Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Convention Highlights!

So, A&G was amazing!  I figured it would be because my friends who run it have great taste!  Here are some of the things I thought were amazing!

Jason and Jenn Taylor: These amazing people run the convention.  They got some awesome guests this year and they provide a different atmosphere to conventions by actually participating in events.  During the rave, I saw Jason shirtless, covered in black-light paint, drinking something (clearly alcoholic) and stumbling around a bit.  It was really cute and funny!

DMAshura: DM Ashura is one of the people to provide music to hit rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution and BeatMania (more popular in Japan than America, but still so much fun to play).  I don't really know what songs he has done, so that makes me not a fan-girl.  He was a really cool guy who spent a little bit of time in Japan.  At dinner the one night (at Wendy's), we were talking about ketchup in Japanese (and how tastey we thought it was).  Later that night, he heard me sing a little bit (after loosing a bit of my voice from being sick) and I am pretty sure he suggested that I provide vocals for him music (SQEEEEE)!!!

Artist Alley: There were some amazing artists that showed up this year.  The table next to us made vinyl cut-outs (they had a big fancy cutter machine too) and had some really cute pictures.  Another table had steel cut-outs.  They had some really cute pictures too (they had one of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop and I was the first person to correctly identify him).  One girl was making the cutest hats while another table of 4 girls sold some awesome jewelry.  One other table sold the sprites like we did, but we had completely different inventory, so it was cool.  The funny thing about that table is that the one guy running it is a friend of my boyfriend from back home (we are from around pittsburgh and the convention was in Cincinatti).

The Con-goers: What convention would not be complete without the fans who go to the conventions?  These people are really cool and fun to talk to.  I particularly enjoyed the many people who asked who I was dressed up as (I wasn't dressed as any character, just myself).  One girl was dressed up as Nanami from Suikoden 2.  I was the first person in 2 years to correctly name her character (and for that, I got cookies)!!!

The Concert: I had some technical problems getting set up, but I only sung 3 short songs so time wasn't too much of an issue.  I had somebody ask me if I would be willing to do a duet, if I would take requests, and if it was a panel (some of the panels were taking place on the stage, so it was understandable).  The songs I sang (in order) were:
The Real Folk Blues (Cowboy Bebop closing theme)
Cruel Angel Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme)
Moonlight Densetsu (Sailormoon opening theme)

For the last song, I had a group of people cheering once they figured out what the song was (after about 2 seconds).  It was really fun, and I didn't care that my throat was in pain!  At the end of the concert, this little girl, no more than 12 years old, approaches the stage and gives me a Hershey Kiss!!!  I would have felt bad taking it, but one of the artist tables (which was actually people advertising for another convention) was giving out a bunch of Kisses.  It was so cute and fun.  I also had a professional photographer ask if it was ok that he took my picture for his website!  AWESOME!!!  I am still waiting on those pictures to post, but I should have them soon.

New Ideas:  Ideas for cosplays and ideas for new items to sell.  The cosplay thing I am going to keep a secret, but I think I will sell my stuff under "Delightful Designs" and each item will fall into a different "Delight".  It sounds kind of dorky, but cute and I am super pumped!

I have more Con-related posts on the way, so sit tight!


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