Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lush Haul: March

So, I only get the chance to stop by Lush once every few months.  I stopped by there about a week ago and picked up a bunch of stuff!  My list of purchases goes as:

Coolaulin conditioner: My hair has never felt soft in my LIFE!  Seriously, this is the best conditioner I have ever used.  I am not too fond of the smokey scent (It claims to be coconut, but that isn't what I smell).  I got this as a free sample (I don't know if all stores do this, but mine does and I LOVE it) and I really think I will make a point to purchase it!

Frosty Glitter Bubble bar: I was a bit skeptical of getting this because I have a Lush bubble bar and it doesn't bubble much (It contains shea butter for skin softening, but it makes it lack bubbles).  I only used about 1/8 and I had a shocking amount of bubbly goodness!  It has a great scent and I LOVE glittery!  It even turned my bath water slightly pink!  Such a good product!

Each Peach Massage Bar: My skin feels so soft and buttery.  I use this like a body butter because it contains coco, shea, avacado, and and mango butters (I just read that list off of the product description).  It is also about half the price, so as a college student, I can actually afford this.  My skin feels so amazing I can't stop touching myself (usually my arms, but sometimes my legs.  Nothing dirty)!

Candy Fluff Dusting Powder: If the color pink had a scent, this would be it!  I smell like I just came back from a candy factory or a carnival!  It also has a TON of glittery goodness!  I use it sometimes with the massage bar so that I don't have the lotiony oily feel left on my skin (which can completely be avoided by simply rubbing the message bar into my skin more instead of just letting everything stay on top of my skin).  I have never used a dusting powder before this, and I think I found one that I will use for the rest of forever!  Also, my bathroom is covered in this stuff because it is a touch of the messy side.  I think that it makes it fun!

♥ Shower Jelly: So, the shower jelly I bought isn't on their website (I took off the label and don't remember what it is called, but it is blue, glittery, and smells like berries).  It seems like a great product and I have wanted to try a shower jelly for a while.  I am waiting for a hot summer day to use it (it is chilling, literally, in my freezer).  I do take it out every now and then to poke at it because it has such a fun texture!  I am really looking forward to using it!

This haul seems to have been a great success!  I have never been disappointed with a product I have purchased (The aforementioned bubble bar that didn't bubble was something I received with as a gift from my brother.  Let's not hold it against him.  He was being nice and that is all that matters ^_^)

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  1. The Jelly bars are my faaaavorite! I think I actually have the same one! I also had the Joy of Jelly which is great too, and they last awhile and leave you feeling really clean