Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Stave Off Boredum!

So, everybody gets bored at some point in their life and they never know what to do about it! I am here with a HUGE list of ways to keep bordum at bay!

Sing and Dance: Who DOESN'T love to rock out to their favorite tunes? So many people sing in the shower and dance around when they are with friends. It is a raw expression of you at your finest! Refined or not, it is you, and thus amazing!

Play an Instrument: Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is a level of satisfaction at being able to play songs that you like. Grab some new sheet music and your favorite instrument (anything that you enjoy and have on hand works as well) and start jamming!

Make Jewelry: Go to a supply shop if you need to and make a necklace or a pair of earrings. Plan a design and see it through until the end. Not only do you prevent boredum, you get something cute to show off to your friends the next time you are around!

Cook: Nothing fuels the brain like some healthy delicious snacks. Really hungry? Make all your favorite dishes into a huge meal. Don't know what to make? Find recipies that you have the supplies to make (or can make fairly easily) and have at it! You won't be bored or hungry after you make yourself a feast!

Concoct a new recipie: Mix ingrediants in new ways that you haven't thought up of before. Pretend you go to the McGuiver School of Cooking and that anything goes!

Make a Vision Board/Book: Grab some magazines, a pair of scissors, tape and an notebook/bullitin board and cute out what inspires you. Love the way somebody has their make-up? Cut it out and add it! Love the shapes/lines of something? SAME THING! ^_^

Make New Outfits: Rummage through your closet and dresser for pieces that you never paired before. It doesn't have to be an awesome successful outfit, just something new and exciting.

Go Shopping: Have you paired everything you own and still nothing new? Buy yourself a new top or dress. Now, you have something new to pair about! That not your thing? Get yourself some new accessories! Not enough money for that? PINS AND KEYCHAINS TO THE RESCUE! ^_^

Call up an old friend: Chances are they would love to catch up and chat with you! They will feel excited and loved. Bonus: You give them something to talk about to with other people later...maybe even start a small trend of everybody catching up with everybody else!

Make a lunch date: So, you and your friends have a busy schedule and never seem to speak more than a few words in passing? Plan out a few days/weeks in advance to have lunch together. This provides you with a way to leasurely catch up with them while filling your tummy with delicious tastiness!

Take a walk: Walk through town or to a park. It gives you a chance to clear your head of stressful thoughts and could inspire you for a new project! Plus, exercise is an amazing thing and many of us don't get enough of it!

Learn a Craft: Want to learn to embroider? Knit? Crochet? Weave chain mail (yes, chain mail. The same thing that used to be made into shirts and used as armor way back in the day)??? DO IT! Why not? Gather what supplies you need and learn something. It doesn't need to be a master piece. It doesn't even need to be good. Start with something basic and see how much natural talent you have!

Learn a Language: Have you ever wanted to speak a different language? Not only are they really cool, but it can help you differentiate yourself in the job market. Interesting AND help with finding a job? Yes, please!

Take a Nap: Do you feel overloaded and you can't think of what to do? Take a nap and recharge yourself! There is nothing lazy about this and you will wake up feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to tackle any challenge brave enough to challenge you!

Pamper Yourself: Give yourself a manicure or take that bubbe bath you keep promising yourself. You will feel so much more relaxed and able to make better decisions about anything (Like grabbing a glass of water instead of that soda with the teeth rotting goodness)!

Plan a Tattoo: Even if you don't see yourself getting a tattoo, you can still have fun planning one out. Tell your friends about it and inspire them. One tattoo I had planned out since high school was a HUGE dragon. The tail coiled around my left middle finger, up my arm, dance around my back/torso, and coil down to my right elbow. Here, fire licks its way around my arm, hand, and finger. So many people thought this was the coolest tattoo. I don't have the time, money or pain tolerance to get it, but I still really like it.

Get a piercing: Peircings seem less painfu than tattoos, are less expensive, and less permanent if you later deside you don't want it. Add some extra sparkle to your body! Does your job not allow certain piercings? That makes it much more desirable. It can be your little taboo thing that you do!

Day Dream: Let yourself think those silly thoughts you don't let yourself think enough. You need to let your creative child out sometimes so the world can have a better chance to experience you for being you!

