Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Wow, another week has gone by, and another TILT is here! Lets see what is on tap this week!

School Starting: This may seem odd. Summer vacation is full of free time,part time work, and hanging out with friends until crazy hours of the night. Why would I want school to start again? Well, for one thing, school means classes, which eventually translate into a degree. I am one step closer to a career with every class I take. Another thing is that I get to meet new people (incoming freshman) and hang out with friends who don't stay up here over the summer.

Lush: My brother finally got around to getting me a birthday gift (birthday was back in April). I finally picked it up a few days ago and used it today. He got me Rock Chick. It smells like an explosion at a candy factory (with vanilla and cotton candy)!!! My only complaint is that I think I need to use the entire bubble bar for a decent bubble bath. I don't have that kind of money (or time to enjoy a long enough bath to warrent a new bubble bar each time)

Clean Laundry: The warmth of dryer fresh sheets and towels and the freshness of your favorite shirt is enough to make anybody want to do laundry more often. If you are like most college students, you don't get to do this as frequently as you would like. The main reason is the lack of quarters (which is why I had to put off laundry for so long. Clean laundry is so awesome!

Sunny D: It has such a sweet taste, it can easily overpower the taste of any vodka. Thus, making for a yummy drink!

Magazines: So I have purchased 5 different fashion magazines. I guess the style book that Gala suggested to make utilizes all the ads. Personally, they get in the way of the various articles. If I had the money to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, I might. They have so many cool style tips, make-up advice, and ways to stretch your budget (but it only seems to work for people with careers). I think I will save up my money and check out their websites.

At home beauty tips: This doesn't only need to apply to girls. Soft skin is always in style, no matter your sex. I will write an article on just that very soon.

Tastie snacks!: Wheat thins are so easy to open up and just start munching. before you know it, the box is EMPTY! They are so yummy! Also, Pizza bites are amazing! My boyfriend and I can each eat one of those large bags if we really wanted too (we almost need to get 2 different bags when we do get them because he prefers the triple pepperoni which is too spicy for me.

Booties: I only saw these for a while on iCing. Now, they are turning up everywhere and I LOVE them. However I don't have a lot of money...

Henna: So, I am going back to red for a while, once I get everything I need to dye my hair. I am going for a natural route that won't leave my hair damaged and brittle. Henna is supposed to condition your hair as it dyes it. shinier hair BECAUSE of color? Hello, sign me up! No matter how many chemical dyes say they condition, they still do a fair bit of damage to hair. The only thing with henna is that you can only go darker.

Bindis: What better way to add a spash of color and sparkle to your outfit than with a Bindi. Self-adhesive gems are perfect for spicing up an outfit. Also, they are CHEAP!!! Anybody who makes more than $20 a week and get some!

Wow, this seems like a long TILT for me. Guess I had an AMAZING week!

So, what has made you smile?


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