Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thing I Love Thursday - Radical Self Love

photo credits unknown (Google image search)
Since my life is pretty slow and not many interesting things happen, I have decided to do themed  TILT posts!  It seems really fun and I have been pumped for this all week!  The themes are in addition to the rest of my TILT list.  If there are any themes that you would like to see, please let me know!

Radical Self Love
My hair (so soft), My eyes (they have a really cool blue/green/honey thing going on), My ability to sing (I have always loved singing and I took voice lessons a while back), My ability to speak Japanese (My teacher said that if she closed our eyes, she would swear we were Japanese people because out accents were so awesome), My web toe (I was never grossed out by it.  When I was little, I called them my "Twin Toes"),  Eye for detail (I notice the little things more often than a lot of other people), The dreams I have (When I'm asleep, my mind does some weird shit...), My face (I think that I have a very gentle and pretty face), My knowledge on Management (I love pointing out to my managers when they are wrong about something.  They won't train my to be a manager because I am still only a cashier and I need to know all the different positions),and my desire to open up my own boutique and sell the items that I make!

The Rest
Pink toe pads (for high heels), Keith (Awesome friend who works in the same plaza as me), Grand Illusion Vinyl Record (by Styx!  Also, gift from Keith), My manager freaking out (it is mean to say, but it is kind of funny when she is completely stressed and needs a cigarette), My awesome boyfriend (need I say more?), The promise of a kitten (KITTEN FOR MY NEW APARTMENT!), Iwaya sensee (My Japanese teacher was in town...I missed her I think, but she is totally awesome), My LUSH Mini Haul (lip scrub, body sugar scrub, and lip balm), Driving, Ayumi Hamasaki (this woman was the first Japanese singer I fell in love with), Piano squall (I have a CD in my car and I absolutely love this man.  He even knows me by my forum name AND my real name!), Hard Candy Cosmetics (everything is bright colors and glitter.  Who could NOT love it?), The fact that Gala and I want the same pair of shoes that I can afford (They were the platform pumps from a few weeks ago), Joe (My physics major friend who tries to get away from techie stuff.  He asked if there was an iPhone app that took the raw data of something inside the iPhone...I forget the word...Accelorometer?  That kind sounds right...^_^'), and my funny puppy (she is so silly and playful!  I love her)!

photo credits unknown
Also, because this deserves special attention, I got a text message from my friend Jake a few days ago.  Jake is a childhood friend of mine (we live across the street from each other) and we don't get to see each other much.  He sent me this message: "There are two bears at a rescue center named Maggie and Jake!"

How adorable is that???  I squeed so much over that and told anybody who would listen.

photo credits unknown.  I tried looking for a picture of the bears and this little guy popped up in Google Image search.

So that is it for this week.  What lovely things have you been up to?


  1. oh i love that hand photo! i like that you are doing TILT themes now. sorry i haven't checked your blog in a bit--was so busy, busy--and away. but i am back!

    i've updated--new post!

  2. Good to have you back! If you can think of any themes, let me know! I only had a small handful of ideas, but was too excited to think it through properly...^_^'

    Cool post! Now with summer break, I have more time to muse about article ideas (pun totally intended just for you)! I have a a few things lined up, but I need something to inspire me!

  3. haha. thanks for your great tips about colors at local art schools. i definitely think you can do some sort of makeup-inspired theme!

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  5. So much love! I am not following both of your blogs!