Analyze a Dream: Have you ever recalled a dream you had that was terrifying, silly, or just plain bizzaire??? Find out if it means anything. Even if it doesn't, you still had fun with it!

Play video games: Either by yourself, online with people you don't know, or as a social gathering of geeky friends! This can be a great excuse to hang out with a bunch of friends if you choose to play with them. Otherwise, it is a chance to escape into a fantasy world. Do you want to be the hero of a post apocolypic world? What about the one to save the girl? Video games take you anywhere!

Play board games: Yes, it is a bit low tech, but there are some amazing games out there. You just need to look for them. Check out for a list of games and their ratings!

Invent a new Product: Have you ever wanted to talk to your friends without actually speaking? What about a way to teleport you through space? Through time? Draw out the details of it, even if you don't know what you are talking about. It can be a really cool way for your sciency types to spend an hour or so!

Do your make-up differently: Use color combinations you haven't used before. Try new styles that you don't see people wearing! Be creative and have all the fun you want!

Style your hair differently: Grab the hair gel and have at it! If you don't like it, just wash your hair and try again! Find a new look that excites you!

Get a Hair Cut: Visit your stylist with an idea or with bravery (and tell them to have fun) and walk out with a different look. This is a great way to find the “new you”!

Dye your hair: Always wanted to see what you looked like with red hair? How about purple? Be as crazy as you want and find something that really speaks to you!

Buy Colored Contact Lenses: Get yourself new eye colors! Mix and match and have 2 different coored eyes! Have fun AND confuse your friends! I did this for a school picture once (one blule eye and one green eye) and my mom still claims I “ruined” one of the best school pictures I had! It makes me laugh so much each time!

Assign Pictures and Ringtones to your friends: This is a really fun way to customize your phone! You will know who is calling you from before you even get your phone out (for ringtones). It is also a great way to remind yourself of an inside joke(assigning pictures). GO CRAZY!

Buy a new phone case/phone charms: Make your phone stand out! Everybody wil know your phone for forever! Mine has a black/pink Hello Kitty case, 2 Hello Kitty Charms, a Tare Panda charm, AND a butterfly charm! My phone stands out so much in comparison to everybody elses!

Catch up on comics and web comics: Do you like reading Zits? FoxTrot? Pearls Before Swine? XKCD? It is a great way to spend a few hours!

Read/find funny articles: Look for people that have terrible tattoos or weird things going on with their body (I found oen with some woman who had a disgustingly tiny waist). Share them with everybody you know on facebook!

Follow a new blog: So, you know what to expect with all the blogs you currenty follow? Maybe you don't follow any blogs. Finding a new blog to follow can be extremely exciting. So many people have genuis things to say, but it is hard to share this enlightenment if there is nobody to hear it!

Read about other religions: There are so many religions that exsist in the world today and so many people are so stubborn to think that other ways could be a better fit! I like reading into witchcraft and also how 2 religions get along (ex: Shinto and Bhuddism in Japan). This is just so interesting and so many people feel “I am RELIGION X, so that is clearly the answer. I don't care about other religions”. That is such a suffocating mentality and it boggles my mind!

Check out 474 Thing To Do When You Are Bored: There is some crazy things they it suggests. I wouldn't recommend many of these things, but it is at least good for a laugh!

Doodle on your old clothes: So, you have a pair of jeans so tattered and torn that they re beyond wearable? Draw on them! Hang them up and be inspired! Even if the jeans are still good, it is something fun you can do. Are you going away for a while? Have your friends write on them (Bonus points if they write on them while you are wearing them) so you can remember all the fond memories with them!

Create a new nail polish color: Get 2 or more old bottles of nail polish and combine them into a new color. How does it look? Did you get a terrible color you would never wear? What about an amazing new color that all your friends are jealous of? You never know until you try it!

Mix and Match Nail polish: Paint every nail a different color! Alternate between two contrasting colors! Have fun with the colors! Go for brights! Go for darks! Go for what makes you smile at the time!

Plant flowers: Get some seads, soil, and pot to put them all in and see if you have what it takes to grow something! I already tried this. I can't remember to water my plants, so they always die pretty quickly. Can you remember to do this? If you succeed at this, it can make your living space brighter and more fun to be in!

