Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Photo credits:haraju2girls
BlazBlue Cosplay of Rachel Alucard (good cosplay)
Hi all!  It has been one busy week here!  I still have things to be happy about and things that I love.  Let's check it out!

Being Useful: My boyfriend has been sick the last few days (OH NO!!!) and I have been taking care of him.  It may not be the best idea since I have a concert on Saturday, but I am not heartless!  I love making him feel better.  I am constantly making him tea or driving him around.  I LOVE it!

My Concert: My voice has an inconsistant quality about it right now (it is just because of the season, but sick boyfriends probably dont help), but I am so pumped.  This is my first concert since 2006, and my first solo performance ever.  I have 4 songs prepared and I am super pumped!  Video to come (I always say this, but I end up forgetting to take the pictures/videos off of my phone).

A&G: This is such a cool convention!  It is a family friendly convention, so many cosplayers (people who dress up as a specific character) have to tone down the amount of skin shown (I have seen some very skimpy cosplays (the costume of the character)), but the people who run the con are absolutely AMAZING!  I met these people back about 2004, and soon after, they started dating, got married, and had a little girl (she is an absolute DOLL!!!).  What a happy story!?!?

Impending Birthday:  My birthday is coming up (the big 22), and I am just excited about the idea of shopping.  I have already picked out a bunch of things I want to get (see last weeks post about the tutu heaven), but am just waiting on the funds.

I swear, I had more, but I didn't write it down and now I forget.  :'(
Photo Credits: Unknown (I see this everywhere on the internet)
Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop (bad cosplay) 
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  1. ohh! You live near Grove City? that's only 45 minutes away, wow, thats so awesome!! and its ok, I rarely update my blog haha.

  2. So, to confirm, you live 45 minutes away from Grove City PA? There is a Grove City OH so I want to be sure.