Monday, May 17, 2010

iPhone APP Favorites!

So I have had my iPhone for about a year and I have come to not be able to live without certain apps. Here are the apps that I find abolutely amazing!

myWireless: This is an easy way to pay my phone bill from ANYWHERE! This is particularly conventient when my mom is getting on my case about not paying my bill.

Video Genious: I have the iPhone 3G (not 3GS) so I was unable to take video for the longest time. I noticed that the more videos/pictures I had, the shorter the videos would be. You can take mini movies of you and your friends then send them to whoever without having to upload them to your computer. Everything is all on one device!

Echohon: Twitter to go? Yes please! It shows all my @mentions separate for everything else (so if somebody I am not following desides to send me something, I still get it). It really is conventient and a way to amuse me!

Facebook: Everybody loves facebook and is always updating something. This app tells you only of friend requests (so the only thing that is actually useful), lets you check up of fan pages (it doesn't let you easily check groups, but it is possible if the group updates frequently), and it is near impossible to play games (THANK YOU!!!) It lets you use facebook the way it was intended to be used.

Yelp: Are you in an unfamiliar area and want to know what is around? Yelp can help! It organizes all the stores and service places them into different catagories to make them easy to find. You can also type in something to find what you are looking for. Example time! Last summer, I went on a cruise and we ended up stopping at Key West for the day. We were looking for a specific shop that sold Key Lime Pie, so we typed in “Pie Guy” (because the one guy has a fake pie in his hand and pretends to through it at all passers by). His shop was the first one that showed up on the list “Kermits Key West Key Lime Pie”. You can also plan out where you want to go by typing in the location into the secondary search bar! Best thing ever!

eBay: I love checking out eBay on the go and checking out the actual website is a bit of a pain. This way lets me log in, search, watch, and purchase items as I please! Sorting is a bit difficult since you can only do one level of sorting, but aside from that, it is pretty freaking sweet! Similar to eBay, but amazon!

Kindle: There are all kinds of amazing books available FOR FREE! The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, Alices Adventures in Wonderland, and so many more. Free books that are legally ok for you to own (because they are out of their copyright period. A post on that to come)! TAKE THAT MEDIA PIRATES!

IMDB and SoundHound: These are two different apps, but I am lumping these together because they have the same purpose. IMDB is awesome because I never know movies or actors (I was a bit sheltered growing up). SoundHound listens to whatever song is playing (or what song you are singing) and will identify the song, the artist, and what album it is on. It also links you to the lyrics via google search.

Pic 2 Shop: So, this is a nifty little app. It utilizes the camera to identify products (by taking a picture of the barcode) and it will bring up a list of places to purchase the same product and what prices listed for the same product at different stores. This is particularly conventient if you are looking for books or dvds!

Photo Credits: I Can Has Cheeseburger

 ICHC2.0: I LOVE lolcats! This app lets you check out the lastest in lolcats, loldogs, graph jam, FailBlog, and many more. So much laughter at our fingertips!

FML: So many people check out FML on a regular basis that there is an app for it. It shows the FML one at a time and in a random order. It is kind of annoying because it wont switch right away, so you keep pushing the “change FML” and then it changes twice (the first time, after you read the first line of the FML). You also end up reading some of the same FML's rather frequently. It is a good thing that they are almost always funny!

TFLN LITE: Texts From Last Night is also funny. It shows really funny texts messages from the previous night. Most of them relate to drinking/drugs and sex, but there is so much on those topics that everything is new and funny!

WikiHow: I am always looking up new HOW TO guides, so having one available on my phone without going to a separate website is really nice! When you search, it will show the same few multiple times over (in the same order) and it will be not quite what you are looking for...It also has a How To Of The Day and a How To: Survival (that one is kind of funny and I REALLY hope I never really have to use them).

ShopStyle: I can check out products by store or by article of clothing ( sorting by size, price, and color). There are so many things I would LOVE to buy, but I don't have the money to spend on these items (I like a lot of shoes and tops that are over $100 which is kind of a lot considering I am a college student working part time at a fast food llace).

New York Times: It is free and it updates every time you open it. It breaks all the articles down into latest, most popular, and by catagory. It has super interesting articles from fashion to economics! As a plus, the economy is taking a turn for the good!

Do you have an iPhone? What apps do you like?


  1. I am addicted to my Iphone..can't live w/out it..We're actually working on a save the date Iphone App!!! Can't wait for it to be out..will let you know or check my blog out...I 'd love to hear what you think :)

  2. A Save The Date app? Like for weddings? Even if it is for something else, it totally sounds cool! I wish I had the techy know-how to write something like a program that would be of some amount of use!