yummy cereal and turkey bacon? Who can say no to that? Also, omeletes are pretty amazing...if only I had eggs in my fridge. I cannot start doing anything without breakfast! Without it, I get REALLY grumpy (and that isn't a good thing with an Irish temper).

Upcoming Fall Fashion: So I looked up up the the lastest fall trends. I don't typically do that kind of stuff, but did it anyway for laughs. Fashionising has some amazing articles about what will be in. I am pleased to see that cloaks and capes are in fashion! I have had a cloak in my closet since high school and wear it all the time in october. I figure that is the only month I can get away with it with the fewest amount of jerk comments (but those comments still don't deter me from wearing what I love). I also like the new boots that are coming in. They are SEXY!

Renesme: My friend got a kitten a few days ago and names it Renesme (she is a huge twilight girl). This kitty is so cute, small, and playful! She was found at Macy's (I forget which mall it was at) and my friend took her in. She has been saying it is "her cat". She has always wanted a kitty like her. YAY FINDING LOVE!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness! (I have a number to call now to get my internet working again, so my next post WILL BE SOON! I promise!)

Lots of Love!!!


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