Create Business Cards: Many websites allow you to design your own business cards. Do you want to be known as a professional hugger? Let the world know who and what you are with fun business cards! Allows you to create business cards with a different picture on the back of each! HOW FUN?!?!

Write In Colorful Pens: Everybody expects a pen to write either black or that very specific blue. Many people dread seeing red pen from when we were in school. Find a pen that writes in neon green or teal and start using it for EVERYTHING! Staples sells disposable fountain pens in packs of 3. One of those colors is purple. I use my purple fountain pen as often as I can! What kind of pen would you use?

Take Pictures: It can be of your pet, your friends, or even your stuffed animals! Take pictures of your walls! go outside and take pictures of what you feel like. Is there a cool cloud shape? How about a flock of geese? Maybe that really cool car you see driving around town? Anything goes so go after it!

Clean Your Living Space: Have you been too busy/lazy to clean up after yourself in a while? My table was cluttered with useless junk just a few days ago. Cleaning up and finding homes for everything REALLY makes a difference. I feel like I can breathe for the first time in a while! I am deffinately going to try harder to keep it clean from now on!

Reorganize yourself: Take some time to get things organized in a way that makes scence for you! Color code notes or your clothes. Take time to tear apart everything so that it will make your life easier in the future!

Buy a gift for your friend: Who says you need a reason to do something nice for the ones you care about? Find something a friend would LOVE to have. Do they collect something? Add to their collection! It makes their collecting effors more worth while because they know other people will support it!

Create your own Holiday: Happy MixMatched sock day! Do something fun and make a holiday around it. Plan for it every year! Get your friends involved! Have them get their friends involved and so-on. It can become a REALLLY fun think you and your friends 9and their friends) will come to look forward to!

Take a Vacation from the normal: Wear all your clothes inside out and backwards! Walk backwards! Spray dye your hair a different color for every day of the week. If something seems fun but you can't seem to find when to fit it in, just do it and say it's your mental vacation!

Travel: Even if you are just exploring your surrounding areas more, it is traveing. Check out that mall two towns over that all your frieds talk about! Is it worth the hype? Even if it isn't, you know now!

Wrrite a Love Letter on the Sidewalk: Tell the world how much you love and appriciate it!  Everybody who walks by will see it and you will leave an impression! Don't know what to write? Try just drawing a picture. This is something I found at my school last fall semester!

Headbutt people: Yes, you read that properly. Whoever you choose to headbutt will laugh and everybody around you will question who will be next! It isn't something that everybody does, so it will be a change of pace. Warning: you may get people giving your strange looks.  Enjoy it!

Have a cuddle fest: Curl up on the couch or in your bed with snuggly blankets, a relaxing drink, and indulge yourself in some TV time. You don't even need to have somebody to cuddle with (but if you do, it does make it more fun)!

Partake in a guilty pleasure: Read those trashy romance novels that everybody makes fun of you for! Watch that movie that drives your family and friends nuts! If you like it, do it! Sing to your naked self in the mirror if that pleases you! ANYTHING GOES!

Masturbate: It feels good, so do it! Sex is completely normal to want and if you are alone, masturbation is your only choice. It can help you with body issues to better accept the body you have as well as give you some ideas to try out when your lover comes home!

Write about things you care about: Do you love clothes? How are your feelings on world hunger? Start a blog and voice these opinions! It is never too late to start! Have a direction your would like to take your blog and just write to your hearts content!

Find a new Hangout: Most of this article is written in a coffee shop I have never heard of before. The people who run the place are really cool to talk to and the seating is so comfy! It is a bit of a pain for me to go here, but I will make a point of stopping by there again. They have a TON of art displayed that is available for purchase (which is good news for me because that means they are willing to sell what I make)! If you are ever in the Beaver PA area, stop by the Fountainhead Cafe in Monaca! Warning: the people who run it are not good at counting change (in their favor) so make sure that you count your change after you purchase!  They shorted Garrett $10 when he purchased 2 bottled drinks and refuse to pay us back!

There are plenty of ways to keep you from being bored.  Just get off your bum and find something to do!

What do you do to keep yourself from going mad with boredum?


P.S. All of the above images are images I found using Google Image Search.  If this is your image and you want credit for it, please contact me and I will be more than happy to credit you.  If you are not polite about it, I will simply remove the image.

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