Monday, August 10, 2009

Youtube Game

So it's Monday. The start of another week. You just had a fun weekend partying with friends, shopping, or just doing stuff you like (unless you work at a fast food place and work weekends like I do). Summer is winding down and many of us are back to school. Right now, more than ever, is a depressing time of the year (unless going back to school means being liberated from family, like in my case). Either way, we can all use a good laugh. So, I propose the Youtube game. It is simple: hop onto youtube, do a search, and click various related videos and see how far away it takes you from your original post (or just check out all the funny stuff that you get).

On one of these rounds, I started by looking for cute animal videos (I like looking for animal videos), and these are some of the results:

Ok, that is kinda sad, but I laugh SO MUCH at this video.

This video is so cute and sweet! Also, Muffy is my absolute FAVORITE! Check out her awesome personality!

Ok, so check for this every week for some new awesome hilarious videos. Post your own too. It is fun to share videos that you find!

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